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The week ahead for virgo

You’ll tend to get results that exceed your expectations this week. Of course, you have to set something in motion first. Colouring outside the lines – and in bolder tones, could see a brillant outcome.

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The only way is to try

Reap the rewards of your daring

Expectation + action = freedom

This week’s star turn is the meeting between ruler Mercury and Uranus. For many of you, this may be a far more pivotal meeting than the Jupiter/Uranus collision of last month. That’s because your ruler is involved this time around. However, something which you kick-started or began back then may get a green-liggreen light,ear you’ve been successful.

Brand new potential lies ahead of you. The question is: Do you dare go live it? It is time to broaden your horizons and big up those experiences, Virgo. And yes, for some this may mean suddenly being turfed out of your safety zone. Unpredictable and sudden change often calls on us to reach for a new set of tools or solutions. Or try something we would normally shy away from attempting. But we’re willing to roll the dice if we feel we have nothing to lose.

You may well dare to experiment, spin that Wheel of Life and see where it stops this week which also brings you a Mars/Chiron conjunction in your change sector. Mars rules this house and sign in your chart. It’s extra potent while in here. While Chiron has you looking at just what you could get away with if you tried. You may come to the conclusion there’s only one way to find out – and that’s to dare to do it. Take it the odds are very much in your favour if you do.

In a nutshell: You’ll tend to get results that exceed your expectations this week. Of course, you have to set something in motion first. Colouring outside the lines – and in bolder tones, could see a brillant outcome.

28 May 2024 Mercury in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces (9th to 7th)

29 May 2024 Mars and Chiron conjunct in Aries (8th)

31 May 2024 Mercury and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (9th)

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Be ready for your big move

Step into a more prominent role

Rewards and recognition are on offer

Ruler Mercury lands in your sector of status and success on the 3rd. The same day as Jupiter in your 10th angles to Pluto in your 6th. This is the first time in our lifetimes that these two planets have formed a trine across these two signs. And yes, Mercury makes the same angle to Pluto the next day (4th). Astrologers are saying the Jupiter/Pluto trine could be the luckiest and most game-changing for all signs for ‘24. But as the second trine involves your ruler, take it that it could be extra status boosting for you.

June brings you a fresh start. But this is no flash-in-the-pan, Virgo. It’s a major change which is set to redefine a key area for you for the long term. It could revolve around a move, the cementing of a relationship, your career or something which propels you into the public eye in some way. It’s both the culmination and the beginning all rolled into one. And it could even see you with something to celebrate and brag about.

You are ‘on show’ now. But in a different way you experience during a 5th house transit. This is your house of rewards and recognition. The one where you deal with VIP’s, gatekeepers and people in positions of authority and influence – in the traditional sense of the word. They are taking note of what you bring. So – game on, Virgo! You’re entering the major leagues. The 3rd – 4th can bring you a winning move or outstanding news that has everyone looking at you in a fresh light. Especially by the 6th when the new Moon in your 10th appears interwoven with Venus’s image and status enhancing glow!

Be gentle, take a diplomatic approach and above all, don’t butt heads with people in positions of influence across the 9th- 11th. Or take a ‘my way or the highway’ approach to anything which impacts on long term unions, your professional cred or status or authority figures. If you do, you will find the other party is equally unwilling to make concessions, and if you insist on having things all your own way – the highway it is.

Mars in your 9th (from the 9th), has you determined to stick to your guns. And that’s fine when it comes to standing up for your values. But it can also see you unwilling to budge an inch. The term ‘punching above your weight’ may not just refer to dating prospects. But trying to take on someone totally out of your league in terms of the influence they have on what you can do. I can preface A Course in Miracles here and say: Would you rather be happy and successful – or would you rather be right? If you find yourself at a stalemate – the remedy just may be laughing at yourself. And then giving a little to gain a lot more in return.

The upside of Mars is that it acts as your ultimate coach in this house. It pushes you past those fears and self-doubts, infuses you with a can-do confidence and fuels you to go further. They who dare win with this Mars – if they play fair. It’s not about winning at all costs. It’s about seeing the journey getting to where you want to do as a goal in itself no matter the outcome. And yes, it may challenge your ideas around flexibility too. Are you willing to try something different? An alternative route? Or simply ignore what has held you back in the past and go for it instead?

This is not the only area of your chart that’s about to ignite and have you all fired up, Virgo. Before Mercury and Venus land in your 11th on the 17th – ahead of the Sun on the 21st, they meet to offer you one more chance to accomplish something status enhancing. As we head into the final third of June, this brings you opportunities for satisfaction and goal fulfilment as your 11th house heats up.

Let’s talk about another element of your 11th house outside of the friends and future aspects. This is where you get your geek on! So, upgrades in technology and devices, gaming, apps and also interests in astrology (ruled by your 11th and NOT your 12th as many people imagine!), sci-fi, innovation and inventions, UFO’s, science, astronomy and anything cutting edge or ‘out there’ can come to the forefront now. And if you have interests in any of the above, you may meet others who also do or have your chart cast or go to that convention!

No matter your focus – this is your social peak of the year. But with the first of two full Moons in your 5th appearing on the 22nd (next month brings us a ‘Blue’ Moon), and the planets making trines to others in your 7th (Saturn and Neptune), while this would usually be pure friendship energy it does have other potentials. Especially with that Jupiter in your 10th which is the house of relationship status.

Just one small caveat here to keep in mind – not just under the full Moon’s moondancing invitation but as the planets angle to Saturn (ruler Mercury does this on the 26th), this may be the slow burn when it comes to romance. In other words – you may start off as friends and something grows from that over time. Don’t be in a hurry, Virgo. Either to rush into something or to know what the final outcome will be. Saturn heads backwards in your 7th from the 29th while Venus now in your 9th angles to Mars in your 5th. Barriers lift on all kinds of possibilities. But you don’t need to know the final outcome to enjoy the here and now this June.

In a nutshell: Harness your bold and your certainty, Virgo. If you want to be taken seriously by others, you first need to take yourself seriously. The Jupiter/Pluto alignment across your status and work sector tells you the time is right for that move. It’s all down to self-belief.

3 June 2024 Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (10th to 6th)

3 June 2024 Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces (9th to 7th)

3 June 2024 Mercury enters Gemini (10th)

4 June 2024 Mercury in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (10th to 6th)

4 June 2024 Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in Gemini (10th)

4 June 2024 Sun and Venus conjunct in Gemini (10th)

6 June 2024 New Moon in Gemini (10th)

6 June 2024 New Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini (10th)

8 June 2024 Venus in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces (10th to 7th)

9 June 2024 Sun in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces (10th to 7th)

9 June 2024 Mars enters Taurus (9th)

11 June 2024 Mars in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius (9th to 6th)

12 June 2024 Mercury in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces (10th to 7th)

14 June 2024 Sun and Mercury conjunct in Gemini (10th)

17 June 2024 Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (10th to 8th)

17 June 2024 Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (10th to 7th)

17 June 2024 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Gemini (10th)

17 June 2024 Venus enters Cancer (11th)

17 June 2024 Mercury enters Cancer (11th)

20 June 2024 Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (10th to 7th)

21 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus (11th to 9th)

21 June 2024 Sun enters Cancer (11th)

22 June 2024 Full Moon in Capricorn (5th)

26 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (11th to 7th)

29 June 2024 Venus in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus (11th to 9th)

29 June 2024 Saturn stationary retrograde in Pisces (7th)

30 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus (11th to 9th)

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Work and career stars redefine what success means to you in ‘24 with Pluto now in your 6th and Jupiter in your status setting 10th. Bolder, bigger fiercer you has all the right moves, Virgo! Plus an extra long cycle of love and attraction sets a lasting and serious tone on partnership matters.

Let’s start the year by talking about Mercury retrograde for 2024. Yes, we’ll get that all out of the way before we move on into all the good stuff, Virgo. Your ruler retrogrades three times a year. And across triplicities when it does. So, each Mercury retro cycle always occurs across three signs in a given element. 2024 will see Mercury retrograde in the fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Your 8th, 12th and 4th houses.

The year begins with Mercury direct in Sagittarius and your 4th from Jan 2. Don’t forget – it will take another three weeks to completely free itself from retroshadow in your 5th. Do try to refrain from property dealings, moves or decisions which impact on family or those you live with until then.

Retrogrades are cool. Is that news to you? Did Mercury bring you family and festive mayhem instead across the holiday season? If so, well, I can understand you reading the above statement with a big serving of Virgo scepticism. But I do encourage you to start of view your ruler’s backwards actions through a cooler perspective during this year’s retro-fire cycles.

Mercury is the planet of communication. So, just what is it saying when it heads backwards? Look here!! L@@K. Right here. Pay attention to what you have missed in a key area. There are rediscoveries to be made. Areas or projects you can re-boot. Or see with fresh eyes. Plans that can be revised or opportunities that hold that second time’s the charm secret for you. Look again with new eyes in other words. If you keep this in mind every time your ruler heads backwards, you’ll become the retro boss once more.

Key dates for you in ‘24 – and do always keep in mind the before and after shadow periods as well:

1 – 25 April: Mercury retrograde in Aries (8th). This retro-active period also coincides with the Great North American Eclipse. A total eclipse which takes place in Aries on April 8. There’s a cover up but also if you do look closer – something that can be born anew. Delve again into self-directed empowerment, investments, mortgages, borrowing, your income or salary and your most intimate relationships. Negotiation, your fears and also your passions. One, some or many of these areas offer rebirth and transformation. And you have the power to make it happen.

5 – 28 August: Mercury retrograde in Virgo (1st) and Leo (12th): This is when you need to get boss. As Mercury starts its switch into a new element, we see it start retros in the old one next door. So, slow down as your fresh cycle begins. And take some time to think about what it is you want to be, bring in or create for the new. Stay tuned to insight and tap into the gifts of your imagination as it backs into Leo and your 12th. The retro Mercury conjunction with Venus in your sign on Aug 8, brings past loves and second time around chances. Remember what I said about retro planets being in ‘See me!!’ mode? This retro asks you the question about whether you are being seen and recognised. By September, you’re reborn, Virgo!

26 Nov – 15 December: Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius (4th): Far flung fiery retro Mercury in here can cause havoc to travel plans. You know from experience what to pack when setting out. Alternatives. Try not to book that 2025 trip at this time either. Unless it has a rock solid cancellation policy. This is your house of home, property and also family. What supports and sustains and underpins your security. Draw your focus here. In the run-up to the holiday season, put moving plans on hold. And stay away from family dramas. Rise above it all. There’s no place like home – redefine what that means to you..

And now – coolly move forward with all the incredible, once-in-a-lifetime transits 2024 has for you!

Saturn continues its ‘serious applicants only’ transit through your 7th for 2024. You and the other party – be this a personal or a professional union, have to be on the same page. Commitment is what you seek. This is a time when you can take your union to the next level. And also see you asking questions as to where this is going or what the other party wants. You’ll do this from the outset if you are seeking someone new. Again, you’re not interested in time wasting.

The same goes for career moves which will take on a bigger focus from the end of May onwards. If you are seeking to change jobs, you’ll enter interviews knowing this is a two-way street. You are interviewing them too. You’ll want to know about career progression, where the company or organisation is heading and how this fits into your own vision of progress. You’ll also understand that love isn’t just happily ever after. That’s so once-upon-a-time – which is Neptune in here. Love and commitment takes hard work. Of course, the rewards make it worth it. But only if the other party is equally invested in your future together. There’s no more drifting or fairy tale fantasy – which Neptune can have you living. So, Saturn makes us ‘put a ring on it’ and know for certain its right. But also call ‘Time’s up!’ if its not.

The great thing about Neptune energy in your 7th is that when truly understood, it dissolves any worries or feelings of separation between you and love. Saturn adds clarity and keeps it real. The real thing is exposed in February – March. February 28th sees the Sun, ruler Mercury and Saturn meet. While the 8th hands you the perfect fusion of love and truth as Mercury and Neptune align. This is one of the key periods for partnerships for you this year with the next one coinciding with your birthday cycle. Both will determine where you go from here in a key or emerging double act.

With Pluto and Jupiter moving from your fellow earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus), and on into air signs – Aquarius and Gemini, you’ll feel the shift. Any intensity in the areas of romance, creativity, children, parenting lifts for you with Pluto’s arrival in Aquarius and your 6th. Jupiter is in its ruling house in your chart right up until May. So, it’s at its luckiest and most expansively generous. Travel should continue to feature. Barriers to progress vanish. You find yourself in full ascension mode. Optimistic and open-minded, you’re willing to experiment. And it works, Virgo!

You’ve been craving something bigger since Jupiter landed in your 9th in ‘23. What its given you should be the confidence to explore just what may be ‘out there’ for you. Along with Uranus in here adding an element of daring and experimentation, continue to take a chance and push yourself out of your usual comfort zone. And do look at whether ‘comfort zone’ is really just another term for self-imposed restrictions, Virgo!

The shift sees you move your focus onto work and career matters. Taking care of business becomes the new priority for you. June is your window to big up those ambitions and go for it! These include those personal ambitions as well as your professional ones. Many of you could find yourself in the public eye and receiving rewards, recognition and accolades relating to what you do. It’s all about the glory now, Virgo. With Jupiter in your 10th from May 25, this isn’t a cycle where you can afford to undersell yourself. A once in a lifetime transit occurs on June 3 when Jupiter and Pluto align across your work/career sector. This is swiftly followed by Mercury aligning to Pluto and meeting Jupiter. The success stars are in your favour. Expect to move on up now. You may take several steps up that ladder of success in one go.

Remember that your 10th also rules your partner’s status too. Some of you may benefit from a partner’s win or promotion. Singles could attract someone who can only be described as a ‘catch’. Know you are worthy and also ready whether what is on offer is promotion, public recognition or that game changing relationship. This is no time for self-doubt. Professional connections, work or work-based networking may bring singles that new partnership opportunity. And if it does, again, expect the other party to reflect your own intentions for something lasting and serious. Push forward with all status-setting moves and project boldness and surety right up until December. Then it will be time to rest on your laurels, celebrate your achievements and plan your next move for 2025 as we have a rare Mars retrograde happening in your 12th at this point.

As your birthday season approaches this year you’re off to an early start as Mercury enters your sign on July 25 and Venus follows on August 5 – the same day as Mercury retrogrades. Remember what I have told you about the ‘Look at me!’ elements of a retrograde. This is an excellent time to adjust your image or look at how you come across. Serve all your array of multi-facets during thiss time. And polish them if needed. Your natural sparkle and warmth are ignited with the Sun’s arrival on August 22. The old saying ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry all by yourself’ applies. Remember, a lot of what you attract is all linked to your image. So, make this a time of self-focus and relaunch. Especially with the new Moon in your 1st on September 3.

You have a preview of what 2025 is going to hold for you in terms of relationships happening in September. Pay close attention. The Nodes will shift in January in the new year. Moving from Aries and your 8th and Libra and your 2nd to the North Node in Pisces and your 7th. And the South Node in your 1st. Ahead of this shift, we always see the new eclipse cycle begin. Which will of course, take place across your 7th/1st axis. Watch for a double act, dynamic or dramatic duo, duel or duet which comes into focus with the eclipsed full Supermoon on September 18.

This day also sees Mercury oppose Saturn in here. Is it time to make a decision around a union or ask the other party for one? If you’re seeking a partner, do you need to make space or time for the relationship to happen? If you are uncertain of answers, do you need to ask the right questions? Even if you fear what the other party will say? This eclipse asks that there be no more confusion and uncertainty going forward into what is going to be one of the most important cycles for lasting love, marriage and other long term together themes you’ve experienced in 18 years!

This year your usual partnership peak occurs from February 19 – when the Sun enters your 7th, and for you there’s a bonus as it continues into April thanks to Venus. Putting you in a position for serious results and attraction.

We end the year in big fat retrograde weather. Not only will we have your ruler backwards in Sagittarius, but Mars will make a rare retrograde in Leo and your 12th house from December 6. This will take us on into 2025. You have a new set of retro rules to embrace now. And these revolve around your intuition, your psychic abilities, your 100 secret senses, imagination and ability to discern the truth.

As the year ends, this is not the time to be swayed by others and their opinions. You are the influencer of your own life and this year should have shown you this. So, don’t allow anyone to tell you different!

With a success story to be told by the year’s end, this should have shown you that you can trust yourself, your inner voice, and above all, your vision for your future. Hold fast and now refine that for the coming year. Those visions you are channelling – how do you see yourself? During both your birthday cycle this year and the Mars retrograde at the end of it, know that how you imagine yourself at that future date, is being beaned directly to you from your future self who has already achieved it! Now, knowing that move towards it with fresh confidence. If you can imagine it, it will happen.

In a nutshell: You’re working any retro-active phases like a boss this year. Nothing slows you down when it comes to overwhelming those goals. Be they personal or professional, Virgo – let your vision of your future self take you higher!

2 Jan 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Sagittarius (4th)

11 Jan 2024 New Moon in Capricorn (5th)

19 Jan 2024 Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (5th to 9th)

21 Jan 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius (6th)

29 Jan 2024 Venus in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus (5th to 9th)

5 Feb 2024 Mercury conjunct Pluto in Aquarius (6th)

19 Feb 2024 Sun enters Pisces (7th)

23 Feb 2024 Mercury enters Pisces (7th)

24 Feb 2024 Full Moon in Virgo (1st)

28 Feb 2024 Sun, Mercury, Saturn conjunct in Pisces (7th)

8 Mar 2024 Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces (7th)

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (7th)

22 Mar 2024 Mars enters Pisces (7th)

25 Mar 2024 Full Moon in Libra – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 5o 7’ (2nd)

1 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary retrograde in Aries (8th)

3 Apr 2024 Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces (7th)

8 Apr 2024 New Supermoon – Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (19 24’) (8th)

8 Apr 2024 Sun and Total Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron in Aries (8th)

10 Apr 2024 Mars and Saturn conjunct in Pisces (7th)

19 Apr 2024 Retrograde Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries (8th)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Virgo (1st)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (8th)

25 May 2024 Jupiter enters Gemini (10th)

3 June 2024 Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (10th to 6th)

4 June 2024 Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in Gemini (10th)

17 June 2024 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Gemini (10th)

25 Jul 2024 Mercury enters Virgo (1st)

5 Aug 2024 Venus enters Virgo (1st)

5 Aug 2024 Mercury stationary retrograde in Virgo (1st)

8 Aug 2024 Retrograde Mercury conjunct Venus in Virgo (1st)

22 Aug 2024 Sun enters Virgo (1st)

28 Aug 2024 Venus in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces (1st to 7th)

28 Aug 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Leo (12th)

3 Sept 2024 New Moon in Virgo (1st)

9 Sept 2024 Mercury direct re-enters Virgo (1st)

18 Sept 2024 Full Supermoon in Pisces – Partial Lunar Eclipse (25 41’) (7th)

18 Sept 2024 Mercury in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces (1st to 7th)

25 Sept 2024 Mercury in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces (1st to 7th)

2 Oct 2024 New Moon in Libra – Annular Solar Eclipse (10 04’) (2nd)

2 Oct 2024 New Moon conjunct Mercury in Libra (2nd)

18 Nov 2024 Mercury in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter in Gemini (4th to 10th) (Mutual reception)

19 Nov 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius (6th) – Never to return to Capricorn

26 Nov 2024 Mercury stationary retrograde in Sagittarius (4th)

4 Dec 2024 Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter in Gemini (2nd time) (4th to 10th) (Mutual Reception)

15 Dec 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Sagittarius (4th)

26 Dec 2024 Mercury in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter in Gemini (3rd time) (4th to 10th) Mutual Reception)

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