the week ahead for gemini

It's all kicking off this week as the New Moon is encouraging you to clean house emotionally, literally, and metaphorically! What needs sweeping away? Surround yourself with your soul comrades and dive into love.

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Love or lust?
Cosy times, get hygge with it

Gemini, you are a natural wordsmith and have a sharp wit. When Venus trines Uranus the unpredictable on the 18th, you might find yourself in the spotlight— don’t sweat, dazzle! If you want to get your message across or to seek fabulous collaborators, you got it. Of course, it’s up to you to push yourself and dare to share.

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” Maya Angelou

Vesta, the Virgin Goddess, is going into your house of love and creativity, she’s an obsessive one addicted to her task, so you can get a flurry of stuff done. Vesta is a mixture of Virgo and Scorpio so anything can happen. Temptations are dangled but should you eat the forbidden fruit?


The New Moon on the 20th is giving you a clean slate around your home and family. You may let go of someone in your clan who you feel is destructive. Is someone drinking in the last chance saloon? Perhaps you decide it’s time to move or radically redecorate. Pay attention to your gut. Do you feel held back by responsibility? Ask the Moon to give you an intuitive way out; she is perfect for healing ancestral issues. Does your family have any problems which have gone through the generations? On the 22nd Mercury, your ruler (also in your family zone) is trine all powerful Pluto, making you fearless and assertive, and you will not let anyone drag you down the rabbit hole—you are standing in warrior mode.

A word of a caution though, Mercury, your ruler, is opposite Neptune the nebulous also on the 20th, so you might feel insecure or unclear. If you trust your psychic antenna, you should be fine, and, oh, there could be a magical cosmic conversation with a soul connection.

Venus, the lover, is also entering the same home space on the 20th. What a day! Love comes wrapped in a cozy duvet and snuggling up, romantic meals, or nurturing your tribe are your priorities. While you’re at it, examine how you parent yourself; the more you support yourself, the smoother things are. Get your twin selves to agree and hold hands and travel together in one direction. As the Sun enters Libra and your creative/love zone, you feel things lighten. Laughter and a general joyride are on the way!


monthly horoscope

“All the promise
A daydream yet to come
Time is upon us
Oh but the night is young
Flowers blossom
In the wintertime
In your arms I feel

Give up yourself unto the moment
The time is now
Give up yourself unto the moment
Let’s make this moment last – “The Time Is Now” Moloko

You step into September feeling feisty and animated. You know it’s time to get your ideas out there, and when your ruler goes direct on the 5th, you will probably have already lined up what you want to say. Fancy writing that novel, creating that blog or launching yourself as the next Youtube sensation? Now is the time! Have you got cooking skills or do you want to start a baking or interior design channel? Inspiration is coming to you thick and fast. When Mars trines Uranus on the 2nd you hook up with the right people to get things done. Check out TED talks that interest you and up your communication game.

“Rational thoughts never drive people’s creativity the way emotions do.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Just before Mercury goes direct, he joins forces with willful Mars on the 3rd. You are feeling particularly forceful but put those dragons away before you create a Game Of Thrones battle. Yes, you are right to draw a line in the snow, BUT perhaps it’s better to do it when you are calm?

Mars enters Virgo and your 4th house of home and family on the same day as Mercury goes direct. You can put your considerable force into redecorating, moving, whirling around to create a family get together. With Mercury making you incredibly persuasive you’ll find that you can mesmerise people into seeing things your way.

The Full Moon on the 6th turns your attention to your career, look out for a psychic message or a strange coincidence that brings you clarity around your work. You’re feeling drawn to doing stuff that inspires you and you do not want to compromise. The Full Moon is trine dark and charismatic Pluto giving you seductive superpowers. Pluto could also tempt you into a saucy affair with someone deliciously unsuitable. Follow your own moral compass though, is this good for your soul’s journey? No one should judge you, but YOU but of course be uber honest with yourself.

Much of your attention this month is on nesting and healing home and family issues. Mercury is entering this space on the 10th and the Sun and Mars are already there. Thankfully you feel genuinely optimistic and positive about the changes you can make. With Venus trine Saturn the sensible on the 13th you are in the mood to make a deeper commitment. Warm and loving Venus then trines lucky Jupiter in your pleasure zone on the 15th and then on the 18th trines Uranus the God of surprises. Basically, you can have a love fest this September and enjoy love going your way. Talking seems to turn you on, and you’re drawn to a lover who makes you laugh but more importantly makes you think.

The New Moon on the 20th is bringing you a brand-new chapter, and she too is in your home and family zone. You might find that someone has a few home truths they need to offload before they can move on. Bite your tongue, whatever you do, do not offload on Facebook or overshare your feelings about it. Venus is coming to kiss it all better when she joins the party on the same day. With Mercury trine Pluto on the 22nd you are called upon to be a leader, a role you are specially cut out for.


2 Sep 2017 MARS TRINE URANUS (3rd House to 11th House)


5 Sep 2017 SUN OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (4th House to 10th House)
5 Sep 2017 MERCURY Turns Direct (3rd House)

13 Sep 2017 VENUS TRINE SATURN (3rd House to 7th House)

15 Sep 2017 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (3rd House to 5th House)

18 Sep 2017 VENUS TRINE URANUS (3rd House to 11th House)

20 Sep 2017 New Moon in Virgo (4th House)
T Square Sun Moon (4th House) Opposition Chiron (10th House) Square Saturn (7th House)

20 Sep 2017 MERCURY OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (4th House to 10th House)


28 Sep 2017 JUPITER OPPOSITION URANUS (5th House to 11th House)

28 Sep 2017 PLUTO Turns Direct (8th House)

30 Sep 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (4th House to 10th House)

annual horoscope

Gemini 2017 Yearly Horoscope

Gemini this year kicks off with your ruler Mercury still retrograde (going backwards), so it takes you a little while to adjust, and you might feel quite lazy and unmotivated until after the 8th. However, there is so much to look forward to this year, you’ll soon be leaping about with your usual enthusiasm and charm.

Jupiter the Planets of luck, expansion and soul evolution makes some lovely trines to your ruler in your position of creativity and pleasure, children and joy. Jupiter’s lesson this year should bring you a supremely fun and exhilarating year where you learn through creativity and happiness. Have you been holding yourself back or not allowing your creative side out or denying yourself in some way? The Universe wants you to know when you’re happy, things flow and taking time to enjoy yourself helps you to be more creative.

‘Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.’ – Jim Rohn

On top of that, Mercury is also conjunct Uranus the Planet of genius and the unpredictable lots this year, and this brings some stunning collaborations and teamwork. This sparky energy could help you go viral and connect you to not only your dreams, but dreams you didn’t even know you had!

Uranus is also bringing in some exciting and unexpected new friendships. You feel invigorated and inspired by unusual new pals. Seek out those that take the road less traveled, doing things with an eccentric twist. Uranus wants you to be curious and playful.

There’s a Super New Moon in Gemini on 25th May which is the perfect day to reinvent yourself and conjure up your desires. With Mars in your sign from 29th, you have a window of opportunity to reinvigorate all areas and have energy and Va Va Voom. Be careful you aren’t too argumentative though as Mars loves a good battle.

Saturn is messing with your mojo a bit as you are forced to take a serious look at your commitments, romantic and otherwise. If you’re in a relationship that isn’t working, you could feel the burden this year. You may feel more restricted. However, if you want to settle down and move to the next stage, Saturn supports you.

There is a bit of argy-bargy, and it may be that you have to be a lot more supportive of the people you love. Saturn wants all your relationships and partnerships to be committed and serious; Jupiter advises you to put the fun into making it work and grow.

The significant eclipse on 21st August highlights your home and family. There may be a separation, move or transformation that brings permanent change.

Mercury enters your sign on 6th June giving you persuasive super powers. You can charm the birds out of the trees and have many important things to discuss. Ideas are flowing, and if you are interested in writing or communicating, then this is your time.

Appreciate and enjoy all the creativity and passion as from October 10th you shift your energy away from pleasure and play as Jupiter changes signs and allows you to take care of your health and well being and also to get your head down at work and start to build good solid foundations around abundance.

As the end of the year approaches, a Super Full Moon in your sign brings you a peak experience. Jupiter switches the arrow of your fortune on 10th October heading into your health and well-being sector (also service to others) so make the most of playfulness while you can.

01-Jan-17    Mars Conjunct Neptune in Pisces  (10-House)
19-Jan-17    Mars in Pisces (10th House)  Square Saturn in Sagittarius  (7tth House)

11-Feb-17    Moon in Leo (3th house ) Lunar Eclipse
22-Feb-17    Mars in Aries (11st House)  Square Pluto in Capricorn (8th)
27-Feb-17    Mars in Aries  (11st) conjunct Uranus in Aries (11 House)
27-Feb-17    Mars in Aries (11) opposition Jupiter in Libra (5)
03-Mar-17   Jupiter in Libra (5) opposition Uranus in Aries (11)
30-Mar-17   Jupiter in Libra (5) Square Pluto in Capricorn (8th)
30-Apr-17   Saturn in Sagittarius (7th) Square Chiron in Pisces (10th)
26th April   Super New Moon in Taurus (12)
19-May-17  Saturn in Sagittarius (7 house) Trine Uranus in Aries (11)
25th May 17  Super New Moon In Gemini (1)i
29-May-17  Mars in Gemini (1) Opposition Saturn in Sagittarius (7)
24th JuN 17   Super New Moon in Cancer (2)

02-Jul-17    Mars in Cancer  (2)     Opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (8)
04-Aug-17    Jupiter in Libra (6) Square Pluto in Capricorn (8)
21-Aug-17    Leo Solar Eclipse  Russia / Canada / USA        wills especially effect those born on that days (2 days either way  that month also oppositions /Squares ie (Aquarius, Scorpio, Taarus)
24-Sep-17    Mars in Virgo (5) Opposition Neptune in Pisces (10)
28-Sep-17    Jupiter in Libra (6) Opposition Uranus in Aries (11)

10-Oct-17    Jupiter  Enters Scorpio (6)

02-Nov-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (7th house ) Square Chiron in Pisces (10h House)
11-Nov-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (7Th House)  Trine Uranus in Aries (11House)

03-Dec-17    Jupiter in Scorpio (6) Trine Neptune in Pisces (10), Super Full Moon in Gemini (1)

8 Jan 2017, 10 Apr 2017, 3 May 2017, 13 Aug 2017, 5 Sep 2017

Entering 3 Mar 2017, Exact 4 Mar 2017, Leaving 5 Mar 2017

MERCURY OPPOSITION  JUPITER (11th House to 5th House)
Entering 23 Mar 2017, Exact 24 Mar 2017, Leaving 25 Mar 2017

Entering 25 Mar 2017, Exact 26 Mar 2017, Leaving 27 Mar 2017Entering 26 Apr 2017, Exact 28 Apr 2017, Leaving 1 May 2017Entering 7 May 2017, Exact 10 May 2017, Leaving 12 May 2017

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus (12)
10th April   re enters Aries on 20th

21 Apr 2017

29 Apr 2017

Mercury Direct
3rd May

MARS SQUARE  NEPTUNE (1st House to 10th House)
Entering 10 May 2017, Exact 11 May 2017, Leaving 13 May 2017

MARS TRINE  JUPITER (1st House to 5th House)
Entering 11 May 2017, Exact 12 May 2017, Leaving 13 May 2017

MARS OPPOSITION  SATURN (1st House to 7th House)
Entering 27 May 2017, Exact 29 May 2017, Leaving 30 May 2017

MARS SEXTILE  URANUS (1st House to 11th House)
Entering 29 May 2017, Exact 31 May 2017, Leaving 1 Jun 2017

6 Jun 2017

MERCURY TRINE  JUPITER (1st House to 5th House)
Entering 13 Jun 2017, Exact 13 Jun 2017, Leaving 14 Jun 2017

MERCURY SQUARE  NEPTUNE (1st House to 10th House)
Entering 13 Jun 2017, Exact 14 Jun 2017, Leaving 14 Jun 2017

MERCURY OPPOSITION  SATURN (1st House to 7th House)
Entering 18 Jun 2017, Exact 18 Jun 2017, Leaving 19 Jun 2017

VENUS SEXTILE  NEPTUNE (12th House to 10th House)
Entering 19 Jun 2017, Exact 20 Jun 2017, Leaving 21 Jun 2017


MERCURY TRINE  NEPTUNE (2nd House to 10th House)
Entering 27 Jun 2017, Exact 28 Jun 2017, Leaving 28 Jun 2017
Entering 28 Jun 2017, Exact 28 Jun 2017, Leaving 29 Jun 2017

MERCURY OPPOSITION  PLUTO (2nd House to 8th House)
Entering 29 Jun 2017, Exact 30 Jun 2017, Leaving 30 Jun 2017

Mercury Retrograde
12th August n goes direct on 4th September

MERCURY OPPOSITION  NEPTUNE (4th House to 10th House)
Entering 19 Sep 2017, Exact 20 Sep 2017, Leaving 20 Sep 2017

10 Oct 2017
You are on an intense search for the truth. You have strong desires for sexual union and joint

Entering 17 Oct 2017, Exact 18 Oct 2017, Leaving 19 Oct 2017

Mercury retro 2nd December to 22nd December

all about gemini

Gemini Is rules by Mercury the planet of communication and is an air sign. You're quick witted and are hungry for knowledge. Some people say you are fickle as you can change your mind about things but really you are one step ahead and sense when it's time to move on. Communication and technology are you secret super powers and your soul lesson is to learn to use your communication skills for the greater good. Check out your Gemini Video for more. Below you can find free daily, weekly monthly and annual readings for Gemini.

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