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Pluto reveals a secret love connection, you feel as if you've woken up as your unconscious desires rise to the surface. Career issues may get heated but you come out on top as you're feeling much stronger than usual.

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You share a psychic revelation
Don’t fight but listen and still achieve your goals
A soul connection leaves a big impression

‘When I first saw you
From across the room
I could tell that you were curious’ – One Direction

Beautiful Pisces, you may have a battle on your hands this week, but it will be one you relish! Mars the Planet of action is guiding you towards victory. Saturn/Juno are conjunct in your career space square Mars and Chiron in your sign on the 16th. It may be that there’s a person at work trying to show you some tough love. Before you resist and get your warrior boots on, take the time to reflect on the middle ground. Take away all ego and be objective, once you’ve done this, you can speak from a place of power. Fire is in your belly so use it while you can!

On the 19th this continues with Saturn Square Mars, but you have a greater perspective of what is going on under the surface (within yourself as well as at work). Yes, as Saturn is involved, there may be situations where you feel restricted or reigned in, don’t let this worry you but work around it! All of this disruptive shenanigans is to show you how strong you are. Also, when you do things correctly, not cutting corners, you can achieve so much more.

The Sun is moving into your psychic sector, so you’re more than happy to talk about your intuitive side. You’re feeling incredibly warm towards those you love.

Pluto is bringing you a surprise, a secret love affair, intense chemistry and the possibility of forbidden love! There’s also the possibility of bumping into someone in a crowd that knocks your socks off! (this is English for a peak soul connection!) This soul connection has an important message for you but don’t compromise yourself, be aware of your love patterns and use it to transform.

16th – Saturn and Juno conjunct in 10th square Mars conjunct Chiron in 1st
19th – Saturn in 10th square Mars in 1st (exact)
20th – Sun enters 12th
20th – Pluto in 11th sextile Venus in 1st (exact)

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Mars and your Ruler Neptune join forces from the get go and you find yourself very vocal about all underdogs. You are fearless when it comes to protecting those that cannot protect themselves and you speak your mind; in fact, nothing can stop you. Be very careful how you put things though as Mercury is still retrograde which could cause you to say something in the heat of the moment that you’ll later regret.

Jupiter is Sextile Saturn the Lord of Responsibility and they’re determined to bring you into your power in 2017 so that you gain much-earned confidence and success in your career. Having said that, Saturn only rewards effort so, you are urged to stretch yourself in all ways.

Good news! Venus, the Planet of love, is in your sign from the 3rd bestowing you with a little love magic. You’re bewitching, so make the most of it. Venus in your sign helps you bring tranquillity and peace to all your relationships.

Sun and Pluto give you great power in groups but beware as Mercury is just getting his mojo back in your career sector. The Full Moon on the 12th is in a delicious position for you. You feel confident, optimistic and creative, she also offers sensual delights.

However, on the same day, we have a Goddess packed Cardinal Grand Cross which threatens your equilibrium. You may feel as if someone is playing games with you or tries to test their power. Is this a pattern in your life? You open up, and you feel as if people move away or change the rules? Your best course of action is charming, and work-that Venus energy to turn things to your advantage. Only love can banish fear and anger. Martin Luther King poignantly said ‘Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.’

On the 13th Venus and Neptune hook up for a big old love in. You see the beauty in the world and the people around you. Your soul soars with love and a bit of spiritual ecstasy.

You’re very in tune today and have a psychic connection to those you love. All the wonder and love you feel on this day is already inside you; the love is coming from within you so honour yourself and pat yourself on the back for all you have overcome and your bravery on this journey called life. Let’s face it, life hasn’t been all rainbows and pussycats. Others should also sense the beauty of your spirit. Indulge in music, art, meditation, a walk in the woods or even better, the sea or river. You are, after all, a celestial water nymph.

1st – Mars and Neptune conjunct in 1st sextile Sun in 11th
1st – Jupiter in 8th sextile Saturn in 10th (exact)
3rd – Venus enters 1st
4th – Mercury retrograde re-enters 10th
5th – Venus and Pallas conjunct in 1st (exact)
6th – Juno in 10th trine Uranus in 2nd (exact)
9th – Sun and Pluto conjunct in 11th (exact)
8th – Mercury direct in 10th
10th – Mystic Rectangle: Uranus, Ceres and Eris conjunct in 2nd sextile Moon in 4th trine Jupiter in 8th sextile Saturn and Juno conjunct in 10th trine Uranus, Ceres and Eris conjunct in 2nd. Uranus, Ceres and Eris conjunct in 2nd opposition Jupiter in 8th. Moon in 4th opposition Saturn and Juno conjunct in 10th
12th – Full Moon in 5th
12th – Cardinal Grand Cross: Uranus, Ceres and Eris conjunct in 2nd square full Moon and Vesta conjunct in 5th square Jupiter in 8th square Sun and Pluto conjunct in 11th square Uranus, Ceres and Eris conjunct in 2nd. Uranus, Ceres and Eris conjunct in 2nd  opposition Jupiter in 8th. Sun and Pluto conjunct in 11th opposition full Moon and Vesta conjunct in 5th
13th – Venus and Neptune conjunct in 1st (exact)
13th – Mercury direct re-enters 11th
14th – Grand Fire Trine: Uranus, Ceres and Eris conjunct in 2nd trine Moon in 6th trine Saturn and Juno conjunct in 10th
16th – Saturn and Juno conjunct in 10th square Mars conjunct Chiron in 1st
19th – Saturn in 10th square Mars in 1st (exact)
20th – Sun enters 12th
20th – Pluto in 11th sextile Venus in 1st (exact)
24th – Moon and Saturn conjunct in 10th square Venus and Chiron conjunct in 1st (all exact)
26th – Lilith in 9th trine Mars in 1st
28th – New Moon in 12th – Chinese New Year of the Red Fire Rooster
28th – Mars enters 2nd
29th – Mercury and Pluto conjunct in 11th
30th – Ceres in 2nd trine Juno in 10th (exact)
31st – Pallas and Neptune conjunct in 1st (exact)

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Pisces is a water sign and the most psychic sign of the Zodiac. You have empathy, a brilliant imagination and a profound sense of love and romance. You feel other people's pain and have a vivid creativity. Your soul lesson is to let go of fear and be a love revolutionary embracing your psychic super powers! Below you can find free daily, weekly monthly and annual readings for Pisces.

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