the week ahead for taurus

It doesn’t matter what our gender is – we all need to tap into the divine feminine. This week allows you to do that. Are you in your power now, Taurus?

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Tap into the divine

Empower yourself – and others

Sisters are doing it for themselves!

Your mother or feminine power in general could feature this week Taurus. It doesn’t matter what your gender is. We all contain elements of both the divine masculine and the divine feminine. If you are a woman, how do you tap into and use your feminine power? No matter what our gender this week we may be looking at this and what messages we have received about this from our mothers, female caregivers, role models and society in general as the astral symbol of the divine feminine Ceres turns direct one more in the house of yes – guess what, home, mother, mothering and being mothered. Your 4th house is of course the sign of show-stopping Leo. This week also sees a very different kind of feminine power feature in your chart. That of Lilith the Black Moon who makes a positive angle to Neptune in your 11th which rules the collective. So, expect issues around this that surface in the collective to trigger memories close to home. Lilith wanted to be on top. Legend tells us her husband Adam didn’t like this. Neither did Lilith who left him. Ceres laid waste to the world when her daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades (Pluto). These sisters were in their power and doing it for themselves. This week asks you whether you are in yours.

This energy is very different to that of Venus your ruler who is in your 12th along with Mercury, Uranus, Eris (another gal determined to do things her own way), and now the Sun from this week. Mercury will turn retrograde this week and remain so until April 15. Now, all the usual retro rules apply no matter which house of our charts he retrogrades in. And by now you should know what these are by heart. But in your 12th, expect a big emphasis on the past, people from your past, memories and above all, secrets. Now, this can be secrets kept from you by others, secrets you keep or things that you are just plain unaware of. There’s a saying that the truth will set you free. Ruler Venus squaring Pluto in your 9th and meeting Eris in your 12th may be about to do just that. You may not like what is revealed at first. It may simply relate to how feminine power has been expressed within your family (or still is). But seeing this is where the freedom lies. There’s so much more to feminine power than just the nurturer or the devourer (seductress) that has been handed down throughout history. Step into a new dynamic this week and create empowerment that works for you – and the women in your life.


19 Mar 2018 CERES STATIONARY (4th Hse)

19 Mar 2018 NEPTUNE SEXTILE BLACK MOON (11th Hse to 9th Hse)

20 Mar 2018 SUN ENTERING ARIES (12th Hse)

22 Mar 2018 URANUS TRINE VESTA (12th Hse to 8th Hse)

23 Mar 2018 MERCURY STATIONARY (12th Hse) Turns Retrograde until 15th April

23 Mar 2018 VENUS SQUARE PLUTO (12th Hse to 9th Hse)

24 Mar 2018 SUN SQUARE MARS (12th Hse to 9th Hse)

25 Mar 2018 SUN TRINE CERES (12th Hse to 4th Hse)

25 Mar 2018 VENUS CONJUNCTION ERIS (12th Hse)

monthly horoscope

Get love struck!

Spring clean your soul

Is something old new again?

March could begin with a little madness. Not the usual kind but the sort that follows when Cupid goes crazy and starts firing off those arrows in all kinds of different directions. Ruler Venus begins the month in your 11th house of friends, groups and goals. That enhanced social sparkle is yours to work but usually this alone would not point to romance. But you have far more going for you at the start of the month than that alone. Your 5th is the house of attraction and where those arrows first get fired. So, new friends who may be potential lovers could appear. After a February devoid of a full Moon, March delivers two! With the first appears in your fabulous 5th on the 2nd. Dance away by its light as this could signal the start of a romance or the deepening of an existing one. Step free of anything that has been slowing you down or holding you back from expressing your true vibrancy and creative soul. The Sun meets Neptune in your 11th the day Mercury engages with Venus in here (4th) which could see those arrows fired off in unexpected directions! What or who does your heart now beat for? The answer may surprise you.

Venus and Mercury enter your 12th on the 6th. This marks your cycle of looking at the past and seeing what you now want to take into your future. It’s your spring cleaning for the soul and it occurs every year for all of us just prior to our birthday. If you’re asking the big questions: where should I go? What is my calling? Who/what should I take forward with me or leave behind in the past? – expect answers if you open up and are prepared to hear them. Because this is the house of the spirit and psychic matters and also the house which rules where we hold ourselves back, if you are uncertain about what your inner self is saying to you, then this is also one of the best times to consult a psychic or even a psychologist if deeper issues emerge. Your dreams may contain clues and you may receive answers to your questions in the form of strange coincidences and synchronicities as you go about your daily business.

Because this is your 12th and the house of the past, don’t be surprised if it reappears in memory or in person. Did that arrow find it’s mark with an ex who now returns? Take your time before jumping back in if so. They waited this long so what’s your hurry?

Other Taureans could find friends, old colleagues or even something they thought done and dusted pop up for one last go-around or to be reshaped and reformed into something better they can take with them into the new cycle. Again, take your time here as Jupiter planet of expansion turns retrograde in your house of partnerships from the 9th. This retro lasts a long time up until the middle of July. During this time it is not a good idea to enter into any new long term ‘twosome’ arrangement unless you have already met the person and things are in motion. But with the 12th house activated and Crazy Cupid running around, again, former partners may feature. This is also a good transit to face up to partnership issues if things have not been going well. You have the opportunity to either create a new beginning or to walk away if things cannot be resolved. Again, this all relates to your 12th and what you will take with you and what you now leave behind in the past. 

As a new Moon appears in your 11th on the 17th, it’s time to look at what kind of connections you are missing in your life. Old friends perhaps or the need to make new ones? Again, it’s not the ideal time now to be seeking that long term love but how about just concentrating on adding fabulous new souls to your social scene without worrying about whether or not they come with added romantic potential? And just leave it up to destiny as to how these eventually evolve? You know, if love is your goal there is something to be said for just relaxing and putting that desire on the backburner. Who knows without all that swiping and pressure you could just end up having fun!

The day of the new Moon also sees Mars in your house of adventure, travel, learning and expansion, further fuelling your desire to get out there and experience a bigger slice of life. If love is on the menu, it had better come with depth and sensuality too as Venus squares both Pluto and the black Moon Lilith. You crave a release on some level. Are you daring enough to take it if offered? 

The month comes to a close with major past aspects triggered in your 12th. The Sun arrives in here from the 20th and Mercury heads retrograde from the 23rd. The retro rules apply now but with Jupiter retrograde in your 7th expect an increased emphasis on past partnerships, people from your past, memories and above all, secrets. These can be secrets around a current or former partner, secrets you have kept, or things that you are just plain unaware of. Ruler Venus squaring Pluto in your 9th and meeting Eris in your 12th may be about to do just that. You may not like what is revealed at first but there is a saying that the truth will set you free. Surprising revelations can result from the meeting between Venus and Uranus on the 29th.

The final day of March sees the second full ‘blue’ Moon of the month strike your 6th of work and wellness. The same day as your ruler finally arrives in your 1st. What has been revealed to you that you now see you needed to know to set you free? This could be something you need to unshackle yourself from or that is holding you back. You should now begin to see all too clearly the result this may have had on your overall wellbeing and that this has been going on for some time. Although thankfully  in this modern era this rarely applies, your 6th is the house associated with slavery. How many times have you or someone else joked perhaps that your boss ‘treats me like a slave’? Or you ‘slave away’ at something? Be aware that we can be enslaved by thoughts, ideas or even unhealthy connections. This month may point to some crazy Cupid action but it also points to the freedom that comes from clarity. You can have the fun and the freedom this March if you are willing to see things clearly.

In a nutshell: March madness? Blame Cupid who could go crazy with those arrows! Be prepared to be struck and smitten as love, not just spring is in the air, Taurus!

annual horoscope

Taurus 2018 

Yikes! 2018 is a rollercoaster of a year for you, Taurus. Get ready for excitement, thrills and a good dash of the unexpected in this cosmic cocktail. You’re going to be shaken and stirred as this is the start of a massive soul transformation. Uranus, the crazy, innovative and maverick genius planet, enters your sign in May. Think of this as ‘preview night’ as he’ll retrograde out again on the 6th November. This merely sets you up for the jaw-dropping, Cirque de Soleil seven year performance from 2019 onwards. On the one hand, you will experience this time as possibly disconcerting. Let’s face it you are not the best sign to deal with the unpredictable. By the end next year, hopefully, you should see the value of the sudden changes that are coming your way. Don’t panic! You are about to be given a key to a freedom you didn’t know existed.

Uranus in your sign allows you to find yourself and promises to deliver all sorts of excitement and liberation. OK, some of it may be shocking – like a blot out of the blue. But all of it has a deeper purpose. Take notice of anything unusual that happens between May and November and also watch the way you respond to it. Proactive, being spontaneous and trusting your instincts sees you becoming a magician wielding the tools of change. You might benefit from reading BLINK – The power of thinking without thinking by Malcolm Gladwell on how to trust your snap judgments.

Saturn’s entry into your 9th at the end of 2017, brings an intense focus which shifts you away from the familiar and opens you up to find your structure and security in freedom. What does that mean? You have the stamina and force of personality to stretch your boundaries. You can achieve status and success through learning, travel, technology and your own original voice. You are not towing the line but skipping over it with a newfound sense of optimism and VA VA VOOM. Yay!

Venus, your ruler, is kicking off 2018 with the same wild energy. On 9th January she snogs Pluto the Lord of the Underworld, and just like any fairytale kiss, life is never the same again.  You too may be bold, seductive and have an aura of the maverick about you. You might be tempted to act recklessly in love. You want to walk on the wild side. The Sun is also getting intimate with Pluto on the same day, so you feel confident enough to chase a dream. Later on, the 21st, Venus is getting it on with Neptune bringing a sense of spirituality, dreaminess and fantasy to your love life. You are seeking soul connections and have a tenderness about you that is very appealing. Be careful you don’t fall for an illusion however, as you surrender to heightened emotions. Although when Jupiter goes retro from the 9th March, an ex-lover may turn up, reformed, and eager to rekindle the romance.

Ruler Venus makes a rare retrograde in October, and you dive into a reflective phase. You seek space to soak up the experiences of the past few months, and again your thoughts might just turn to ex-lovers or your relationships as a whole. If you have got back with an ex, you should now see clearly if they have changed their ways or if your mutual dynamic can work long term. When your ruler the sorceress of love goes direct in November, you feel back in control and able to make decisions about the future of love if you need to. Bear in mind that Mercury is retrograde until December the 6th so it might take a while for a union to pick back up. Don’t be afraid to play the waiting game.  

A powerful eclipse in August brings your focus back to home, family, living arrangements, your career and lifestyle. Remember, eclipses cover up but then they reveal. You may deep down know that it’s time for big decisions that impact on your long term security, where you hang your hat or make your bread. As I said at the start of the reading, you tend to resist or put off change – even when change is overdue. As the revealing influence of the eclipse kicks in, this combined with Uranus working to free you from any ruts you have dug for yourself, means that you all too clearly see the need for change and embrace it rather than resist it. Your only regret may be that you did not do it sooner! A freer yet more sustaining phase of living is the result and this may be one dramatically different to what you envisaged for yourself at the start of the year.

2018 is an opportunity to shift your life, to swim in a fresh direction and to release patterns, people and ideas that have held you back. This can be both challenging and exciting both at the same time. But when you stop and think about it, isn’t that just what rollercoasters are like? You get caught up in the excitement, you scream at the top as you hurtle down but when you get off you go: What a ride! There may be twists and turns ahead, but 2018 could just offer you the ride of your life.

2 Jan 2018 until  7 Aug 2018  URANUS Turns Direct 12th Hse)


9 Jan 2018,  SUN CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (9th Hse)

15 Feb 2018 NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF SUN (10th Hse)


9 Mar 2018, JUPITER Retrograde until 10 Jul 2018 (7th Hse)

29 Mar 2018 VENUS CONJUNCTION  URANUS (12th Hse)

17 Apr 2018 VENUS OPPOSITION  JUPITER (1st Hse to 7th Hse)

15 May 2018 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (1st Hse)

25 May 2018 and again 19 Aug 2018 JUPITER TRINE  NEPTUNE (7th Hse to 11th Hse)

26 May 2018 VENUS OPPOSITION  SATURN (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)

6 Jun 2018 VENUS OPPOSITION  PLUTO (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)

24 Jul 2018 VENUS OPPOSITION  NEPTUNE (5th Hse to 11th Hse)

27 Jul 2018 ECLIPSE FULL MOON (10th Hse) Moon Conjunct Mars And T-Square Uranus (1st Hse)

7 Aug 2018, VENUS ENTERING LIBRA (6th Hse)
Also Uranus turns Retrograde (1st Hse) until the end of the year

11 Aug 2018 NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF  SUN (4th Hse)

23 Aug 2018 SUN ENTERING VIRGO (5th Hse)

6 Sep 218 Saturn turns Direct

7 Sep 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  NEPTUNE (5th Hse to 11th Hse)

9 Sep 2018, 2 Dec 2018 VENUS ENTERING SCORPIO (7th Hse)

5 Oct 2018 until 16 Nov 2018 VENUS Retrograde (7th Hse)

24 Oct 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  URANUS (7th Hse to 1st Hse)

16 Nov 2018 Venus Turns Direct (7th Hse)

6 Dec 2018 Mercury goes  Direct

7 Dec 2018 MARS CONJUNCTION  NEPTUNE (11th Hse) 

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