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The week ahead for gemini

This week’s Venus/Jupiter opposition opens doors to opportunity, satisfaction and a fresh path for you to explore. Trust in your own core, your talents and that calling that’s telling you that you have so much more to be – and experience.

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Investments of the heart and soul pay dividends

Work your worth

Head in a new direction

You’re in your annual partnership peak but Venus which rules love is in your 6th of work this week. So, the love to focus on may be that of co-workers, that collaboration, employer and love for what you do.

You also have Saturn and Neptune in your 10th (which Saturn rules). Neptune heads direct this week while newly arrived Venus trines it on the 5th. Time to get down to business and establish what it is you want. Or want to be doing. Rewards may well be flowing your way. Extra resources especially stemming from long term efforts open up for you. The investment you’ve made in your own path begins to pay off.

Ruler Mercury in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th, trines Jupiter in your 12th (8th), while Venus opposes Jupiter on the 10th. Is the path you have chosen bringing you the satisfaction and abundance you hoped for? Has your faith in your own talents and abilities paid off? Most importantly, are you making the most of your skills and all you have to offer? If a change of direction or reassessment in either work or love – or hey, even both, is needed, now is the time you will go deep into working your true worth. If a path is no longer worthy of you – watch as shortly a new one opens as if by magic. Go down it to discover your reward.

In a nutshell: This week’s Venus/Jupiter opposition opens doors to opportunity, satisfaction and a fresh path for you to explore. Trust in your own core, your talents and that calling that’s telling you that you have so much more to be – and experience.

4 Dec 2023 Venus enters Scorpio (6th)

5 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces (6th to 10th)

6 Dec 2023 Neptune stationary direct in Pisces (10th)

8 Dec 2023 Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (8th to 12th)

10 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus (6th to 12th)

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The final month of 2023 provides the pivot point for all of us to realign to something more satisfying for the New Year. As well as your December forecast you can unpack more treats as the month unfolds. Including your yearly 2024 forecast, your Moonscopes and also discover what Pluto in Aquarius means for your sign!

You’re in your yearly love and partnership peak and this really gets off to a flying start from the 12th with the new Moon in your 7th. This is setting you up for your biggest cycle of attraction which begins in May once Jupiter reaches your sign. Do see your Jupiter in the Air Signs forecast for 2024 for more on this.

For this month, take it that the seeds are being planted for a new cycle of relatedness. And don’t be afraid to re-examine your needs in existing relationships either. Ruler Mercury enters your 8th of intimacy and change on the 1st – then reverses on the 13th. It will re-enter your 7th on the 23rd just prior to throwing the light on an existing issue (22nd). Past loves or that ex may feature. Ensure this is not fuelled by festive sentimentality and nothing more. Love the love you have and look to the love you want to attract. But you may want to hold off on actively searching for the latter until the new year.

This cycle says: take it easy to quote The Eagles. On yourself and on others. And stop the rush if that’s what’s been happening. You should also not be surprised at radio silence, glitches or ghosting during this Mercury retro. What else is new? Well, the usual retro rules especially when it comes to travel. Pack ’em along with your passport if going anywhere.

During its pre and post retroshadow as well as the retro itself, Mercury will make not one but three trines to Jupiter in your 12th. This is a powerful point in your chart right now. One which acts as a crucible of change and realisation. The first occurs on the 8th, the second the 18th. You will have to wait for the third and final one until January when Mercury heads direct again. But what this brings you is a growing desire to step free of anything from your past holding you back.

One relationship dynamic may be front and centre of this process around mid-month when Venus still in your 6th opposes Jupiter (10th). Just two days before the new Moon in your 7th and three before Mercury slams on the brakes. See this as an important pause point when it comes to a union or what you want from one. You’ve also got retrograde Vesta re-entering your sign on the 21st. This asks you just whose rules a relationship is being run by? This isn’t about one personal making unilateral decisions for both of you. What you seek is equality. Ensure you have this now. And if you feel you are shouldering most of the work in a given area within your relationship, it may be time to review this during the retro cycle.

Ahead of retrograde full fat do get any projects out of the way or bring them to a point where you can leave them for the time being. You know this is simply smart retro planning.

Pluto is now moving to a final degree of its ruling 8th in your chart before entering your 9th of expansion and freedom next month (20th). Two days later the Sun arrives in here (22nd). This is about preparing to move ahead for one of the most important stages of your life. A year where the combination of Pluto in your 9th and Jupiter in your 1st brings about total and transformative freedom and release.

With your ruler backwards, you will enter a key phase of decision making as you head towards 2024. Again, take it easy, Gemini. Especially around the 28th when Mercury meets Mars in your 7th. This may test your patience. Don’t rush and especially, allow plenty of time to get to your destination on this day if travelling.

You’re now in a position where you can break through resistance, meet challenges head-on and above all, direct your energy in inventive ways which allow you to work more effectively with what you have. The full Moon in your 2nd (27th) has you focussed on your existing resources. And also release anything that doesn’t support you, align with your value system or live up to your needs for the future. You see change as not only necessary but welcome it with open arms. This is also the best full Moon of the year under which to review your financial goals for the coming one.

Love is the change you’re looking for as Venus sashays into its ruling 7th on the 29th. This extends your yearly love peak and while it doesn’t negate that Mercury retrograde, it can dilute the madness. Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, also heads direct on the final day of the year in your 12th. Look ahead with the surety that anything around you that remains unresolved or complicated will sort itself out by the end of January. Confusion is replaced by clarity. And that includes indecision too (yours or the other party’s).

Look back at what you have achieved over the past 12 months. Who made it happen? You did! Love and money feature – two sides of the same coin, as you move into the new year. Pause, perfect and take it easy. Solutions, opportunities and the ability to release could just happen organically. That retrocycle dissolves any inability to let go. Easy does it into ‘24, Gemini!

In a nutshell: Your ruler Mercury may head backwards this month but Venus will extend your yearly love and partnership peak on into the new year. A new Moon in your 7th marks an important new beginning between you and someone else.

1 Dec 2023 Mercury enters Capricorn (8th)

2 Dec 2023 Mercury in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (8th to 10th)

3 Dec 2023 Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn (5th to 8th)

4 Dec 2023 Venus enters Scorpio (6th)

5 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces (6th to 10th)

6 Dec 2023 Neptune stationary direct in Pisces (10th)

8 Dec 2023 Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (8th to 12th)

10 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus (6th to 12th)

11 Dec 2023 Mercury in Capricorn sextile Venus in Scorpio (8th to 6th)

12 Dec 2023 New Moon in Sagittarius (7th)

13 Dec 2023 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (8th)

17 Dec 2023 Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (7th to 10th)

18 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (2nd time) (8th to 12th)

20 Dec 2023 Pluto anaretic in Capricorn (29 Degrees) (8th)

21 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio opposition Uranus in Taurus (6th to 12th)

21 Dec 2023 Retrograde Vesta re-enters Gemini (1st)

22 Dec 2023 Sun enters Capricorn (8th) – Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere, Summer in Southern

22 Dec 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury in Capricorn (8th)

23 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury re-enters Sagittarius (7th)

24 Dec 2023 Sun in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (8th to 10th)

25 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (6th to 10th)

27 Dec 2023 Full Moon in Cancer (2nd)

27 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (7th to 10th)

27 Dec 2023 Sun in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (8th to 12th)

27 Dec 2023 Chiron direct in Aries (11th)

28 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius (7th)

28 Dec 2023 Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (7th to 10th)

29 Dec 2023 Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn (6th to 8th)

29 Dec 2023 Venus enters Sagittarius (7th)

31 Dec 2023 Jupiter stationary direct in Taurus (12th)

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Gemini 2023

The next big thing for you, Gemini? Exploring strange new worlds and going boldly into something bigger and more soul-freeing. Restrictions of the past couple of years fall away as Saturn and Pluto change signs along with Jupiter’s move into your 12th. The result? You changing your future life from the present! Work a little multiverse magic in ‘23.

So just what represents the Final Frontier for you, Gemini if I am going to stick to the Star Trek metaphor for a moment? You ended ‘22 with both your ruler Mercury retrograde in your 8th of transformation and rebirth, and Mars which is the ancient ruler of this house, retrograde in your sign. By the time we reach the final week of January, every planet including your ruler and that Mars is direct again. And stays that way right up until April.

This is all about breaking down barriers between you, what you want and your future self as ‘23 begins. We can say the resistance within us is often the Final frontier we need to cross in order to attain what we are working towards. And this year hands you the ability to bust a move and set yourself free.

Mars direct from Jan 12 hands you your mojo back. While Mercury direct from Jan 18 plus a full Supermoon in your future focussed 9th on the 21st has you determined to chart yourself a fresh course. And also in the mindset where you will free yourself from any limitations. Whether self-imposed or by others.

The Deep Dreamtime

If you can envision it, you can achieve it in some way, shape or form. This year sees you entering the mysteries of where imagination can give birth to reality. If you believe in the multiverse theory, then you can cannot to the other ‘you’s’ in it and draw from them their wisdom too. No matter what you face or what questions you have, you will have answers to hand. Especially once Jupiter moves into your 12th in May. This is the start of a powerful inner journey of learning and self-discovery for you. Where your psychic and creative abilities are boosted. And a big, learned and generous angel is advising you.

First, let’s look at the run up to your birthday. Pluto changes signs this year but spends most of the year anaretic in both Capricorn (your 8th) and Aquarius (your 9th). Expect powerful changes and transformations to occur first around what you share with others and your finances, and secondly to your knowledge base, beliefs, travel and foreigners, learning and expansion. This is an intense cycle designed to free you and reframe your future path. Pluto is anaretic in Capricorn from Feb 11, enters Aquarius and your 9th on March 23 and then returns to Capricorn and its ruling 8th in your chart on June 11.

It will return to your 9th early in ‘24. When a planet is at an anaretic degree it is at its most potent. So, expect the transformation in a key area of your life to be far-reaching this year. And this may peak in December when your ruler retrogrades in your 8th. So you may be starting 2024 in a very different position to how you begin this year. Especially when it comes to your most intimate connections.

Are you serious?!

The other major planetary shift is Saturn into what is its ruling 10th in your chart on March 7th. Saturn is all about structure (as symbolised by those rings), establishment, commitment to a path and deferred gratification. This therefore touches on your career, your status (as in position, relationship status, job title), and above all, making a serious commitment to what you want. Lightweights need not apply under Saturn in here. This goes for love too. Know what you are seeking now, be upfront about it and don’t entertain anyone who isn’t seeking the same – no matter how funny/hot/cute they may be. You will save yourself a lot of heartache if you stick to this.

Taking that next step in a relationship, moving on up the ladder of success or building something for your future is what Saturn is all about. But if you have been entertaining illusions or knocking on the wrong doors, Saturn will stop you in your tracks. Reality bites with Saturn in here. And if it does, do take the lesson on board. Saturn used right in here can reward you like no other planet. So, don’t buy into that bad old Saturn rep. Saturn only restricts when we don’t play by its rules or learn the lessons from our past. Step up and meet those responsibilities, Gemini. And Saturn will offer you the recognition you’re seeking.

Coming out of the dark and into the light again

Friendships and even goals could be tested in April. Are they relevant, aligned to who you are, or even on your team? If you have a strong feeling about a connection one way or another the combination of a Hybrid Solar Eclipse in your 11th (20th) and Mercury stationary retro in your 12th (21st) asks you to pay close attention.

This is the first hybrid eclipse we have seen in this sector of your chart for 159 years! A Hybrid Eclipse combines all three eclipse types – total, annular and partial. What you see depends on where you are. So, it’s a question of perspective. Highly individual yet precise in fact. Eclipses conceal so three times the concealment or three times you have had this feeling around someone or something. Pay close attention. This could even impact on lovers and someone closer than just a friend. Watch and wait, Gemini.

Jupiter in your 12th from May 16th enters the day after Mercury moves direct in here. Expect validation and clarity over any remaining questions. Jupiter will spend the rest of the year here and this is where your soul journey to truth and freedom begins. Harness the powers of imagination, healing, psychic abilities, meditation, astrology and creativity. You are on an inner journey of discovery and should actively engage with this process. Be a seeker of truth. Past lives, spirituality, religion, quantum physics, meditation, your past in this life time, people from your past or who have shaped this, alternative realities may fascinate but also provide you with the knowledge you seek.

Do try to steer clear of avoiding reality via use of anything and face any addictions or tendencies to self-sabotage head on. Jupiter in here can do things to excess and that includes escapism. Travel back to places you have visited in the past or even lived in are often journeys you take with Jupiter in here. And if its new but seems familiar you should consider the possibility you have lived there in a past life. Jupiter in here is not a material transit but can bring you what you are owed from the past in some way. And you have Saturn working for you when it comes to long term success.

Celebrate new found freedom and a fresh sense of purpose and direction as the Sun arrives in your sign on May 21. And as it does, it will trine Pluto in your 9th for the first time in your lifetime. You are the magician now with the power of transformation at your finger tips. Take advantage of this to set your new cycle hurtling in a fresh direction. Do not be your old self! This is you – 2.0. Reborn from your past but now fiercer and freer than ever before!

You should be feeling there is nothing beyond you or that you can’t have or achieve. Stay linked to past wisdom and all it has taught you.

Red Lights/Green Lights

Crush those retrograde reversals by preparing for them ahead of time. Gemini. Knowing when to slow down (Mercury retroshadow), when to pause and review progress (full fat Retro) and then to cautiously begin to implement new directions (Mercury direct/retroshadow lite) is simply smart planning. And minimises snafus, delays, cancellations and confusion. Or sees you having a Plan B just in case these occur. Your key dates for 2023 are as follows:

Jan 18 2023: Mercury direct in 8th

Feb 7 2023 Mercury retroshadow ends in 8th

Apr 7 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in 12th

Apr 12 2023 Mercury stationary retrograde in 12th – this occurs the day after the Hybrid Eclipse in your 11th so take it at this point you are completely in the dark over something. Use every tool in that Retrograde Survival Kit!

May 15 2023 Mercury stationary direct in 12th

Jun 1 2023 Mercury exits retroshadow in 12th

Aug 4 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in 4th

Aug 23 2023 Mercury stationary retrograde in 4th

Sep 15 2023 Mercury stationary direct in 4th

Sep 29 2023 Mercury retroshadow ends in 4th

Nov 25 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in 7th

Dec 13 2023 Mercury stationary retrograde in 8th

Dec 23 2023 Retrograde Mercury re-enters 7th

As you see, we begin and end the year with your ruler backwards. The retrograde arc crosses your 8th, 12th and 4th houses. And the final one begins in your 7th of partnerships – Sagittarius at the end of the year. Now, just what is that eclipse of April 20 concealing for you? As well as impacting on your future, it could touch on lovers, partners, children, your calling, shared assets and income, divorce, marriage and where you live. Watch what begins to come into focus at the time of your yearly love peak which beings at the autumn equinox when the Sun enters Libra and your 5th. We have another solar eclipse occurring then – this time an annular (ring of fire) at the time of the new Moon in here. Whether you know it or not, October brings a new beginning whether you can see it or not at this point.

It will begin to emerge from the shadows and show itself clearly for you by the time the final eclipse – a partial lunar one, appears in your 12th just prior to Halloween.

One more retrograde needs mentioning and that is the Venus retrograde in your 3rd between July 23 – Sept 4. Love is on hold and misunderstandings can occur. If you do connect with someone under this retrograde, chances are they are in a relationship with themselves and you quickly discover there’s no room for you – or anyone else for that matter. Unless you are willing to be cast in the role of constant admirer and understudy that is. Think ‘the best friend’ in movies. No. Didn’t think so.

Saturn in your 10th this year promises elevation and recognition for commitment to a path and constancy. While Jupiter in your 12th asks you follow your insight and ability to ask questions to their source for success and the answers you seek. (More in your Gemini Lucky Jupiter Forecast!). Avoid big decisions around family members or moving home in September if you can when your ruler is retrograde in your 4th.

You will begin your yearly phase of partnerships with your ruler, the Sun and Mars in your 7th but again, take note of those dates as retroshadow begins in here on November 25. What’s on offer at the year’s end however is a fresh, reawakened vision of love and partnership matters thanks to the arrival of Ceres in your 7th and the return of Vesta to your 1st. You know what you want for that me and you future as we head into 2024. Which is what you need to craft now as you have Jupiter heading for your sign this year.

By now you should have a clear idea of the reality of what was hidden within the eclipse cycle for you. And be willing to use this truth to forge something new for yourself and another in the coming year when it comes to double acts, duets or duos. You’ll know for certain what or who comes with you into ‘24 at the end of December when retro Mercury encounters Mars in your 7th. It’s reignited flame-on or starting a new fire for ‘24. Jupiter in your sign will hand you the power to attract like a gravitational force. All you need do is use this year to get very clear on what you want.

12 Jan 2023 Mars stationary direct in Gemini (1st)

18 Jan 2023 Mercury stationary direct in Capricorn (8th)

21 Jan 2023 New Supermoon in Aquarius (9th)

07 Feb 2023 Mercury retroshadow ends in Capricorn (8th)

11 Feb 2023 Anaretic Pluto in Capricorn (29 degrees) (8th)

27 Feb 2023 Anaretic Saturn in Aquarius (29 Degrees) (9th)

7 Mar 2023 Saturn enters Pisces (10th)

23 Mar 2023 Pluto enters Aquarius (9th)

7 Apr 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Taurus (12th)

11 Apr 2023 Venus enters Gemini (1st)

11 Apr 2023 Venus in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (1st to 9th)

20 Apr 2023 New Black Moon in Aries – Hybrid Solar Eclipse (29 51’) (11th) – First Hybrid Eclipse in 159 years

21 Apr 2023 Mercury stationary retrograde in Taurus (12th)

1 May 2023 Pluto stationary retrograde in Aquarius (9th)

3 May 2023 Juno enters Gemini (1st)

5 May 2023 Full Moon in Scorpio – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (14 52’) (6th)

15 May 2023 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (12th)

16 May 2023 Jupiter enters Taurus (12th)

21 May 2023 Sun enters Gemini (1st)

1 Jun 2023 Mercury exits retroshadow in Taurus (12th)

4 Jun 2023 Full Moon in Sagittarius (7th)

11 Jun 2023 Pluto retrograde re-enters Capricorn (8th)

11 Jun 2023 Mercury enters Gemini (1st)

17 Jun 2023 Saturn stationary retrograde in Pisces (10th)

18 Jun 2023 New Moon in Gemini (1st)

23 Jun 2023 Vesta enters Gemini (1st)

18 Jul 2023 North Node enters Aries (11th)

23 Jul 2023 Venus stationary retrograde in Leo (3rd)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (4th)

23 Aug 2023 Mercury stationary retrograde in Virgo (4th)

4 Sep 2023 Venus stationary direct in Leo (3rd)

4 Sep 2023 Jupiter stationary retrograde in Taurus (12th)

4 Sep 2023 Retrograde Mercury in Virgo trine retrograde Jupiter in Taurus (4th to 12th)

15 Sep 2023 Mercury stationary direct in Virgo (4th)

23 Sep 2023 Sun enters Libra (5th)

29 Sep 2023 Mercury retroshadow ends in Virgo (4th)

5 Oct 2023 Mercury enters Libra (5th)

14 Oct 2023 New Moon in Libra – Annular Solar Eclipse (21 10’) (5th)

28 Oct 2023 Full Moon in Taurus – Partial Lunar Eclipse (5 02’) (12th)

8 Nov 2023 Venus enters Libra (5th)

10 Nov 2023 Mercury enters Sagittarius (7th)

22 Nov 2023 Sun enters Sagittarius (7th)

24 Nov 2023 Mars enters Sagittarius (7th)

25 Nov 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Sagittarius (7th)

26 Nov 2023 Ceres enters Sagittarius (7th)

27 Nov 2023 Full Moon in Gemini (1st)

12 Dec 2023 New Moon in Sagittarius (7th)

13 Dec 2023 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (8th)

18 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (2nd time) (8th to 12th)

20 Dec 2023 Pluto anaretic in Capricorn (29 Degrees) (8th)

21 Dec 2023 Retrograde Vesta re-enters Gemini (1st)

23 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury re-enters Sagittarius (7th)

28 Dec 2023 Retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius (7th)

31 Dec 2023 Jupiter stationary direct in Taurus (12th)

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Gemini Is rules by Mercury the planet of communication and is an air sign. You’re quick witted and are hungry for knowledge. Some people say you are fickle as you can change your mind about things but really you are one step ahead and sense when it’s time to move on. Communication and technology are you secret super powers and your soul lesson is to learn to use your communication skills for the greater good. Check out your Gemini Video for more.

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