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The week ahead for capricorn

Love and friendship are actually all around you this week. This is no time to fly under the radar. Your brand of unique magic is what attracts others to you. Don’t keep it hidden, Capricorn.

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Dance like there’s no one watching!

Newbie’s have serious potential

You’re the magical blend the world is waiting for

As well as your love life and bank account, Venus rules the arts – music, dance, the visual arts, performing, creativity – and the beautiful friendships and connections that result when we either participate by expressing our own creativity. Or join in as part of a group or audience to appreciate the creativity of others. So, now Venus is in your 11th, do take any opportunity that comes you way to participate in any of the above.

For some sea-goats, this week could deliver serious fun and pleasure. As well as a someone worth getting to know. Watch for news or invitations on the 5th when Venus aligns to ruler Saturn in your communications sector.

The 8th -10th could bring someone intriguing, open, receptive and also on the hunt for either that serious potential mate. Or else become a long term friend. You could align together for a purpose. To attain or achieve something together. Discovering you share the same vision or values is not just another bonus, but could turn into the superglue that binds you.

Mercury in your sign hands you plenty to say. And also delivers ideas and inspiration. If you have something to share, create, showcase or simply want to take a chance – the 8th is your day to act and shine as Mercury trines Jupiter in your 5th. The 10th brings a wonderful Venus/Jupiter opposition. Lightning could strike in romance or getting yourself or your creativity some serious attention. Both your houses of attraction and the future align. Friends or who you already known open doors to fresh possibilities. Don’t fly under the radar this week, Capricorn. The world needs you to add your particular brand of magic.

In a nutshell: Love and friendship are actually all around you this week. This is no time to fly under the radar. Your brand of unique magic is what attracts others to you. Don’t keep it hidden, Capricorn.

4 Dec 2023 Venus enters Scorpio (11th)

5 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces (11th to 3rd)

6 Dec 2023 Neptune stationary direct in Pisces (3rd)

8 Dec 2023 Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (1st to 5th)

10 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus (11th to 5th)

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The final month of 2023 provides the pivot point for all of us to realign to something more satisfying for the New Year. As well as your December forecast you can unpack more treats as the month unfolds. Including your yearly 2024 forecast, your Moonscopes and also discover what Pluto in Aquarius means for your sign!

The festive spirit needs clear lines of communication to flow this December. Do be direct and don’t promise more than you can deliver. If you say you are going to do something, do follow through. This is a time when your actions need to pair perfectly with your words. And leave others in no doubt that you mean what you say.

Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself if necessary. Ensure that others do understand where you’re coming from whether you are talking about work or a matter closer to home. Mercury slamming on the brakes in your sign on the 13th tells you that misunderstandings can and will occur. Ensure you’ve not lost anything in translation either by asking for clarification.

If there’s a secret in that closet, once Mercury returns to your 12th from the 23rd, there’s no keeping that door shut. This can be a sentimental time and Mercury retrograde in our 12th can have us revisiting the past. Literally as we can be returning home for the holidays. Or we are visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past in the form of memories. If so, expect to review the memories and reframe them in a new light. And if you hear a confession from anyone – do keep this confidential. And watch what stumbles out of the vault on the 28th when Mercury and Mars collide in your 12th. That door is not staying shut.

It’s a wonderful month for your social life, encounters, parties and gatherings thanks to Venus in your 11th right up until the end of the month. Look to the 5th when Venus trines ruler Saturn in your 3rd. Accept any invites which come your way on this date. You’ll benefit from older, experienced, wordly friendships now. This is also an excellent aspect to make your best impression at that office party.

The new Moon in your 12th (12th) however may put you back into an introspective mood. Refer to what I said earlier about the ghosts of Christmas past. This is an important pause point ahead of your fresh cycle. Look to what your intuition is telling you about your physical, emotional and soul health. You may want to take a time out from that social scene just for now. Especially if you have been burning the candle at both ends. Again, old memories may surface, past hurts feel like only yesterday. If so, be kind and unwind. Try not to self-medicate or soothe however. Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Because this is how we heal and release.

Answers come to you in dreams, in strange but perfect synchronicities, in signs and spooky coincidences – which are not coincidences at all. Something you have imagined might be impossible is suddenly not that at all. Prepare for enlightenment, Capricorn.

Lighter aspects support this. You are also one of the lucky signs who are set to benefit the most from the three trines Mercury will make to Jupiter in your 5th. The first occurs n the 8th, the second once Mercury has gone backwards on the 18th. And the third and final one will be next month when Mercury returns to your sign. Your 5th is electrified and all-powerful. The surprising, the twist and the unexpected rules around romance, children, gifts, creativity, hobbies and what gives you pleasure. However, do avoid anything that comes under the category of ‘It’s complicated’. It goes against the flow. And what’s more may get more complicated as time goes by.

A special year begins for you with the solstice and the Sun’s arrival in your 1st on the 22nd. You are about to see Pluto exit your sign for good. It has one more short re-visit to make later next year. And it will move to the final degree of your 1st (29o) on the 20th. This will be especially powerful and transformative for any of you with ‘anaretic’ – ie planets or other Cappy aspects at 29 degrees of your sign. If you are uncertain, please speak to one of our astrologers.

You are not the same person you were back in 2008 when your Pluto cycle first began. Look back and celebrate how far you have come dancing in the forge of transformation. Your relationships may have shifted and deepened along with this. Or your changing needs sent you looking for something that aligned with who you have become. Expect the same process to now take place with your money, income, possessions and self-worth. And a total re-working of your value system.

The Sun’s arrival brings you one of your yearly pleasure peaks. This one is focussed on the wonderful outer package you show to the world. Yes, a certain amount of indulgence is expected. As is a relaunch if you want to change your appearance. This goes along with the inner changes Pluto has wrought. The outer you must reflect this now. What you draw to you is a direct reflection of your appearance and how you feel. Yes, image matters now.

Contentment rules and heart and soul experiences are promise by the Star of Christmas Present on the 25th as Venus and Neptune align. This feeling carries on to the 27th when the Sun and Jupiter trine. And you crave more connection with the full Moon in your 7th. This is a fabulous day for an early new years celebration, romance or indulging in the good things of life. But don’t let this yearning to connect lead you astray and see you rushing head and heart first into cuffing season. Remember that Mercury retrograde! Take things slowly.

Venus arrives in your 12th on the 29th. Positively embrace the best aspects of the past now. You are on the cusp of a big transition and elements of your past in some way will help you make sense of this. And provide you with the guidance you need to move ahead. Is there a part of your past self you let go of but now need to reclaim? Remember, Pluto is the planet of rebirth. Need more? Meditate on the card of the 6 of Cups in the Tarot. Rewrite the past or repurpose it. And regain that lost treasure from it.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Capricorn! There’s treasure to be unearthed from your past. But don’t allow sentimentality to keep you stuck there. Ahead, 2024 brings a new and powerful reboot of your cash and self-worth as Pluto finally exits your sign.

1 Dec 2023 Mercury enters Capricorn (1st)

2 Dec 2023 Mercury in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (1st to 3rd)

3 Dec 2023 Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn (10th to 1st)

4 Dec 2023 Venus enters Scorpio (11th)

5 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces (11th to 3rd)

6 Dec 2023 Neptune stationary direct in Pisces (3rd)

8 Dec 2023 Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (1st to 5th)

10 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus (11th to 5th)

11 Dec 2023 Mercury in Capricorn sextile Venus in Scorpio (1st to 11th)

12 Dec 2023 New Moon in Sagittarius (12th)

13 Dec 2023 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (1st)

17 Dec 2023 Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (12th to 3rd)

18 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (2nd time) (1st to 5th)

20 Dec 2023 Pluto anaretic in Capricorn (29 Degrees) (1st)

21 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio opposition Uranus in Taurus (11th to 5th)

21 Dec 2023 Retrograde Vesta re-enters Gemini (6th)

22 Dec 2023 Sun enters Capricorn (1st) – Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere, Summer in Southern

22 Dec 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury in Capricorn (1st)

23 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury re-enters Sagittarius (12th)

24 Dec 2023 Sun in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (1st to 3rd)

25 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (11th to 3rd)

27 Dec 2023 Full Moon in Cancer (7th)

27 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (12th to 3rd)

27 Dec 2023 Sun in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (1st to 5th)

27 Dec 2023 Chiron direct in Aries (4th)

28 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius (12th)

28 Dec 2023 Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (12th to 3rd)

29 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn (11th to 1st)

29 Dec 2023 Venus enters Sagittarius (12th)

31 Dec 2023 Jupiter stationary direct in Taurus (5th)

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Capricorn 2023

23 brings the close of one major cycle and the beginning of another, Capricorn. You are no longer the person you were a decade ago. Major planetary movements this year bring about a rebirth. Or the opportunity for you to soar away from what no longer works for you and begin anew and renewed.

Pluto ends its long term soul reforging process in your sign this year. It moves into your 2nd on March 23 and will return to your sign again on June 11 where it will see out the year. Those of you with your Capricorn Sun or personal planets in here will be the most affected now. As will any of you with planets at an early degree of Aquarius so do check your chart for these. Pluto will be exiting your sign for good over the coming year or so. Call this the final refinement or tempering of that rebirth process you’ve experienced.

The year will begin with a meeting between Pluto and Venus in your 1st plus Mercury retrograde. So, you could be looking at how the changes you have gone through have impacted on your relationships and needs within them. This is a time where you should rigorously resist the lure of cuffing season. Instead if you are single, use this energy to integrate those inner changes and understand how deeply this Pluto cycle has transformed you.

Shake your money maker!

Pluto in your 2nd will change your attitude to your money, income, possessions and assets material and intangible. This is also about power money. Think ‘Plutocrat’. Money itself is simply energy. So despite what people say it is not the root of all evil. Coveting money for its own sake, never feeling we have enough when in fact we have plenty, miserly Scrooge like behaviour, using money, love or resources to control others – those are examples of negative money. Pluto in your 2nd can link you to the positive power of money in that it buys you choices and can be used to do good. Invest in people and what enhances your self-worth with Pluto in here. And yes, shake that money-maker to borrow street talk, be it your smarts, your talents, strategies or any asset you have to leverage but without selling out.

Ruler Saturn also switches signs in March. Making this a major month when it comes to energy change and exchange. It leaves your 2nd and joins Neptune in your 3rd from March 7. There’s weight to your words and what you say now. You leave people in no doubt that you mean what you say. Intention in its purest form is your ruler’s gift to you in here. You keep your word and because of this, those you do business with, interact with or are involved with personally, hand you their trust in return. Do remember, Saturn always insists we deliver and follow-through. So don’t promise anything you cannot deliver unless you want Saturn to step in and send you spinning back to start again.

During this cycle, do pay attention to and respect what others say as well. Take it that no means no. Saturn is emphatic on that. So, that lover who tells you they are just looking for something casual – no, you will not change their minds. That feedback you receive from multiple sources that is always the same – you do need to take that on board. That person who refuses to answer your questions about what and when? And changes the subject when you do? That too is their answer.

Saturn in your 3rd enhances your staying power when it comes to long term projects – writing that book, creating that business plan, launching that idea. And also upskilling or a long term study program linked to your career path. Others could take on a new role at work and if you change jobs then its likely you will remain in your new role for some time to come. Older siblings may also feature as could those on a long term path of spiritual growth who share their experience and wisdom with you.

Ain’t love a sight for sore eyes!

Your best time for love and romance after a slow start at the beginning of the year is from May onwards. Jupiter spends the first part of the year powering though your 4th of home, family, roots and lifestyle and this could hand many of you a literal key to a new home. Certainly anticipate improvements and expansion around where and how you live. On May 16th it joins Uranus in your 5th. Which also coincides with Venus entering its ruling 7th in your chart on May 7th. Combined with a love-loaded new Moon in your 5th on May 19 and a destiny dusted meeting between Jupiter and the North Node on June 1, love has a surprise for you and possibly a direction all its own.

It may look different to what you thought. Seek you out even if you were not looking for it. Come in a wild, wonderful form from a direction you didn’t expect. Yes, love is the surprise now. Just ensure with Jupiter’s ability to expand in your house of children, that if becoming a parent isn’t what you want right now, you do take additional precautions to prevent that.

For those of you who do, conception, birth, adoption, IVF, surrogacy, fostering or becoming a step parent or grandparent could be the result of Jupiter’s arrival in here. Those younger than you, giving birth to a creative project, travel, pleasure, holidays and effortless attraction and lucky breaks are other Jupiter benefits. Don’t hang on to preconceptions of what love is and do be spontaneous and willing to try, experiment and simply go with the flow to maximise this Jupiter/Uranus influence.

June -July sees Pluto back in your sign and also commitments and promises plus the renewal of intentions thanks to Juno, Mercury, a full Moon in your 1st (Jul 3) and a new Moon in your 7th (Jul 17). Renew your vows or even revive an old love. If there is a reconciliation during this period, it is likely to last this time around. The Venus retrograde in your 8th from July 23rd – Sept 4 is particularly good for that reunion. And also for anything to do with re-negotiations of anything from your salary to how you share your chores.

Of course, the other big commitments you make this year aside from money, home and to love, are likely to be to that path and purpose and your career. October puts you on track with career goals and your need to achieve is at its peak. Not only does Pluto heads direct in your 1st on Oct 11th but a powerful solar eclipse in your 10th brings those ambitions out of hiding. You could be ascending more than one rung up that ladder or else heaven-sent yet unexpected events propel you along an exciting new direction which calls on your to adapt or expand your plans.

Mercury arrives in your sign on December 1 but do be aware it is already in retroshadow. It’s time to slow down after all the peak activity of the year. Chances are you are so ready to simply be and reflect on the changes this year has brought you. Enjoy the love, what you have established or created the people around you and your surroundings without feeling you need to do any more. At least for the time being. Give thanks and gratitude to the universe and what you’ll find is that in focusing your thoughts on these rather than what you feel you didn’t do or have yet to achieve, you set in motion the very circumstances that will draw these to you.

Mercury turns retrograde in your 1st on December 13 while December 20 puts Pluto back in its most powerful position in your chart – anaretic at 29 degrees. Telling you that you need do nothing more when it comes to changes. They now have a momentum all their own.

Solstice Day marks the start of your birthday season (22nd) and also has the newly arrived Sun conjunct retro Mercury in your 1st. Something recurs or revives or you pledge to return to it in 2024. This can be deeply personal for you. It could simply be a decision you deferred which you now see has to be taken. Or a path not taken. Even if now is not the moment you take action, you know without a doubt. The promises you keep to yourself are now just as important as those you keep to others. The final day of ‘23 sees Jupiter make a Long Live Love turn forward in your 5th. You don’t need to make new resolutions, Capricorn. Yes, you have re-forged resolutions for ‘24. What you don’t have now is self-doubt when it comes to crushing them.

All about Capricorn

Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by Saturn the lord of responsibility. The most tenacious sign of the Zodiac Capricorn will always reach the top of the mountain. Powerful, strong and forceful Capricorns are capable of great success. Your soul lesson is learn to let go sometimes and let someone love you!

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