Michele’s Quick & Easy Guide to Astrology Houses


One of my goals  is to give everyone the best possible astro-forecasts I can and as all of you who watch my videos and visit the site know, I talk a lot about the houses and the planets in them at any particular time. If you are interested in learning astrology start with the planets and then move onto the houses. This can provide astonishing information and a great leaping off point.

Knowing what each house rules helps us to predict the effect of a planet ‘visiting’ that sector of your chart is likely to be. Some planets only stay for a few days or weeks, while others unpack their bags and move in for a long period. There are several articles on here that explore what each house rules but I’ve produced this handy quick guide to the houses so that you can get a basic idea and refer to it again and again when reading your forecasts. This is a somewhat traditional guide but a solid place to start.

The First House: You, your appearance. How others see you. How you interact with the world. This house is traditionally ruled by Mars.

The Second House: Your values, talents, skills and abilities. Money, possessions and moveable assets. Your self-worth. Your attitude towards money. This house can also rule your partner in conjunction with your 7th as our partner can be an asset to us – or not. Ruled by Venus.

The Third House: Your neighbourhood, siblings, school. Writing and communication, publishing, commerce, transport and how you get around. Ruled by Mercury.

The Fourth House: Your home, your mother or female care-giver. Females you live with or share a premises with. Issues around emotional security. Ruled by the Moon.

The Fifth House: Love affairs, romance, attraction, creativity and pleasure. Speculative ventures. Your children. Ruled by the Sun.

The Sixth House: Work and day-to-day responsibilities. Your boss and co-workers. Your health and wellbeing both physical and emotional. Also ruled by Mercury.

The Seventh House: Marriage, partnerships, long term love affairs. Collaborative ventures of all kinds. Open enemies. Your closest personal friends. Ruled by Venus.

The Eighth House: Death, endings, transformations and re-birth. Relationships where sex is important. Shared money and resources. Corporate money. Power. Taboos. The subconscious. The deep side of life. Ruled by Pluto and co-ruled by Mars.

The Ninth House: Higher education. Travel and foreigners. The law. Religion. Adventure. Mass media. Sports and the outdoors. Luck. Gambling. Not to forget philosophy! Large animals – horses, big cats, whales etc. Ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is after all half horse!

The Tenth House: Your long term career. Your status. Your father. Fame and honours. The establishment. Governments. Traditional professions such as banking, medicine etc. Time. What you build for the future. The status of your marriage partner if you are a woman. Ruled by Saturn.

The Eleventh House: Your friends and social connections. Clubs and associations. Hobbies. Your intellect. Networks and professional connections. The collective and your place within it. Entrepreneurs. Revolutions. UFO’s. Innovations. The internet. Your goals, wishes and dreams. Unexpected events. Manifestation. The area of your chart where the universe says ‘Yes!’. Ruled by Uranus and co-ruled by Saturn.

The Twelfth House: Your inner self. Fears. Inspiration, intuition and psychic ability. Where you were before you came here and where you are going afterwards (‘womb and tomb’). Things that are hidden but nonetheless exist. The spiritual realm. Other dimensions. Quantum physics. The oceans. Hospitals, prisons and places of confinement. Sewers. Mental illness. Addictions. Hidden enemies. Romance. Innocence. Ruled by Neptune and co-ruled by Jupiter.

When you watch my videos or check on your forecasts you can use this guide to open up an extra dimension to your horoscope. While the idea of houses in astrology seems complicated it isn’t really. It is a tool that is meant to be accessible to anyone so use this guide to open up the power of your astrological houses.

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