Look to the long term with decisions

Take your time

Choose what adds to or reflects your worth

Take your time when it comes to entering into anything long term this week, Capricorn. Don’t be in too much of a hurry whether it’s signing on the dotted line for that loan or signing away your heart.

We have Juno, ruler of marriages and all long-term promises and commitments entering your 11th on the 21st. This is your house of the future. So, what you agree to now will influence that future. You will be ‘locked in’ for the long haul in other words. You also have Mercury entering this house this week – on the 27th. Mercury is in retroshadow in preparation for full retrograde next month. This should be one more heads-up for you when it comes to signing anything. Or just making that soul agreement.

All of this is connected to your status and how you are seen on a deeper level. This is not just your career status but personal too. As in your title or how you are seen by the world at large. The Sun’s arrival in your 10th on the 22nd occurs the same day as Venus and Vesta meet in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th. This is your house of salary, legacies, benefits, pay-outs, maintenance, what is shared with and by you, joint accounts and property and yes, relationships where sex is a major factor.

Your right to choose

The 24th has Mercury still in your 10th oppose retrograde Mars in your 4th. So, this may impact on your living arrangements, your job or simply your status or that of your partner’s. Single, settled. Employed or not. How you see and value yourself outside of all of this. If you’re entering into a new job, financial agreement or any kind of relationship now, it’s likely to be for the long term. So, ensure the terms are fair and equal.

Just as Juno rules long-term commitments, it also rules deciding something is no longer for you in the long term too. Ceres backing up into your 2nd of money and self-worth on the 27th – the same day as Merc enters your house of the future, is all about putting a new deal on the table if needed. And about that deal reflecting your true worth. So, when it comes to entering (or exiting) anything this week, make certain it’s in line with your values. And how you want to be valued.

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