Values can’t be bought or sold but can be given as gifts

That To Do list needs to include Me Time

Rearrange your priorities

Look at what you value the most this week as ruler Saturn gets retroactive in your 2nd. This is all about more than just your money. Although revisiting that budget or looking at your income plays a role. With Mercury direct once more in your 5th from the 3rd, love and your values have to align now. and that lover need to share the same value system, and if you have children or are connected to those younger than you, passing on a sense of value, what’s right and self-worth to them will take on a fresh significance and bring satisfaction too.

This week brings you a new Moon (30th) in your 6th of work, routine, habits and wellbeing. This is Mercury’s house and therefore an ideal time to implement any changes around these areas as Mercury shunts forward once more. Of course there are obvious links here between your money and how you make it. So, this is one of the best new Moons of the year under which to get organised and apply for a new role or think about that side hustle. But there is a deeper connection to those values. As in what you value in your daily life. Your time for instance. It’s finite whether we want to think about this or not. Are you creating a work/life balance where life is given equal priority to work?

Are you guilty of keeping yourself spinning on the treadmill of tasks by promising yourself you’ll reward yourself with time to do what you want to do once you have got the ‘must do’ stuff out of the way? And are you now finding that time simply doesn’t arrive? However, that ‘To do’ list is like a hydra. As you scratch out one item on it three more get added? Therefore this week and under this new Moon place a higher value on your own time by ruthlessly carving some of it out for what you want and love to do. It’s funny that if you do this you’ll still find a way to get what you need to do done anyway. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this.

Your wellbeing and health are beyond price. So, no matter what needs doing or demands your attention, up the value you assign to them. Long term Pluto in your 1st h has been transforming so many areas of your life as your needs and desires have changed. Along with those priorities. See this new Moon as working on yet another key area, Cappy.

In a nutshell: Work those values and know that shared ones are the key to lasting happiness in love this week. A new Moon in your 6th shows you that making time for what you value hands you something priceless.

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (6th)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (5th)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (2nd)

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