Don’t put off what needs to be said

Cash in on enhanced self-worth

Break free into opportunity

Long overdue conversations between you and someone else could bring about a much-needed shift this week. Prepare for change, Capricorn. Everything from the ground-breaking to the mundane. But what changes sets you free from something that has ceased to serve you.

It begins with the Mercury/Pluto opposition on the 25th. this could see an important discussion take place between you and that other half – that bae or even that bestie or boss. Mercury enters your 8th on the 28th and meets the Sun in here on the 1st pointing to a key communication or negotiation being brought to a decision or conclusion.

In all of this, you’re not afraid to state your terms or shy away rom stating what you want. That doesn’t mean you’re being dogmatic about it. Just that your sense of self-worth and enhanced self-empowerment tells you where there is wiggle room and when you need to make it clear the buck stops here. Retro Jupiter has your back as it re-enters your 2nd on the 28th where it will stay until December.

Break free of the rut!

Mars in your 9th from the 29th brings breakthroughs and freedom as a direct result of all this. The changes could create a ripple effect which impacts on your every day life. Your day job whether this is paid or unpaid, your studies, your routine, your habits. Ceres in your 6th arrives to plant seeds of everyday benefits and wellbeing. It will allow you to re-work or renegotiate that work/life balance. To create a better, fairer division of chores if this is needed. Or to free up your time so you get to do what you want to do as opposed to being consumed by what you need to do. Sound like a good deal, Capricorn? Embrace the win/win of change.

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