the week ahead for aries

It's endings and beginnings this week, yet you have tremendous insight, so use it. Connect to your intuition before you tackle an irritating colleague. Your soul reveals the truth about your love connections and sets you free.

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Avoid fisticuffs at work
Trust your psychic inner voice
You sort out a love connection

Another action packed and important week for you Aries. To start with, on the 22nd, Mars your ruler is in your sign and is kicking off with Pluto the lord of transformation, this is like a heavyweight fight between Tyson and Muhammad Ali; no one is willing to back down. Career change is coming but try not to fan the flames and go to war with someone you feel is blocking you or it could turn nasty. Avoid over stating your point. It’s difficult to get certain thoughts out of your head but you might not realise you are being obsessive! Hold back a bit until Mercury moves signs.

Mercury, the Planet of communication, shifts signs into sweet old Pisces on the 25th and your 12th house which allows you to be super psychic and intuitive. You also lead with empathy and compassion which is perfect, it’s exactly what is needed, allowing you to achieve what you want without argument.

The big news of the week is the New Moon and Solar Eclipse which is conjunct Mercury and Neptune. The eclipse is serious business as both Moons this month have been bringing our awareness to the surface. There’s a profound new start coming your way. Use your psychic skills and intuition to feel the way forward. Follow your gut feeling you know you already have the answers; the Moon will turn your knowledge into action. The Solar Eclipse is realigning you to your soul purpose. You’re letting go of the past to become who you want to be. A karmic relationship could end, and you no longer feel that someone has a hold over you.

MARS (1st House)  SQUARE  PLUTO (10th House)
Exact 22 Feb 2017

MARS (1st House) SQUARE  VESTA (4th House )
Exact 25 Feb 2017

MERCURY ENTERING Pisces  (12th House)
25 Feb 2017

Solar Eclipse/New Moon in  (12th House ) Conjunt Mercury & Neptune
26 Feb 2017

MARS (1st house ) CONJUNCTION  URANUS (1st House)
Exact 27 Feb 2017

MARS (1st House ) OPPOSITION  JUPITER (7th House)
Exact 27 Feb 2017

monthly horoscope

Aries February 2017

Love, love, love is the lesson of this month. The Universe is giving you a golden opportunity to transform, heal and fine-tune your romantic and personal relationships. How are you feeling about your love life at the moment? Is it where you want it to be? Are you honest with yourself about your feelings?

February kicks off with a bit of good news as Venus, the planet of love and lust, goes into your sign, giving you a helping hand. There’s an aura of attraction around you as Venus blows warm vibes in your direction. People are drawn to you and feel comfortable and excited to be hanging out and catching up. Aries are passionate at the best of times, but right now you’re smoking. On a more serious level, it’s the perfect time to work on self-esteem. Venus wants you to know how lovable you are. New love interests find you captivating and alluring.

The main events of this month are the Eclipse of the Full and New Moon. The Full Moon eclipse is super special, and her focus is on creativity, soul connections, children and pleasure. There’s a major revelation on the 11th that makes you aware of what and who you need to build a future with; there’s a letting go and surrender but also a new beginning. Maybe a soul connection pops up or a relationship goes to the next level, or you finally disconnect from an ex? Whatever it is, it has deep meaning to your soul. The Full Moon eclipse has a Mystic Rectangle that’s a hand delivered message from your guides/The Universe that will lead you to the next stage of love. This may require some hard work from you; it’s time you looked deep within at any blocks and surrender any unwanted baggage or relationships. Mystic rectangles are a true gift, so make the most of it and do what you need to do.

The New Moon eclipse echo’s this in a more mystical way; it’s time to experience life on a deeper level. Expect to meet interesting soul connections in all areas of your life right now; each one has an important gift for you. One of those gifts may be to learn to say no.

Other things to look out for are the Mars/Pluto square on 22nd which may bring up a massive power struggle (or naughty attraction) at work. Be very careful what you say as Pluto does not take prisoners. Once a decision is made, there’s no going back.

Your Ruler Mars also hooks up with Uranus on the 27th bringing some unusual and unexpected excitement/ideas and perhaps a bit of electrifying chaos!

MERCURY (10th House ) SQUARE  JUPITER (7th House)
Exact 2 Feb 2017

MERCURY (10th House ) OPPOSITION  VESTA (4th House)
Exact 3 Feb 2017

JUNO ENTERING Capricorn  (10th House)
3 Feb 2017

VENUS ENTERING Aries  (1st House)
3 Feb 2017

VENUS ( 1st House  ) SQUARE  JUNO (10th House)
Exact 3 Feb 2017

CERES ENTERING Taurus (2nd House)
5 Feb 2017

MERCURY ENTERING Aquarius (11th House)
7 Feb 2017

MERCURY (11th House)  SQUARE  CERES ( 2nd House)
Exact 7 Feb 2017

CHIRON (12th House) TRINE  VESTA 4th House)
Exact 9 Feb 2017

FULL Moon and ECLIPSE OF  MOON in Leo (5th House)
11 Feb 2017
Mystic Rectangle Moon Sextile Jupiter (7th House ), Moon Trine Saturn (9th House)
SUN (11th House) TRINE  JUPITER (7th House )
Exact 11 Feb 2017
Exact 11 Feb 2017

URANUS (1st House)  SQUARE  VESTA (4th House)
Exact 16 Feb 2017

SUN ENTERING Pisces  (12th House)
18 Feb 2017

MERCURY (11th House)  TRINE  JUPITER (7th House)
Exact 21 Feb 2017

MARS (1st House)  SQUARE  PLUTO (10th House)
Exact 22 Feb 2017

HYGEIA ENTERING Capricorn  (10th House )
24 Feb 2017

MARS (1st House) SQUARE  VESTA (4th House )
Exact 25 Feb 2017

MERCURY ENTERING Pisces  (12th House)
25 Feb 2017

Eclipse New Moon in  (12th House ) Conjunct Mercury & Neptune
26 Feb 2017

MARS (1st house ) CONJUNCTION  URANUS (1st House)
Exact 27 Feb 2017

MARS (1st House ) OPPOSITION  JUPITER (7th House)
Exact 27 Feb 2017

annual horoscope

Aries Yearly Horoscope 2017

Wow, Aries 2017 is going to be a scorcher, especially in your love life! Uranus has been messing with your love mojo over the past few years. In fact, since 2011, you’ve been going through all sorts of surprising upheavals and unexpected life events. The good news is that he is calming down and you only have two more years to go before you have passed your Uranus test and can lay solid foundations.

Although you are an enthusiastic lover and partner, your heart has been a little bit detached (this is so very unlike you). You’ve stepped into your independence and not trusted in the way you once did. Jupiter, the Planet of luck and expansion, is continuing to give you a break in 2017. He slipped into your position of love and relationships in early September, and you should have already noticed some subtle shifts in your personal relationships. You find yourself seeking peace and balance and are unusually willing to compromise.

The good news does not end there as Venus the Planet of love goes into your sign on Feb 3rd. Jupiter is bringing you the best relationship energy you have had for probably 12 years and Venus in your sign seals the deal. If you want to sort your love life out, then the early part of the year is ideal. You’re warm-hearted and inspired to share the love, and you bring joy to those around you. Venus is also smiling on your finances and an impromptu increase in your wealth (you might even hook up with a wealthy or well-connected partner this year).

Having said that, get stuck in and transform your love energy before March, when Venus in your sign goes retrograde bringing past issues or dragging up an ex who could cause complications. March isn’t the right time to meet a new lover as you might choose them for the wrong reasons and regret it when Venus turns direct. It can also make you misbehave or be selfish and unforgiving; steer clear of that and remember the love and happy times.

On top of that, Mars also goes into your sign early 2017, on January 28th, super boosting your energy and making you feel invincible. You can achieve great things but are also a tad rash and even more impulsive. Don’t take unnecessary risks or get too big for your boots. Being humble and grateful wins the day. Save the fire for getting things done. You are at your charismatic best and know it! Mars invokes passion and war, think about where you want to channel this golden opportunity.

On the 11th February, there’s a significant eclipse, and it urges caution when it comes to love, creativity and children. I wouldn’t issue any ultimatums around this time as there could be an ending or drastic change in your circumstances. The Solar eclipse on 21 August may revisit whatever comes up so make sure you are honest and truly sort it out; having said that, an excellent cleansing and a new beginning is coming.

On the 22nd of Feb avoid power struggles at work, don’t be too bolshy. A New Moon Eclipse on the 26th brings a spiritual or psychic revelation.

Look out for an opportunity on the 19th May; it’s an innovative time for you so use it to your advantage.

Jupiter leaves you breathless with satisfaction (hopefully!) with magic still glowing on your love life, and he enters a dark and mysterious place, as he is the Planet of good fortune and abundance you achieve luck through power, transformation and possibly an inheritance or surprise lump sum of money. You’re fearless and sexy as hell. He stays here until early November 2018.

This year, you’re still committed and compelled to expand, grow and think outside the box. Other countries, unusual people and other cultures, as well as learning, could bring you abundance. You’re an adventurer, a cosmic Buccaneer with a heart of stardust; it’s your turn to cross frontiers and seek treasure in the eccentric. Your inventive rocket ride features all year, but comes to a head, out of the blue, on 11th November 2017 when Saturn trines Uranus in your sign.

01-Jan-17              Mars  Conjunct Neptune in Pisces  (12th-House)
19-Jan-17    Mars in    Pisces (12th House)  Square Saturn in Sagittarius  (9tth House)

11-Feb-17    Moon  Leo (5th house ) Lunar Eclipse
22-Feb-17    Mars in    Aries (1st House)  Square Pluto in Capricorn (10th)
27-Feb-17    Mars in Aries  (1st) conjunct Uranus in Aries (1st House)
27-Feb-17    Mars in Aries (1) opposition Jupiter in Libra (7th)
03-Mar-17    Jupiter in Libra (7th) opposition Uranus in Aries (1st)
30-Mar-17    Jupiter in Libra (7th) Square Pluto in Capricorn (10th)
30-Apr-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (9th) Square Chiron in Pisces (12th)
26th April     Super New Moon in Taurus (2nd)
19-May-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (9th house) Trine Uranus in Aries (1)
25th May 17       Super New Moon In Gemini (3)i
29-May-17    Mars in Gemini (3) Opposition Saturn in Sagittarius (9)
24th JuN 17      Super New Moon in Cancer (4)

02-Jul-17    Mars in Cancer  (4)     Opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (10)
04-Aug-17    Jupiter in Libra (7) Square Pluto in Capricorn (10)
21-Aug-17    Leo Solar Eclipse  Russia / Canada / USA
24-Sep-17    Mars in Virgo (6) Opposition Neptune in Pisces (12)
28-Sep-17    Jupiter in Libra (7) Opposition Uranus in Aries (1)

10-Oct-17    Jupiter  Enters Scorpio (8)

02-Nov-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (9th house ) Square Chiron in Pisces (12th House)
11-Nov-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (9Th House)  Trine Uranus in Aries (1st House)

03-Dec-17    Jupiter in Scorpio (8) Trine Neptune in Pisces (12), Super Full

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