Take an up-front approach

If it feels right for you, stick to it

Enter a new cycle of experience

State your intentions and don’t then be swayed, Capricorn. Especially when what is right resonates deep inside of you. Sure, it may not be right for others. But if your gut is telling you this is right for you, that should be all the encouragement you need this week.

Venus enters your 3rd on the 25th. Adding a touch of creativity, insight and imagination to anything you say or send out there. However, please ensure you don’t read too much into what others are telling you. And ensure they are not doing the same to you in turn.

Step out of the old and into the new

Pluto is the only slow-moving planet left in your sign. This week’s main astro event is the trine between it and Mars in your 5th on the 25th. A flirtation could sizzle or turn serious very fast for some of you. The full Moon on the 27th is one which shines on a new direction into something bigger for you. It marks the end of one major cycle of experience and the start of another.

One word of warning: All this passion will result in something being created. A connection, a relationship, a journey or a creative venture. Just ensure if you don’t want to experience the wild ride of parenthood right now, you take extra precautions to avoid that happening! Pluto is set to transform your emotional experience as it hooks into the energy of this full Moon along with Mars across the 27th/28th. By next month you’ll know where this is taking you. Embark on a journey of soul freedom, Capricorn.

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