Jupiter in Astrology – Supersize Me!

Jupiter in astrology

Jupiter in astrology supersize me!

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system Famous for that big red spot. And for delivering solutions and opportunities. Jupiter always wants to expand our horizons in some way. And its position in our charts shows where we get ‘lucky’. Jupiter rules amongst other things long distance travel, learning, foreigners, large animals, the law and expansion. 

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and the ancient ruler of Pisces. Big dreams, mass media and anything larger than life come under Jupiter’s influence. This goes for people too. If you have an important Jupiter transit going on you may meet Jupiter in person. Well-travelled, extrovert, GSOH, and above all, generous. 

Don’t Fence Me In

Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the Sun. Which means it spends a year in each sign. When Jupiter is in the sign it occupied when you were born, this is called your Jupiter Return. When this occurs you can expect an extra-large serving of Jupiter-themed benefits.

Jupiter rules expansion and most importantly, freedom. It can dissolve restrictions that have held us back. And offer an invitation to expand our knowledge of the world in some way. Especially via learning and travel. Other important Jupiter transits where you may receive that extra-large helping of Jupiter goodies are Jupiter in your Sun sign. As well as Jupiter in your 1st house and conjunct a personal planet in your chart.

Big Me Up

Big Jupiter benefits flow to those who don’t sit around waiting for good things to come to them. They go in search of their dreams. Jupiter is not a cross between Santa and your Fairy Godmother! Kick starting Jupiter’s power (and that’s a big engine remember!) involves doing whatever you can. Who makes it happen? Well, on one level, you do. But Jupiter will back up every step you take with placing opportunities and solutions on your path.

Want to find our how lucky lucky can be?

Psychologist Richard Wiseman wrote a book about Luck. It’s both a mindset and an active force. We engage it by putting ourselves ‘out there’ and being open to new and bigger experiences. The book can be considered a Jupiter manual. How to get Fat Planet working for you, no matter what sign or house it is in. Well worth the read for anyone seeking to get the most out of their Jupiter.

Go To Where the Magic Happens

And just where is that? Usually somewhere you’ve not been before. Or outside your comfort zone. Jupiter rules exploration. And it hands us the confidence to go boldly where we’ve not been before. Jupiter is about taking a chance. Yes, it rules gambling. But I am not talking about that. It’s about betting on yourself and taking a calculated risk. So, don’t stick with where, who or what you know. Take that risk and see just what else is out there for you. 

Get Ready For Big Love

Even those biggest dreams can get supersized with Jupiter. A typical Jupiter saying is: ‘If your dream isn’t coming true, it’s because you need a bigger dream’. The house and sign Jupiter currently is in will tell you where to big up those dreams. And max out on Jupiter’s ability to put you in the right place, at the right time. Or simply open doors wide for you. Your Jupiter forecast for your sign for each year can be found here at horoscope.co.uk. Plus your weekly and monthly forecasts tell you exactly what Jupiter is up to. 

Jupiter does love in a very big way. Remember, this includes love for a place, an activity or experience, animals, the outdoors, learning, philosophy and religion or that big idea that opens the world up to you. Of course, this can include love for that casually sexy and free-spirited individual that opens up your world too.

Want to know more about Jupiter in your chart? Talk to one of our astrologers for a personal reading. It’s an unbeatable combination for opening up your world.