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This week there is an energy of frustration which pushes...

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Weekly general astrology overview. Venus, the Planet of love, is whisking us into a new space of freedom as she slips into free-spirited Aquarius

In category Articles

Find your guiding North Star this month to guide you down the path of soul purpose and towards success thanks to some inspiring stellar aspects this December!

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It's time to see that your cup may be half full after all - and to make electric, bold choices this week!

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  Structure holds the key to soul freedom Create what...

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You don't have to know anything about astrology to gain a wealth of insight with this easy horoscope spread. Here Michele show you how.

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The biggest and closest full Supermoon to Earth since the 1940's appears this week. Are you ready for what it is about to illuminate for you?

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There's a little bit of revolution in the air this week but chances are the fire was already burning and the flames are just now being fanned!

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It's Halloween and this week the planets are aligning to open a doorway between us and spiritual truths.

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Want to be the one to determine your own future? It all begins with achieving balance within thanks to November's soul-striking aspects!

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Love is the answer no matter what the question is this week as soul transforming aspects get us reaching for a new level of soul healing.

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