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Most retrogrades have us standing still or looking back. Not you this week, Leo. Use what you already have as a springboard. The future is waiting.

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Set yourself free

Kick-start your future

That path not taken reopens

Wow. Get ready to be set free, Leo! Yes, it may be a Mercury retrograde in your 9th starting this week but this week also holds freedom-triggering aspects just for you alone (don’t tell those other signs – it’s our secret!). Now I am not going to pretend for one minute the usual Mercury Retrograde Rules don’t apply to you. And by now you should know what they are so I am not going to repeat them here. But magnificent, powerful and abundant Ceres moves forward in your 1st this week and it is she who is going to create these freedom-enhancing aspects for you despite the Mercury madness in play.

This does not mean that certain elements of your past – as in the revisiting, revising and reviewing aspects of a Mercury retro are not in play. But what Mercury retro and Ceres direct are reminding you – especially now your ruler is also in your 9th from the 20th, is that it is your past that contains the keys to your freedom on some level. Some Leos could see something they have waited for kick-start and release them. A past opportunity could reappear as could travel to somewhere you have visited in the past which you now see with new eyes. Did you have a ‘path not taken’? You could be offered the chance to walk it after all. Look back, claim what you can take forward with you and then don’t look back now.


19 Mar 2018 CERES STATIONARY (1st House)

19 Mar 2018 NEPTUNE SEXTILE BLACK MOON (8th House to 6th House)

20 Mar 2018 SUN ENTERING ARIES (9th House)

22 Mar 2018 URANUS TRINE VESTA (9th House to 5th House)

23 Mar 2018 MERCURY STATIONARY (9th House) Turns Retrograde until 15th April

23 Mar 2018 VENUS SQUARE PLUTO (9th House to 6th House)

24 Mar 2018 SUN SQUARE MARS (9th House to 6th House)

25 Mar 2018 SUN TRINE CERES (9th House to 1st House)

25 Mar 2018 VENUS CONJUNCTION ERIS (9th House)

monthly horoscope

Don’t give up your dreams

Mine those inner assets

Make the first, bold move

Enter the quantum field of dreams this month, Leo. You may associate your 11
th with goals, wishes and dreams but get ready for some fabulous, fun facts. In ancient times your 9th house was known as ‘the house of dreams’. And you’ve got some major action happening in here this March!

We’ve been an entire month without a full Moon and March will deliver us two. The 2nd sees the first of these in your 2nd of money, values and finances. The full Moon reflects – so what you feel about your money and what events take place around finances now are in fact an outer reflection of your inner self-worth and values. The Sun your ruler is in the house opposite – your 8th which rules corporate money – so your salary, assets or resources you share with others, personal power and yes, sex. Along with the Sun you have a full house in here – Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Chiron and asteroid Hygeia. The Sun conjuncts Neptune in here on the same day as Mercury and Venus also meet in the same house. Two powerful meetings add up to a major transformation in either your money or your personal life as your 2nd is ruled by Venus and she rules both romance and finances.  Is this a change you have initiated or want? If it is not, you need to tap into those intangible assets of boundaries and values. Or do you have what you have desired for a very long time and instead of feeling the way you thought you would, are feeling you somehow don’t deserve it or it will be taken from you? If fear is what you feel instead of elation, then you need to look at why. It could be you are scared to go beyond what you think are ‘safe’ limits of success. Don’t you deserve more? Perhaps the answer lies in your house of dreams.

March contains the seeds of a new beginning, a powerful change or even a transcendent transformational process via another. It begins around the time of the new Moon in your 8th on the 17th. There’s an edgy sense of boldness about you now. A willingness to take a chance – perhaps on yourself as those self-doubts now fall away. You’re confident enough to claim that prize if it’s offered without question. Make the first move? Sure you can whether it’s approaching that hot prospect in bar or to close a deal. You’re now a powerhouse when it comes to your goals and blazing a trail.  Mars enters your 6th of work on this day giving you the energy to direct into any task and make it seem easy. Just don’t rush with Mars in here however. You may be operating at peak performance and that’s great. But unless you pace yourself you’ll burn out like a shooting star or else accidents or mistakes can happen. Go for the slow release. It’s like Tantra – for the work place but yes, with a new Moon in your 8th that can work in the bedroom as well as the boardroom now!

House moves of the more earthly kind or even long term career progress may halt or enter a period of refinement from the 9th when Jupiter heads retrograde in your 4th until mid-July. Unless you have already exchanged contracts or signed that lease, you are now better off to stay put, renovate or redecorate if you possibly can. You need to treat this period just as you would a Mercury retrograde – but one that is far more powerful. If you cannot help but move under this retrograde, then please pay extra attention to the usual Retrograde Rules: i.e.: read the small print, check, double-check and even TRIPLE check and get expert advice if necessary. Large domestic appliances could malfunction (Jupiter rules size). Thoughts of relocating could resurface – and if they do don’t be surprised if they involve moving back to somewhere – a neighbourhood, a town or even another country, you have lived in before. Remember – retrogrades rule ‘re’ words. Stick with the ‘re’s’ and you usually can’t go too far wrong.

From the 6th of March – it’s time to get dreaming. This is the day those free-to-dream-big aspects began to build up in your 9th. Mercury and Venus arrived in here together. Mercury has always acted as Venus’s courier. Travel, learning, adventure and also just imagining that something bigger is possible for you than you have previously experienced. You’re evolving and preparing for this while your ruler remains in your 8th and up to the time when the new Moon in here marks the start of you unveiling your changes to the world. Along with your increased confidence and fearlessness is now the incentive to dream big and to paint this picture of your future in bold, vibrant strokes. But it’s now not enough for you to just dream it – you have to experience it for yourself – or take that step towards it. And that’s an experience in itself.

The Sun arrives in here on the 20th. Remember if your dream literally does involve anything to do with long distance travel, that the ruler of this and the ruler of your 9th is retrograde! Plan if you can and delay setting off just yet if possible. If you are travelling now then the fact is this March is double retrograde jeopardy as Mercury will head retrograde in here from the 23rd in your 9th – Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart. All the retrograde rules apply – and then some especially across Jupiter/Mercury rulerships. For your benefit I am going to list them as they are expanded from the usual Mercury Retro Rules. Travel – local, long distance, short or long in duration, all communications, writing, publishing, teaching, academia, the internet, communication and transport – gadgets and everything from bicycles or your car to cruise liners and jumbo jets, your commute, commerce, the mass media, horses, animals, sport, contracts, agreements and the law. Back up, get it in writing, repeat yourself more than once if necessary, try not to buy anything new that falls under these rulerships – and yes, that includes a horse, confirm all arrangements before departing, allow extra time, have a plan B and a plan C too. You may need it. Phew!

So, what has this got to do with your dreams? Well, reclaiming them for one thing – as  yes, you remember – retrogrades want us to work with ‘re’ words. Have you given up on dreams? Review, revise, re-imagine them now. Revisit what made them special and reclaim them for your future. Something you gave up on could re-appear – in a slightly different form but one that is now exactly right for where you are now. Others could recommit now to that dream and map out their plan to get to it. There’s a release happening here (another ‘re’ word!) and that is setting you free to pursue your potential. Remember, this is the house of journeys and exploration. It’s not about sitting and dreaming what might be possible, it’s about living the journey that makes it all possible.

The month draws to a close with Venus entering your house of career, rewards and reputation. Dust off that Leo pride now and also that image. Reinvent your professional one (there’s that ‘re’ word again). Re words also include reputation and reward which is also what this house rules. If you have been working towards a career goal, this week’s full Moon in Mercury’s ruling 3rd gives you what you need to bring things to a successful conclusion. If it’s in motion now, complete it or revise if necessary. Then wait and relaunch a bigger dream to take you on into the future.

In a nutshell: What’s the dream, Leo? The one you know resonates with your soul and defines you? Recommit or enlarge it this month it’s calling to you for action.

annual horoscope

Leo 2018 

2018 is a year which promises many radical changes. One word of caution though, your ruler the Sun makes quite a few oppositions this year, so he is having trouble asserting himself. Much of your focus is going to be on your career and changing your lifestyle, and this change is likely to be a radical one. Saturn has already sauntered into your health and wellbeing/work zone and joins Pluto who already has a few plans up his sleeve. If you need a work change (or even if you feel you don’t), a development is coming. Uranus is fuelling the fire by entering your 10th house of career bringing in both opportunity and surprises and perhaps even a complete change of direction.

There’s also an overhaul of your body and health habits, as you hone your energy for the journey ahead. All of this power comes to a peak in March when fiery Mars also enters your 6th of work and health and wellbeing. Having felt overwhelmed and perhaps under-powered, you shift gears and can push through your ideas and energetically transform your lifestyle.

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is in your home and family zone until November so this is a fabulous time to move, deal with property, or heal family rifts. Your home, living arrangements or just your space should have expanded or you will have benefitted from your home in some way. Some of you may have used your home to generate extra income such as becoming an Airbnb host. Others could have extended or upgraded their home or moved to a better one – larger or in a better neighbourhood. Relocations are favoured and that includes long distance ones. To another part of the country or even to another country entirely for some. Long terms moves of one kind or another can be made or benefits come to you via family or property. There’s no place like home with Jupiter in here.

On the 27th June, your ruler the Sun, opposes serious Saturn who urges you to be practical. A situation might cause you to question your spiritual beliefs or to doubt your intuition and close connections. All of the things that are happening are facilitating a vast shift. You are completing a cycle now with a rebirth ahead.  A series of powerful eclipses are about to pave the way for this.  Unlike last year, there are no total solar eclipses this year. However, even a partial eclipse of your ruler will pack a powerful punch. Remember, eclipses cover up then reveal. The eclipse at the time of the new Moon on July 13 occurs in your 12th so this is ultra-mysterious. What is nudging your subconscious? Pay close attention as this is pointing you towards what form the shift will take. The second eclipse follows in your partnership sector on July 27. This is a lunar eclipse and it’s all about relating. The message here is of course, none of us are islands. If you are in the process of a rebirth (which you are), it therefore follows that your closest connections will be re-examined too. Not just with regards to your needs within them but what is being reflected back at you. This may take some time to emerge so don’t hurry the process. The soul refinement continues up to the point of the August New Moon in your sign which marks the next eclipse. There’s a chance now for you to reboot your soul’s journey, it’s a clean slate and fresh start. For you and perhaps for a key connection. Again, wait and see.

Be very cautious my feline friend, around money transactions on the 7th September, make sure you’re not hoodwinked into lending someone money or investing in a dodgy scheme. It might be that you have a fantastic idea connected to your spiritual path, BUT make sure you triple check the figures and seek advice regarding a business plan to make sure it’s legit, as the Sun opposes illusionary Neptune on the 7th September. Get rich quick scheme? Bear in mind with Saturn in your 6th there is no such thing for you at the moment. It’s all about regular and sustained effort which pays off for you. Keep this in mind when looking at any opportunities. They are around you, yes. But they require attention to detail and honing your craft to pay off now.

After all this hard challenge, you deserve a break, and thankfully Jupiter is going to give you one as he moves into your pleasure zone on the 8th November. Oh, yeah! Jupiter in here marks the start of what is a year long stay in the spotlight so let’s get this party started! Jupiter wants you to learn, grow and expand your capacity for joy, happiness, creativity, soul connections and children. When the Sun conjuncts Jupiter on the 26th of November you could have the time of your life! All the hard graft of 2018 is going to pay off and if you’ve put your all into it, a massive reward is coming your way. Jupiter in here is all about being willing to take a chance. Luck is on your side. By that I don’t mean taking an unnecessary risk (re-read my comments above about get-rich-quick schemes and investments) but taking a chance on your talents, skills or a job opportunity or to just branch out in a new direction is likely to pay off. Travel is likely now – especially the long distance variety and people from overseas or doing business with them will bring benefits. Romance could sweep you off on a journey you will never forget. It’s a time where events make your heart beat faster. Be prepared for breath-taking things. If you find yourself in the spotlight this year, which is likely, then allow others on your journey to share it with you. Chances are you did not arrive there all by yourself. If you share it, the lasting benefit of this cycle will be the people who will form part of your Dream Team and will be there with you and for you for a very long time to come.  

This year could offer the fresh start you have been waiting for Leo, where you redefine yourself, your talents and your capacity for love. So leap into 2018 and let the world hear you roar!

31 Jan 2018 ECLIPSE FULL MOON (1st House)

15 May 2018 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (10th House)

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (12th House to 6th House)

12 Jul 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  PLUTO (12th House to 6th House)

13 Jul 2018 NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF  SUN (12th House)

27 Jul 2018 ECLIPSE FULL MOON (7th House) Moon Conjunct Mars And T-Square Uranus (10th House)

11 Aug 2018 NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF  SUN (1st House)

7 Sep 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  NEPTUNE (2nd House to 8th House)

24 Oct 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  URANUS (4th House to 10th House)


26 Nov 2018 SUN CONJUNCTION  JUPITER (5th House)

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