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Home and security feature this week, Capricorn. Time for a stocktake. And to put improvements in place rather than actual moves. You’ll get the full benefits later.

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Got a grand design? Put it in place

Build for the future

Renovate, redecorate and change rooms – in every area of your life!

Planning on moving experiences? Put those plans on hold now, Capricorn if you possibly can and make those changes in the place you are. You have a loaded 4th house at the moment and usually I would be saying this was an ideal time for moving, renting or anything to do with property especially as the Sun arrives in here this week. But Mercury also in here turns retrograde until April 15. If you know the Retrograde Rules you know he rules contracts, leases and commerce – buying and selling. If you are selling or leasing a property, you may find that prospective buyer or tenant backs out. If you are buying or renting, my advice is to wait until after April 15 if you possibly can – or longer until he is out of shadow. Obviously, this is not always practical if you have a deadline to be out by. If you can, renovate or redecorate or research areas you would like to move to. Mercury Retrogrades rule ‘re’ words which have you working with the energy rather than against it.

If something returns or reappears under a Mercury retro however the Retro Rules don’t apply (yes, they are ‘re’ words!). An example of this would be a property you wanted to move into but which sold or was rented, pops up on the market again. As your 4th also rules what underpins your security another example is a job you wanted becoming available again and you re-applying for it. Keep to the ‘re’ and you can’t go wrong. Changes are in the air even if they have not reached you yet now that Ceres turns direct again this week in your 8th. You can sow the seeds of transformation from this week onwards – even if you have to wait to harvest them.


19 Mar 2018 CERES STATIONARY (8th Hse)

19 Mar 2018 NEPTUNE SEXTILE BLACK MOON (3rd Hse to 1st Hse)

20 Mar 2018 SUN ENTERING ARIES (4th Hse)

22 Mar 2018 URANUS TRINE VESTA (4th Hse to 12th Hse)

23 Mar 2018 MERCURY STATIONARY (4th Hse) Turns Retrograde until 15th April

23 Mar 2018 VENUS SQUARE PLUTO (4th Hse to 1st Hse)

24 Mar 2018 SUN SQUARE MARS (4th Hse to 1st Hse)

25 Mar 2018 SUN TRINE CERES (4th Hse to 8th Hse)

25 Mar 2018 VENUS CONJUNCTION ERIS (4th Hse)


monthly horoscope

Have a plan – and stick to it

Share the dream

Make your move!

Full Moon-free February has come to an end and now we have Blue Moon March. The first full Moon of the month appears on the 2nd in your 9th of learning, travel, expansion, freedom and very big ideas and dreams. The 9th house used to be known as the ‘house of dreams’ in ancient astrology. Today we associate the 11th with goals, wishes and dreams. But in ancient astrology it was the 9th house that was known as the ‘house of dreams’. March begins with your 9th/3rd house axis activated as you have a departure lounge of planets in your 3rd getting ready to board the flight taking off under the light of that 9th full Moon. But to where?

Chances are other people play a role here – and yes, maybe that 11th house connection applies too. There’s a feeling of taking an idea and running with it but needing some help, assistance or input along the way. So, talk and share. You may not be boarding that flight alone. And that idea itself may be divinely inspired so don’t dismiss it as wishful thinking. Do however have a plan to turn it into reality as the Sun and Neptune meet in your 3rd. Also, don’t take everything you hear on faith. There’s also a need this month to verify the facts and get things in writing. You’ll understand why later in this forecast.

Venus and Mercury head into your 4th of home, family and those roots and foundations from the 6th. Moving or improving your home is now favoured up until the 23rd. Again, we’ll discuss why later. There could be a major decision to be made around living arrangements in March especially when Venus aspects your ruler Saturn in your 1st. There’s a need to lay your foundations or do so if you haven’t. But chances are if there is, the events leading up to it are already in motion. Try to bring property dealings, moving arrangements or refinancing to a conclusion now if you possibly can.

Friends and dreams from the past, old connections and abandoned goals could return now as the ruler of your house of dreams, Jupiter shifts to retrograde motion in from the 9th. Unlike Mercury retros, Jupiter retrogrades last for months. This one will come to an end on July 15. Old friends and colleagues can reappear or if you have been thinking of someone why not get in touch? You could discover that connect is still relevant. You will test all current friendships – mostly to see if the people you hang out with add a positive vibe. Any negativity will be weeded out. This should not involve any confrontation or formal goodbyes, just you moving in another direction and leaving them behind. Goals will be tested to see if they still reflect who you have become. Have you changed and if so, has what you want changed with this? If a goal has stood the test of time then re-commit to it during this retro period. Or you may now reclaim one abandoned by the way, realising that it forms part of your reason for being. But when it comes to goals not being realised, here’s what Jupiter wants you to understand: If your dream is not coming true, it’s because you need a bigger dream. Revisit, revise, re-envision.

Fresh ideas or news that ushers in a work or business opportunity for you could arrive at the time of the new Moon in your 3rd on the 17th. If it does, you’re ready to act on it due to the arrival of fiery Mars, the planet of fearless action, arriving in your sign on the same day. Mars in our 1st fires up our energy, increases boldness and repairs our confidence if it’s taken a dive of late. You’ll be seen as someone who knows what they want and where they are going now – so ensure that you do. It’s time to take control of your life and steer it in the direction you want it to go in. No more excuses. Focus your energy like a laser beam and you can make the most of Mars in here. Begin something new. And be prepared for your sex drive and also magnetism to increase. Yeah baby – you’re hot right now! It’s time to take a chance and make that move.

The Sun in your 4th from the 20th is all about looking at  home, family and your living arrangements as well as what you need to sustain you. You also have a full house in here and because of this, this would normally be the ideal time to plan on moving, But Mercury is about to head retrograde in here from the 23rd so please put any plans to buy or lease property on hold now if you possibly can for the next three weeks – or longer if you can to allow Mercury to move from retrograde shadow after heading direct once more. Yes, I am well aware that this is not always practical or possible and if so, we must meet deadlines and dates. Life does not stand still for retrogrades. If something is already in motion then the retro rules do not apply. Neither do they apply if a home you wanted but lost out on in the past now pops up again or a twist in a career tale. Renovating, redecorating and just redesigning your living arrangements or looking at long term career plans are favoured by this Mercury retro however. As does researching a new area you would like to move to. Mercury Retrogrades rule ‘re’ words which have you working with the energy rather than against it.

You could completely restructure your lifestyle (there’s a ‘re’ word again) as Sun in your 4th squares ruler Saturn in your 1st, illuminating ideas around a living space that works for you or even be drawn to a new way of living thanks to Venus and Uranus meeting in here bringing innovation and beautiful solutions you just did not see the potential in before.

The full Moon which appears on the final day of the month is a ‘Blue’ Moon. It’s in  your 10th – the opposite to your 4th, and your house of reputation and achievement as well as all things Capricorn related. You’re being called on to create structure around your career and also your home life. You’re seeing if you have this  – or not. Work and career matters could reach a climax or you reach a decision that is going to have a long term impact on your future. I am going to say you will live with it for a long time to come to choose carefully now.

If you’ve chosen right, the month’s end also opens up other possibilities as Venus moves from your 4th and into your 5th. Now you have made those big decisions it’s time for love, pleasure, desire and fun to lighten and brighten your life as you head into April.  You’re on course to attract now, Capricorn. Decide what it is – or who it is, and keep those goals at the forefront of your mind.

In a nutshell: Time for big decisions this month. Think carefully because you’ll live with the results for a long time. Hot? When it comes to attraction and love – you’re smoking!

annual horoscope

Capricorn 2018 

WOWWEEEE! Have I got news for you! You are about to experience a cosmic conundrum! The Alchemy of 2018 can deliver all sorts of liberation to you. 2018 begins with Saturn your ruler in your sign for the first time since 1991. If you were alive and conscious back then, check out how that year went for you as you might find some juicy clues in how to make the most of this year.

Most signs that have Saturn approaching tend to run screaming for the hills. Saturn is strict, has high expectations and demands accountability. Most signs aren’t you. You work well with structure and blossom when given responsibility. 2018 promises to deliver a juicy challenge and a grand restructuring. Rickety foundations are kicked away with strong, solid roots replacing them.

Capricorn, you are a builder, what you decide to focus on and establish now is not only going to effect this year but possibly the next 28 or so. Choose your projects carefully but as your ruler has your back, aim high.

Love gets interesting this year, as Uranus, the glorious unpredictable one, is going into your 5th house of pleasure and creativity. You have a touch of genius about you, your longings are shifting, and you might find yourself thrust previously unknown sensual experiences. For some Capricorns, there may even be a surprise pregnancy or connection with kids. Uranus intends to spend quite a bit of time here so open your heart to embrace radical loving.

Before Uranus dazzles in your 5th from the 15th May, another powerful love transformation is provided by Venus the Goddess of love hooking up with Pluto the Lord of change on the 9th Jan. Both these babies are in your sign! The Sun in Capricorn is also conjunct Pluto. You are plunging into a fresh way of being. Anything that is not authentic is being swept away. You are determined to succeed and thrive and only want genuine connections around you.

With Mercury entering your sign on the 11th and then teaming up with Saturn on the 13th you enter 2018 making a deep commitment, hopefully this is a commitment to yourself and your life path as well as to anything external. With Mars conjunct Saturn on the 2nd April be careful that you are not being too forceful in pushing your agenda. Take the time to check that you are dealing with others with the appropriate empathy and kindness and are not being too bullish in tearing towards your goals.

Jupiter is giving you a gift in all you collaborations and there should be a feeling of comradery all year. Benefits from friends, groups, bands (literally if you are in one!) and contacts flow your way. No matter what it is you want to achieve this year, Jupiter in here says to begin with exploring the potential for help amongst people you know – or are getting to know. Jupiter always expands our experience in whatever area of our charts he is in. So, expect your social circle to grow and to learn something new about the world from the people you connect with. Jupiter in here also gives you the confidence to be yourself. You’ve the healthy attitude of ‘This is me – take me as I am’. The fabulous thing about coming from this perspective is that you attract others who totally dig you the way you are – and resonate with you. One thing is certain, you’ll be clear about who is on your team – and who isn’t now. 

July 13 sees an eclipse of the heart occur in your relationship sector. What needs to be addressed? This is a solar eclipse and while it is a partial one, you need to bear in mind that eclipses cover up – and then things are revealed over time. Your emotional needs could surface and if you are in a relationship, you can use this to get closer to your partner. Single? If someone appears, take things slowly – again, this is due to the eclipse covering up. Wait for the real person to reveal themselves. If what finally comes to light is that you cannot find the solution to your issues, then you may decide to walk away. Whatever occurs now, expect the outcome to be deep and lasting.  

Pay close attention to career matters or even those of your partner’s may be affected in November. Throughout this year you have Saturn’s support. Even when he retrogrades from April until September this gives you ample opportunity to continue to build on what you have started to work on or establish. Think of this period as shoring up your foundations or adding to the strength of what you have begun. This is important as when Venus makes a rare retrograde in your 10th of career, reputation and status, you may suddenly lose your sense of purpose and drive. Setbacks and delays are possible and you may even end up feeling you have had a successful charisma by-pass operation as no matter how hard you try, you just may not come across to others in the way you would like. This is because Venus starts her retrograde in your 11th and then moves back into your 10th. Try to avoid important meetings during this period if you can. This also includes dates as Venus rules our love life and your 10th rules the status of your partner – another reason why if you are taken, it may be your partner’s career which is affected under this retrograde. As Mercury will retrograde in your 12th immediately after Venus heads direct again, one possibility from this is that you think you are dating Mr. Darcy only to discover you have snagged George Wickham. Or that job offer turns out not to be what you thought it was.  

Fortunately by early December, Saturn, Venus and Mercury are returned to forward motion. You’ll find your intuition to be your compass now as the Sun heads towards your sign, bringing the year to a close for you. New ideas and plans will be at the front of your mind for 2019 and what is more – you will have the foundation in place and the knowledge to get the most of these. Do the groundwork and 2018 could just put you on course for long term success. 


In a nutshell: It’s a year of laying your foundations – but also to dare to dream, Capricorn! You can head in any direction you want now. Expect a liberation from the past with massive potential ahead.  


2 Jan 2018 until  7 Aug 2018  URANUS Turns Direct 4th Hse)

8 Jan 2018 MARS SEXTILE  PLUTO (11th Hse to 1st Hse)


9 Jan 2018,  SUN CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (1st Hse)



14 Jan 2018,  19 Jan 2019 SUN SQUARE  URANUS (1st Hse to 4th Hse)

16 Jan 2018,  14 Apr 2018,  12 Sep 2018 JUPITER SEXTILE  PLUTO (11th Hse to 1st Hse)

9 Mar 2018, JUPITER Retrograde until 10 Jul 2018 (11th Hse)


17 Apr 2018 CHIRON ENTERING ARIES (4th Hse)

18 Apr 2018, until 6 Sep 2018 SATURN Retrograde(1st Hse)

26 Apr 2018 MARS CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (1st Hse)

15 May 2018 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (5th Hse)

25 May 2018 and again 19 Aug 2018 JUPITER TRINE  NEPTUNE (11th Hse to 3rd Hse)

26 May 2018 VENUS OPPOSITION  SATURN (7th Hse to 1st Hse)

6 Jun 2018 VENUS OPPOSITION  PLUTO (7th Hse to 1st Hse)

16 Jun 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  SATURN (7th Hse to 1st Hse)

23 Jun 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  PLUTO (7th Hse to 1st Hse)

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (7th Hse to 1st Hse)

12 Jul 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  PLUTO (7th Hse to 1st Hse)


21 Dec 2018 SUN ENTERING CAPRICORN (1st Hse) 

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