Have an action plan – and stick to it

Message and image takes on fresh importance

What’s working for you?

Time for action at last, Capricorn. But please make it considered, strategic action this week. The retrograde weather disperses at last. You already have your ruler Saturn direct once more in your 2nd and the 18th sees Jupiter follow in here. Plus Mercury heads direct in your career zone also on the 18th. Just remember that it will take another three weeks for those retroshadows to vanish completely. Hence the advice around not rushing or even thinking that things are finalised – yet. They’re not. By all means initiate or push towards finalising matters – but cautiously.

Above all, look to your professional image, reputation and status this week. Everything from that CV, track record and job title to your present position, your business card and how you are rewarded or treated. And what you expect for your future. Are you getting back what you put in? In terms of recognition, progress and that all important take-out – satisfaction? If you are striving for promotion, progress or success is what you are doing working? And most importantly, does what you do fulfil you and hold meaning?

What’s your take-out?

Whether any of this is working or not, becomes all too apparent this week. Venus in your 12th opposes Ceres in your 6th of work (paid or unpaid) and also wellbeing. So, how what you do contributes to the latter is on the table. You also have Mars in your 10th pushing you to do more, strive for more and achieve more. Mars gives you confidence and daring. It propels you into action. So, as this week’s full Moon in your 4th opposes Mars, have your actions brought you the results you set out to achieve? Or is it time for a new plan entirely?

What you have been working toward and whether it has been worth it will be big questions. And if those outcomes or rewards haven’t manifested the best news of the week is that the square to Pluto in your 1st by both Mars and the Moon and the Sun’s entry into Pluto’s ruling 11th allows you to transform the way you do things or even strike out in an entirely fresh direction if reinvention is called for. Others could see a career matter reach a climax with satisfaction at the result your take-out. You’ll know if you’re on the right track once and for all now, Cappy.

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