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Your birthday season is all about YOU, Gemini. Revisit those goals, dreams and wishes and set your intentions for the coming year. You have those dreams for a reason – to come true.

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Happy birthday, Gemini

The start of your birthday season arrives along with the Sun in your 1st and loaded with hidden potential, Gemini. Time to look at where you are and how far you have come since this time last year. The Sun’s arrival in our 1st brings our energy back to the centre of our universe. In other words – us. It’s not selfish or narcissistic. It’s about a realignment with who we truly are and our purpose. We can only do this when we direct all our ideas, thoughts and actions back towards ourselves. This is your time to plant some seeds for the future, to envision where you want to be in 12 months’ time, and above all, take action on that.

What you truly desire may actually surprise you when you go within and stop and think about it.  Ruler Mercury remains in your 12th angling towards Jupiter in Mercury’s ruling sign. This is the position where Mercury releases your creative inspiration allowing you to channel this into your work with fabulous results. Work your creative magic now! Mercury also trines Pluto from here, pointing to a transformation around your money or earnings. This could be the gift that keeps on giving. But what this will bring to the surface as you go deeper will be that secret wish that you truly need to fulfil. It could be linked to your reason for being here or your soul’s calling. Time to unwrap it. That hidden dream or goal you’ve kept from yourself or denied holds the key to a big part of your future. Giving yourself permission to have it, go for it or at least try, is the best birthday gift you can give yourself.

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What you don’t know may surprise you, Gemini. Or should I say how much you don’t know. Welcome to your soul shakedown party to paraphrase Bob Marley, where the truth will literally set you free. Revelations are designed to release you from anything that is holding you back. All bets are off now and you are entering a cycle which has to be lived and experienced more than explained. Expect strange twists and turns to accompany this as everything you have held to be the truth may be turned on its head and revealed to be something else entirely.

All this begins for you right before your birthday season as Uranus, planet of surprises and revolutionary awakenings arrives in your 12th of the past and all things mysterious, secret and hidden this month. Usually what is hidden from us is right under our noses – or has been. So, when it is revealed, it has the ability to have an even more profound and soul-shakedown effect than usual. Insight and intuition feature as does using these gifts in totally new ways.  Be a soul innovator now especially when it comes to your past. The past may now resurface and in totally unexpected ways. Here’s the thing. We are products of our pasts but that doesn’t mean we should continue to live there. It’s a bit like where we grew up. Yes, it shaped us in many ways. But often we choose to move away strike out on our own and carve our own destinies. That’s what I am talking about now. However, if the past does appear chances are it is so you can re-frame it and see it in a totally new way that sets you free to create your future.

Changes you make on an inner/spiritual level will have a fundamental impact on your outer world. Because your 12th is all about what exists but what cannot be seen – so everything from quantum physics to psychic phenomena, your beliefs and perspective may also undergo radical change. How you view reality and those big questions around life, the universe and everything is likely to alter. This can best be described as a cycle of awakening where you may feel you’ve been walking through your life with blinkers on – only to have them suddenly removed. You are about to see your world and the people in it in a totally new way. Watch for the start of this process at the time of the new Moon in your 12th on the 15th which is the same day coincidentally, as Uranus arrives in here. This may provide you will some idea of what this cycle is likely to contain for you.

Expect flashes of insight now and if you receive them, follow up. This especially applies to anyone or anything you feel isn’t quite as it appears. Secrets are about to be revealed to you and ruler Mercury working its way through your 12th has a part to play here.  Some of these relate to you, your life path or purpose. Others could be around secrets that are being kept from you. And a word of warning: Uranus is highly unpredictable. So take care during the time Uranus transits your 12th with who you confide your secrets to, and also that you have nothing sitting in your closet you would be ashamed to have come tumbling out.

As this acts as a backdrop to a very special and intuition fuelled birthday season which starts on the 21st and which also sees Venus in your money zone and Mars intent on expanding your horizons in your 9th. On the 24th, the Sun will trine Mars from your 1st and you’re feeling more expansive, more risky, more devil-may-care. Your sex appeal soars as a result and you’ve a thirst for something edgier and bolder. You won’t want anyone around who craps your style or gets in the way of you expressing yourself either. But this is also a great time to set some values for the coming year. Venus in your money zone has you in a position where you can boost your earnings, but also can have you looking at what adds value to your life – the people, your talents and your experiences.

You want to dive in and experience more now and this also applies to your closest personal ties. You need your partner to express the same degree of passion that you are. The full Moon on the 29th appears in your partnership sector. You’re open and willing to express all the new soul truths you’re embracing now and you need the same in return. This can be a fabulous night for date night or that birthday party as you can bask in the reflection of all that love and good vibes. You’re radiating a confidence that is more than just birthday optimism now, so use this to kick start that party in more than one area of your life. Look at how you can create new beginnings that offer adventure, expansion and spiritual exploration for the coming year. Ruler Mercury joins the party from the 30th enabling you to let people in on your journey and share what you truly know, feel and discover now.

In a nutshell: Expect the truth to set you free. Intuition and insight combine to put you on the path that’s right for you. Soul truths rock your world – and set you exploring a higher path to love!

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Gemini 2018 

Over the past seven years, you will have experienced a revolution in networking and connections. Your ideas about your tribe, clan and collaborators have likely taken a dramatic turn. You have handled this well as you are one of the most flexible and adaptive signs. You tend to adore new stimulation, fresh ideas and can’t abide being stuck with too much routine. Having said that  if you look back seven or eight years, and then check out your belief systems and kinships today, you’ll see how far you’ve come. This is all thanks to Uranus, that extraordinary and maverick planetary Lord who has been in his ruling house in your chart, who shakes things up, so we can discover our inner genius.

Mr Electric Dream is about to change signs and lead you into a new adventure. In May, just prior to your birthday, he enters your subconscious, magical zone and helps you release things that you have hidden or realise what has been hidden from you by others. Secrets might be suddenly exposed, both yours and others, as the way Uranus works is like a bolt from the blue! An unexpected synchronicity or psychic experience may transform you, and if you have any addictions, you can overcome them now, perhaps in an unorthodox way.

Having said that this year is a bit of a tease as Uranus arrives in this house in May and leaves on the 6th November to head back into your 11th during his retrograde period. Pay rapt attention to what happens in between May/November as this may be the only clue you have to what merry dance Uranus will take you on for the next seven years from 2019 onwards when he returns to your 12th. For best results consciously engage and flow with his energy. Whatever happens, there is likely to be a sprinkling of mystery, and you’re urged to become an enchantress of your destiny.

29 Oct 2018,  27 Nov 2018,  21 Dec 2018 are all significant dates for you, write them down! Mercury, your ruler, joins forces with expansive Jupiter in your health and well-being house. You are taking care of the details you need to triumph and changing your routines to optimise your health. You might fall in love with your work and start a path that fulfils your spirit. The key is expansion with Jupiter. To think, act and go boldly. This involves more than one area of your chart so therefore more than one area of your life. Both planets are involved in travel so travel for work, for pleasure and also dealing with people from overseas are also possibilities. Remember, Jupiter ‘bigs’ things up. He opens up our horizons. Time to step into a larger world than the one you usually inhabit.

Saturn has already changed signs as we go into 2018 and he is in your intimacy, power, money, sex and primal zone. I’m not going to say this is easy but I will say that if you play your Tarot right, you might find yourself in a position of authority. Influential people enter your life, and there could even be an inheritance or a windfall that is long overdue. Saturn is all about responsibility, and he will not tolerate BS. It’s time to face all things primal and make sure you use your power wisely and with the utmost integrity. Do this, and you can expect a significant reward.

Pluto and Saturn are both in your primal zone all year making this a profound time. These two Planetary brothers are all about investigating life, death and rebirth, facing wounds from the past and overcoming them and understanding the cycle of your soul. When the Sun conjuncts Pluto on the 9th Jan you should start to understand the benefits of digging deep. Mercury is also joining Saturn on the 13th, and then Mr Quicksilver hugs transformative Pluto. Others might be astonished by how serious and focused you have become. You are earnestly seeking to make a significant change.

Mercury goes retro on the 23rd of March bringing in old friends, teammates and groups that you used to hang out with. Should you reengage? You’ll know by mid-April when you Mercury goes direct and Chiron the wounded healer shifts signs. Chiron has not been here since 1977. Chiron is a comet which has a unique orbit, and his gift to us is not only to heal our wounds but to use our painful experiences to help others. What issues do you have when it comes to a sense of belonging? Have you ever felt like the odd one out or do you have a pattern in group environments? Chiron is hanging about for some time and encourages you to give back and share what you’ve learned.

Venus is sweeping into your relationship zone on the 7th August and bringing some much-needed peace and harmony. You’re able to experience soul connections that sparkle. Beauty is everywhere, and you’re every inch the lover. From the 8th November, lucky Jupiter also enters your love zone helping all your intimate relationships stretch, grow and empower you. Singles could be entering their every own version of Love Island. At least one potential partner could present themselves. They could have a touch of the exotic adventurer about them or just be larger than life on some level. They see love as a journey or an adventure. Are you ready to join them on it? Jupiter has not visited this sector of your chart for 12 years and he will be intent on you learning about the Power of Two on some level. Just remember this house rules partnerships of all kinds – business, activity, collaborative and our long term friendships too. If we feel an affinity to a special animal soul this would also come under the rulership of the 7th house – especially as Jupiter rules large animals such as horses. Be open to what form your partnership experience will take. But know that one will be coming. Others could see Jupiter’s benefits manifest via their partner’s success or a partnership now move on to the next stage.  

The 7th is also our house of open enemies but with Jupiter in here, if you do have to deal with someone difficult, you are unlikely to be fazed by their antics. You’re more likely to laugh than get upset. But Jupiter has our back and if you have been dealing with someone unpleasant for a while, you may find Jupiter just removes them from your orbit or just that they no longer have the power to upset you the way they used to. As this is your house of long term partnerships, just be aware that while Jupiter is all about bringing us benefits and amazing strokes of luck, if something is broken beyond repair, Jupiter cannot fix it for you. What he can do however, is make is easier to part amicably than at any other time. And if you have learned from this, place a new love opportunity in your path when you are ready.

There’s an electric excitement and the power of potential surrounding you this year. So be adaptable, maintain an expansive mindset and be ready to embrace whoever or whatever arrives as changes to how you love, your ideas and your personal power base bring you thrills and the unexpected right out of the blue!

2 Jan 2018 until  7 Aug 2018  URANUS Turns Direct 11th House)

9 Jan 2018,  SUN CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (8th House)

13 Jan 2018,  MERCURY CONJUNCTION  SATURN (8th House)

24 Jan 2018, MERCURY CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (8th House)

15 Feb 2018 NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF SUN (9th House)


9 Mar 2018, JUPITER Retrograde until 10 Jul 2018 (6th House)

23 Mar 2018, Mercury Retrograde until 15 Apr 2018, (11th House)

2 Apr 2018 MARS CONJUNCTION  SATURN (8th House)

15 Apr 2018 Mercury goes Direct (11th House)

17 Apr 2018 CHIRON ENTERING ARIES (11th House)

18 Apr 2018, until 6 Sep 2018 SATURN Retrograde(8th House)

13 May 2018 MERCURY ENTERING TAURUS (12th House)

15 May 2018 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (12th House)

25 May 2018 and again 19 Aug 2018 JUPITER TRINE  NEPTUNE (6th House to 10th House)

16 Jun 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  SATURN (2nd House to 8th House)

23 Jun 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  PLUTO (2nd House to 8th House)

24 Jul 2018 VENUS OPPOSITION  NEPTUNE (4th House to 10th House)

27 Jul 2018 ECLIPSE FULL MOON (9th House) Moon Conjunct Mars And T-Square Uranus (12th House)

7 Aug 2018, VENUS ENTERING LIBRA (5th House)
Also Uranus turns Retrograde (12th House) until the end of the year

6 Sep 218 Saturn turns Direct
10 Oct 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  URANUS (6th House to 12th House)

29 Oct 2018,  27 Nov 2018,  21 Dec 2018 MERCURY CONJUNCTION  JUPITER (6th House) 


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