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The week ahead for cancer

The axis of attraction is activated this week, Cancer. What’s on that wishlist? Jupiter could be in the mood to grant it. If you commit to showing you’re serious about having it. By taking that first step towards making it real.

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The river of attraction flows in your direction

You and another make a pledge

Rise and shine, Cancer!

Luck, attraction, love, solutions, opportunity and what sets you apart from all the rest – good things and good times flow in your direction as Venus enters your 5th.

Your creativity has a life of its own. Your very own muse comes calling with Venus in here. Your ideas have depth. Your words speak to others on a deeper level. Do something with them especially as Mercury in your 7th trines Jupiter in your 11th (8th). That great opening line? You’ve probably got more than one at the ready.

Neptune heads direct in your 9th this week while newly arrived Venus trines Saturn also in here on the 5th. There’s a bond being formed, a promise between you and another. Someone or something – a plan, a pledge, a promise – to be realised. You could be in the right place at the right time. Make a significant connection. Attract the right kind of attention. Your existing union gets taken to the next level. You feel all things are possible for you. For this window – they just may be.

Jupiter is in the mood to grant requests and wishes as it opposes Venus on the 10th. Of course, you took the first step towards making something happen, Cancer. You and another then take it the rest of the way.

In a nutshell: The axis of attraction is activated this week, Cancer. What’s on that wishlist? Jupiter could be in the mood to grant it. If you commit to showing you’re serious about having it. By taking that first step towards making it real.

4 Dec 2023 Venus enters Scorpio (5th)

5 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces (5th to 9th)

6 Dec 2023 Neptune stationary direct in Pisces (9th)

8 Dec 2023 Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (7th to 11th)

10 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus (5th to 11th)

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The final month of 2023 provides the pivot point for all of us to realign to something more satisfying for the New Year. As well as your December forecast you can unpack more treats as the month unfolds. Including your yearly 2024 forecast, your Moonscopes and also discover what Pluto in Aquarius means for your sign!

Is someone saying something then not following through? Or forgetting about it entirely? If this is simply a one-off, then do hold on to your cool and compassion, Cancer. However, fuses may be short to say the least by the third week of the month due to Pluto anaretic in your 7th (20th) and Mercury retrograde in your 7th from the 13th. But do look at whether or not this is part of a pattern if this does occur. And also if you have been making excuses for them.

Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean the festive spirit is absent this December. You have wonderful highlights and holiday stars shining bright in your chart. The #1 being Venus in your 5th from the 4th and the Sun’s arrival in your 7th on Solstice Day (22nd). Time to get in the spirit of ho-ho-ho.

Do take care and remind yourself of the retro rules. I’m going to touch on the Mercury retrograde first up as while it begins its retrograde in your 7th, it returns to its ruling 6th on the 23rd. Upping its capacity to deliver mayhem and misunderstandings. Another reason to count to 10 if someone drops the ball and it is a one-off. Yes, double check everything and have a back-up plan, Cancer. Confusion and chaos aren’t necessarily a given over Christmas. And what keeps them at bay is simply being prepared.

Now for the sparkle, the tinsel and the lights! The warmth ignites within you and spreads out to touch all those you come into contact with. Yes, the solstice brings the start of your yearly love, attraction and also social peak. Boosted this year by Venus’s trine to Saturn in your 9th and not one, but three trines between Mercury and Jupiter in your 11th. You get two this month (8th and 18th) with one to follow in the new year. This energy puts you in the holiday spirit. And the way you will express this is to be more out-going, spontaneous and self-expressive than usual. In fact, if someone doesn’t give you that follow through, you’re unlikely to dwell on it for long.

Because you are in a pro-active frame of mind, everything just flows your way. There’s also a can-do, let’s make it happen consciousness about you when it comes to work and anything you need to complete before you party and play. Mars is your go-to planet when it comes to career and getting things done. This is because it rules Aries and your 10th house. This month sees it in your 6th of daily duties, routine and those pesky tasks none of us can escape! Yes, its one more reason why if someone doesn’t do their part you may get snarky. However, what it does hand you is the ability to crush outstanding tasks and clear the halls for fa-la-la-la-la – guilt free.

Look to adjustments and also how you want to work and feel in the upcoming year with the new Moon in your 6th. Because Mercury is retrograde and rules this house, this is more about the planning and preparation when it comes to that day job or your studies. However, this new Moon blesses any initiatives which allow you to take care of business, enhance your wellbeing and above all, come up with a practical plan for what you want to achieve. More in your New Moon in Sagittarius Moonscope.

The fires of delight are ablaze as the Sun lands in your 7th. Wishes and dreams feature due to the all-powerful influence of the planets in your 11th. As well as your social scene. Pluto exiting your 7th next month is about to leave you with far more clarity and emotional knowing when it comes to what you need from love – and other long term connections, than you had when you began this cycle.

Holiday stars light your way! You have a sense that nothing is stuck or stagnant – even if you are single, as we had towards the close of the year. However, the fact you are radiating such openness makes you a magnet for others seeking someone. Do watch out for anyone from overseas or who you encounter who shares your beliefs and/or interests. Settleds feel the love and ‘as one’ when an empathic angle forms on the 25th between Venus and Neptune on the 25th. You are infused with the spirit of the season.

Be prepared in the countdown to 2024 to think about what areas you can stretch yourself into. And explore outside your usual orbit. This can be your career, your social life, your ideas and yes, in your search for a significant other if that is your goal. Remember, Jupiter remains in your 11th right up until May. In a position of wish fulfilment. But you have to be prepared to enter what may initially seem like unknown territory to active it. Do take some time especially with the final full Moon of the year in your 1st, to look at where or what this could be. Something is calling you now, Cancer. And you will be ready to answer and explore by the end of January.

Jupiter moves forward on the final day of the old year. While Venus lands in your 6th on the 29th. Your faith in your abilities is restored or reawakened. You gather your smarts and your savvy and prepare to head out into a bolder experience. Part of that wish fulfilment process is going to involve you being discerning about who or what you take on board. Or invest your time and love in. Watch for what begins to manifest this month. It’s both a gift and a sign which points the way ahead.

In a nutshell: The power of sheer joy, fun and attraction is yours to play with right up until the end of the year. Plus you enter your yearly partnership peak on the 22nd. The holiday spirit moves you towards the pleasure zone this December!

1 Dec 2023 Mercury enters Capricorn (7th)

2 Dec 2023 Mercury in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (7th to 9th)

3 Dec 2023 Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn (4th to 7th)

4 Dec 2023 Venus enters Scorpio (5th)

5 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces (5th to 9th)

6 Dec 2023 Neptune stationary direct in Pisces (9th)

8 Dec 2023 Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (7th to 11th)

10 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus (5th to 11th)

11 Dec 2023 Mercury in Capricorn sextile Venus in Scorpio (7th to 5th)

12 Dec 2023 New Moon in Sagittarius (6th)

13 Dec 2023 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (7th)

17 Dec 2023 Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (6th to 9th)

18 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (2nd time) (7th to 11th)

20 Dec 2023 Pluto anaretic in Capricorn (29 Degrees) (7th)

21 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio opposition Uranus in Taurus (5th to 11th)

21 Dec 2023 Retrograde Vesta re-enters Gemini (12th)

22 Dec 2023 Sun enters Capricorn (7th) – Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere, Summer in Southern

22 Dec 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury in Capricorn (7th)

23 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury re-enters Sagittarius (6th)

24 Dec 2023 Sun in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (7th to 9th)

25 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (5th to 9th)

27 Dec 2023 Full Moon in Cancer (1st)

27 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (6th to 9th)

27 Dec 2023 Sun in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (7th to 11th)

27 Dec 2023 Chiron direct in Aries (10th)

28 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius (6th)

28 Dec 2023 Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (6th to 9th)

29 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn (5th to 7th)

29 Dec 2023 Venus enters Sagittarius (6th)

31 Dec 2023 Jupiter stationary direct in Taurus (11th)

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Cancer 2023

The challenges around love and partnerships matters begin to be left behind in ‘23, Cancer. Your current connection and needs go deeper and become more intimate and profound. Your social circle is set to expand along with what you believe is possible for you. Expect a release into something bigger and soul freeing.

Heaven sent togetherness aspects should see you starting the year with your belief in true love reforged, Cancer. The first day of the new year sees Venus conjunct Pluto in Venus’s ruling 7th. Love is not outside of you no matter what your relationship status. It is always within you. The appearance of a lover or partner is what awakens it or makes us aware of it. Now, they can come or go. But they cannot take it with them. Yes, if a relationship ends, we may feel love has gone. But only the person has. Not the love. That belongs to us.

Hopefully Pluto’s long term sojourn in your 7th of marriage, long term loves, partnerships and double acts has shown you the truth around this. Or transformed your ideas around what love is and where it can be found. Sometimes this involves entering into a deep and profound relationship which changes us – and the other party. We are not the same person we were before. And neither are they. Sometimes if there are lessons to be learned, the planets may decide we need a time out to do this kind of soul transmuting work on our own. A relationship we thought was for keeps may then end. Or despite our efforts to find a new one, it doesn’t quite happen for us.

So, which was it for you during Pluto’s time in your 7th, Cancer? You could be looking at one particular duo or duet which summed up this experience for you at the time of the full Moon in your sign on January 6th. Use this as your mirror for determining where love takes you from here.

If love doesn’t change you it may not be the love you need. This year moves you forward on your love journey. But also asks you for a commitment too. This can involve holding out for the love you know it the right one rather than just settling. Or else taking that big step with an existing one as Pluto and Saturn both change signs in March.

Saturn enters your 9th on March 7, joining Neptune in here. Think structured freedom with its arrival in here. And having the ability to pursue that big dream but with a route mapped out. You are both the dreamer and the realist now. And part of this will involve you being able to discern whether the course you are on – and this includes that love journey with another, is actually going to get you to your destination. And be willing to change course if the answer is a confirmed ‘No’.

Pluto then moves from your 7th and into its ruling 8th, on March 23. This is your house of what you shared, joint (marital) assets, power money, investments, mortgages, loans, benefits and yes, sex. Dry spell? This could signal its end. Pluto will return to your 7th and it will take almost two years for you to feel the impact of the full transition of Pluto into here.

Hurts get healed

Intimacy issues, fears, lack of sexual self confidence, insecurities – what I call working with soul residue, could surface. Have you felt you have to wear a mask to hide who you really are just in order to survive or get what you want for instance? Maybe to fit in, because it was expected of you, or simply because someone made you feel that a part of you was simply unacceptable? The good news is that Pluto in your 8th will drag all these up for you to examine in the steely light of day – and embrace self-acceptance and show the world the real beauty of you. This is a powerful and utterly freeing process.

Current unions open up to hand you a deeper, more connected love experience. If yours can no longer provide that, expect to be released in order to move towards one that can.

Boss, baby!

You start the year with Jupiter in your success sector paying this area of your chart one final visit before entering your 11th in May. However, the North Node in here from July hands you a super-extended opportunity creating cycle to gain not just recognition and rewards, but greater satisfaction and happiness from the path you have chosen during the next two years. If you are old enough look back 19 years or even 19 years again at what occurred during those cycles around your career, your status as in title or relationship status and what you set in motion. If you feel the path you are on no longer holds the lure it once did, you will be handed an opportunity to change direction during this cycle.

Do watch out for the highly charged and unusual Hybrid Solar Eclipse in your 10th on April 20. A Hybrid Eclipse is one which combines all three eclipse types – Total, Annular and Partial. We have not experienced one of this kind in this area of your chart in 159 years. You know eclipses conceal and cover up. So think – three times the confusion and lack of clarity. The only thing you can know for sure are your intentions. Do guard your reputation and public image. Watch and wait if you can when it comes to career matters. People can withhold information, change their minds or simply go back on their words. There will be a special forecast dealing with this eclipse available closer to the eclipse time.

The run up to your birthday this year has Mars in your sign igniting a fire within. You feel ready to take a bold step and also fired up with freshly baked confidence and enthusiasm. Again, this may see you pushing forward with long term career or other plans for your future. Your fearless, unafraid side emerges. You don’t need that protective shell any longer. Emboldened, you consciously initiate something new.

Your birthday cycle this year sees Pluto revisiting your 7th and Mercury and Juno in your 1st along with the Sun. New beginnings come in on the 17th when the new Moon appears in your sign the day before the North Node enters your 10th. This will be linked to your career growth or partnership status or any career matter obscured by that April eclipse.

Keep a tight hold of those purse strings and also take any new relationship slowly from the end of July until the start of September when Venus retrogrades in its ruling house in your chart. In fact, I would advise putting that search for another on hold now and avoid buying big ticket items. You may fall out of love with it/them once Venus heads direct again! Others may display a strong sense inflexibility or reluctance to meet you halfway during this cycle and some relationships may be tested as a result.

November/December brings you another high point with the Sun, Mercury, Ceres and then Venus in your 5th of indulgent love, pleasure and attraction. By the time the Sun enters your 7th on December 22nd, Pluto has already moved back to a final, anaretic degree in here. This is the point Pluto’s capacity for transformation around a union, partnership or double act – past, present, potential – will peak again. Handing you a rare opportunity for a love and togetherness rebirth. This is about how you see your love future. With the one you’re with or with someone new? Make no mistake, you’ll know if it’s right for you now. This year shows you the path to passion and Pluto tells you to accept no substitutions for the real thing. If it’s right for you – you will be all-in and falling in love again. If not, walk into ‘24 arms open to welcome in the new.

All about cancer

Cancer Is ruled by the Moon planet of emotions and is a water sign. Protective, nurturing and loving Cancer is the homebody of the Zodiac. Even if you’re not traditional you have the ability to make other people feel at home. You can be over sensitive but also intuitive and feel things deeply. Your soul lesson is not to manipulate out of fear and to know you are a creator Goddess/God watch my details Cancer video below.

Below you can find free daily, weekly monthly and annual readings for Cancer.

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