Where your energy goes – your focus needs to flow

Is that a routine or a rut you’ve created?

Fact check before you act

We are in a big mutable cycle, Capricorn. Plus, we are about to see the ‘heavy’ weather which has impacted on your sign, break up this December. For good. So, there is a shift happening now. It’s taking you from the focus on your closest relationships, to looking at your daily life, work, habits and responsibilities.

What you do, your routine and even the environment you inhabit as part of this – that workplace or for many now, your home, needs your attention. It’s all in the details. You may be missing something obvious. The mind/body/spirit connection. The link between how you spend your day and what you do with it, to your energy and how you feel. The 30th delivers an eclipsed full Moon in this house. You need to carefully monitor that body and mind barometer under it. Do you feel drained or energised? Who or what is making you feel this way?

Find that missing link

In two weeks we will have a total eclipse in your 12th of secrets. So, take it then you will be utterly in the dark. Your 6th is all about details, facts, systems. So, take notes if necessary and refer back to them. If you do, you’ll find the links so much quicker. Mercury rules the mind and ideas. It lands in your 12th on the 1st and trines Chiron in your 4th on the 4th. Look close to home for ideas and answers.

Some of these could literally be inspired. Especially if they are linked to your goals or creativity. Others could hear from someone they have not heard from in a long time as Venus in your 11th trines Neptune in your 3rd on the 6th. Or you could discover a piece of information that enables you to make that link that’s been eluding you. If so, this is something (or someone) heaven sent this week, Capricorn.

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