the week ahead for aries

Venus, the Planet of love, is shimmying into your sign, giving your love life a super boost. Your soul is singing as you feel the love. Venus is holding you close and making you irresistible, people love being around you, and the New Moon is whispering a brilliant idea to shift your finances.

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The Universe is splashing you with Love Potion no 9
A fresh financial start
Grab that flash of inspiration

Dear Fiery Ram,

It’s imperative that you sort yourself and your thinking out on the 24th, as Serious Saturn in your adventure zone is trine Mercury in your sign. Have you been banging those horns of yours against closing doors? You hate to be misunderstood, and even though Mercury is still retrograde, you can come up with some remarkable solutions with the help of this trine. OK, it isn’t gonna be a walk in the park – you have to get serious! Reevaluate your philosophy and life manifesto, reboot yourself back to fabulous. BTW have you thought about what your life manifesto is? (google it for inspiration!)

Just before Venus goes in your sign on the 28th, we have a New Moon on the 26th recharging your financial and security zone. Look out for spiritual insight; a zap of inspiration that comes from your soul but will help you make money!

Now for the splendid news! I bring tidings of joy, Venus the planet of love is going into your sign- yes, your sign!! You know the drill, you are dripping with sexiness and loveability. Not only romantic love, although that is a bonus of Venus in your sign, but also unconditional love. Love yourself, love everybody else and tune into your empathy super powers this week.

You’re also a little bit crazy and genius-like as Mercury conjunct unpredictable Uranus in your sign brings out your mad professor. Some of your ideas may be off the way with Mercury being retro; BUT write everything down as within the mix something extraordinary may be brewing.

24th April MERCURY (1st House)  TRINE  SATURN (9th House)
24th April MERCURY (1st House )  SQUARE  VESTA (4th House)

26th April New Moon (2nd House ) Sextile Neptune (12th House)

28th April  VENUS ENTERING 1st House

28th April MERCURY (1st House )  CONJUNCTION  URANUS

29th  April  CERES ENTERING 3rd House

30th April SATURN (9th House ) SQUARE  CHIRON (12th House )

monthly horoscope

Aries April 2017

‘I look and stare so deep in your eyes,
I touch on you more and more every time,
When you leave I’m begging you not to go,
Call your name two or three times in a row,
Such a funny thing for me to try to explain,
How I’m feeling and my pride is the one to blame.
‘Cuz I know I don’t understand,
Just how your love can do what no one else can.’ Beyonce

Romance blossoms in April but you might be ticking the ‘it’s complicated’ box on Facebook, having said that there is a degree of secrecy in your love life so you might decide to vanish from social media until you’ve sorted yourself out. Watch out for a Zombie-ing; this is when someone who has Ghosted you (vanished without trace) staggers back into your life by liking a tweet or dropping you an innocuous text.

Being an Aries, you can be quick to forgive but look for the deeper lesson. Venus is still retrograde until the 15th, and she’s is in your illusion/secretive/fluffy and past life sector. Yes, you have extra love empathy at this time, but also you might be dealing with an addiction or tumbling into a lovers problems without a rescue kit. Use your soul compass to find your way through as this position also makes you extra psychic.

There’s potential for a massive career and financial shift on the 6th April as Mars your Ruler is trine Pluto the Lord of change. Get focused as your career could go into limbo after the 10th as Mercury is about to go retrograde, we all know what that means, complications around contracts and misunderstandings. Read everything twice and pause before you click send. Don’t fire off any angry emails without thinking or burn anyone with that Aries fire without thinking about the consequences.

Saturn, the Lord of responsibility, is also going retro in your learning/travel zone. There is karma to sort from your past (could even be past life karma so pay attention to anyone you meet from a different country or culture). Anything to do with these areas has a deeper significance that it first appears. You might find yourself having contact with a country you’ve been to before.

The April Full Moon is in your relationship zone so if you’re happy you have a peak emotional and sensual experience with your mate, having said that if you are not happy, this emotional Moon brings all of your buried feelings to the surface and shows you the truth about your love life. Use this energy as the impetus to make the changes you need to to find your bliss. Love and take care of your beautiful soul and know you are worthy of an equal love.

The Sun conjunct Uranus in your sign is making you a tad unpredictable and wild on the 14th, Uranus likes to bring in the unexpected so anything could happen. This combination also gives you the confidence to express your genius. Venus goes direct on the 15th making love and passion less stressful. Single? Venus direct brings sweet, sweet love into your life and it all gets a bit soft and soppy.

The Sun leaves you on the 19th but enters your 2nd house of money and security, avoid spending like a Kardashian and focus on laying some concrete foundations, and people have the confidence to invest in you if you show them you’re dependable.

With Mercury going into your sign and Mars your feisty Ruler going into your 3rd house of communication you won’t be backwards in coming forwards! You can’t help but express your feelings and opinions and get very heated if anyone gives you any crap. Having said that it’s important to think before you speak (Mercury retro remember!)

The New Moon on the 26th gives you the power to move forward and make some money, she’s sextile Neptune the spiritual in your fated/karmic/secretive/psychic zone so fate could step in and deliver you a financial boost or gift.

Venus enters Aries on the 28th making you hot, alluring and a creature to desire. You also love the chase and may make your frisky way toward a new love interest.

3 April VENUS ENTERING PISCES (12th House) (by retrograde motion)

6th April  MARS (2nd House ) TRINE PLUTO (10th House )

6th April SATURN STATIONARY (9th House) Turns Retrograde until Late August

7th April  SUN (1st House ) OPPOSITION  JUPITER (7th House )

8th April  VENUS (12th House ) SQUARE  SATURN (9th House)

9th April  SUN (1st House ) SQUARE  PLUTO (10th House)


11th April Full Moon (7th House )
11th April URANUS (1st House ) SQUARE  VESTA (4th House )

12th April SUN (1st House )  CONJUNCTION  ERIS

14th April  SUN (1st House ) CONJUNCTION  URANUS

15th April VENUS STATIONARY (12th House) Turns Direct

17th April SUN (1st House)  TRINE  SATURN (9th House)

17th April JUPITER (7th House ) SQUARE  JUNO (10th House)

19th April SUN ENTERING TAURUS (2nd House)

20th April  SUN (2nd House) CONJUNCTION  MERCURY

20th April PLUTO STATIONARY (10th House) Turns Retrograde until end of September

20th April MERCURY ENTERING 1st House

21st April MARS ENTERING 3rd House

24th April MERCURY (1st House )  TRINE  SATURN (9th House)

26th April New Moon (2nd House ) Sextile Neptune (12th House )

28th April  VENUS ENTERING 1st House

28th April MERCURY (1st House )  CONJUNCTION  URANUS

29th  April  CERES ENTERING 3rd House

30th April SATURN (9th House ) SQUARE  CHIRON (12th House)

annual horoscope

Aries Yearly Horoscope 2017

Wow, Aries 2017 is going to be a scorcher, especially in your love life! Uranus has been messing with your love mojo over the past few years. In fact, since 2011, you’ve been going through all sorts of surprising upheavals and unexpected life events. The good news is that he is calming down and you only have two more years to go before you have passed your Uranus test and can lay solid foundations.

Although you are an enthusiastic lover and partner, your heart has been a little bit detached (this is so very unlike you). You’ve stepped into your independence and not trusted in the way you once did. Jupiter, the Planet of luck and expansion, is continuing to give you a break in 2017. He slipped into your position of love and relationships in early September, and you should have already noticed some subtle shifts in your personal relationships. You find yourself seeking peace and balance and are unusually willing to compromise.

The good news does not end there as Venus the Planet of love goes into your sign on Feb 3rd. Jupiter is bringing you the best relationship energy you have had for probably 12 years and Venus in your sign seals the deal. If you want to sort your love life out, then the early part of the year is ideal. You’re warm-hearted and inspired to share the love, and you bring joy to those around you. Venus is also smiling on your finances and an impromptu increase in your wealth (you might even hook up with a wealthy or well-connected partner this year).

Having said that, get stuck in and transform your love energy before March, when Venus in your sign goes retrograde bringing past issues or dragging up an ex who could cause complications. March isn’t the right time to meet a new lover as you might choose them for the wrong reasons and regret it when Venus turns direct. It can also make you misbehave or be selfish and unforgiving; steer clear of that and remember the love and happy times.

On top of that, Mars also goes into your sign early 2017, on January 28th, super boosting your energy and making you feel invincible. You can achieve great things but are also a tad rash and even more impulsive. Don’t take unnecessary risks or get too big for your boots. Being humble and grateful wins the day. Save the fire for getting things done. You are at your charismatic best and know it! Mars invokes passion and war, think about where you want to channel this golden opportunity.

On the 11th February, there’s a significant eclipse, and it urges caution when it comes to love, creativity and children. I wouldn’t issue any ultimatums around this time as there could be an ending or drastic change in your circumstances. The Solar eclipse on 21 August may revisit whatever comes up so make sure you are honest and truly sort it out; having said that, an excellent cleansing and a new beginning is coming.

On the 22nd of Feb avoid power struggles at work, don’t be too bolshy. A New Moon Eclipse on the 26th brings a spiritual or psychic revelation.

Look out for an opportunity on the 19th May; it’s an innovative time for you so use it to your advantage.

Jupiter leaves you breathless with satisfaction (hopefully!) with magic still glowing on your love life, and he enters a dark and mysterious place, as he is the Planet of good fortune and abundance you achieve luck through power, transformation and possibly an inheritance or surprise lump sum of money. You’re fearless and sexy as hell. He stays here until early November 2018.

This year, you’re still committed and compelled to expand, grow and think outside the box. Other countries, unusual people and other cultures, as well as learning, could bring you abundance. You’re an adventurer, a cosmic Buccaneer with a heart of stardust; it’s your turn to cross frontiers and seek treasure in the eccentric. Your inventive rocket ride features all year, but comes to a head, out of the blue, on 11th November 2017 when Saturn trines Uranus in your sign.

01-Jan-17              Mars  Conjunct Neptune in Pisces  (12th-House)
19-Jan-17    Mars in    Pisces (12th House)  Square Saturn in Sagittarius  (9tth House)

11-Feb-17    Moon  Leo (5th house ) Lunar Eclipse
22-Feb-17    Mars in    Aries (1st House)  Square Pluto in Capricorn (10th)
27-Feb-17    Mars in Aries  (1st) conjunct Uranus in Aries (1st House)
27-Feb-17    Mars in Aries (1) opposition Jupiter in Libra (7th)
03-Mar-17    Jupiter in Libra (7th) opposition Uranus in Aries (1st)
30-Mar-17    Jupiter in Libra (7th) Square Pluto in Capricorn (10th)
30-Apr-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (9th) Square Chiron in Pisces (12th)
26th April     Super New Moon in Taurus (2nd)
19-May-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (9th house) Trine Uranus in Aries (1)
25th May 17       Super New Moon In Gemini (3)i
29-May-17    Mars in Gemini (3) Opposition Saturn in Sagittarius (9)
24th JuN 17      Super New Moon in Cancer (4)

02-Jul-17    Mars in Cancer  (4)     Opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (10)
04-Aug-17    Jupiter in Libra (7) Square Pluto in Capricorn (10)
21-Aug-17    Leo Solar Eclipse  Russia / Canada / USA
24-Sep-17    Mars in Virgo (6) Opposition Neptune in Pisces (12)
28-Sep-17    Jupiter in Libra (7) Opposition Uranus in Aries (1)

10-Oct-17    Jupiter  Enters Scorpio (8)

02-Nov-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (9th house ) Square Chiron in Pisces (12th House)
11-Nov-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (9Th House)  Trine Uranus in Aries (1st House)

03-Dec-17    Jupiter in Scorpio (8) Trine Neptune in Pisces (12), Super Full

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Aries Is the first sign of the Zodiac and a fire sign. You're a natural born leader who's nature is spontaneous and impulsive. You're the hero of the Zodiac and are usually brave and fearless. You can be demanding but you're are also incredibly lovable and charming. You feast on life and have courage and passion. Your soul lesson is to be a warrior of love and to learn completion. Watch the All about Aries video for more. Below you can find free daily, weekly monthly and annual readings for Aries.

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