the week ahead for virgo

Your ruler is retrograde. But that’s doesn’t mean deep, powerful and ultimately sexy moves can’t be made now. The signs are there, follow them.

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Change your reaction

Suspend judgement

Deep, powerful, potent, sexy – that’s you

Changes are upon you this week, Virgo. Read what I have to say for the other Mercury ruled sign, Gemini, about this week’s Mercury retrograde which lasts until April 15. Of course, this takes place in different houses in your charts so the influences will play out in slightly different ways. However, the basic understanding of what your ruler moving backwards (or appearing to as no planet actually goes backwards in its orbit) remains the same for both of you. Mercury will retrograde in your 8th of changes, transformations, sex, shared resources and power. Plus you have the Sun, Venus, Eris and Uranus also in here. The Sun will also square Mars in your 5th of lovers and romance this week while Neptune in your partnership sector sextiles the deep, powerful and ultimately extremely sexy and potent black moon Lilith again in your romance zone. Venus who rules your love life and your money squares the ruler of your 8th Pluto who is in your 5th – but from Pluto’s ruling house. This all points to a shift or a transformation around an intimate connection or even your income.

But there’s more. Some of these changes may be expected but some may come upon your seemingly out of nowhere. Ceres turns direct in your secretive 12th. This is a dwarf planet who packs a powerful punch in our charts. And power is the operative word here. Even if the changes that occur are unexpected, Ceres is about to remind you that you have the power to choose how you react to them. And by doing so, direct their course. However, Ceres is also about reaping what we sow. What may seem at first like nothing we could predict, may not be that at all. Chances are when you look back the signs were there. You just missed them or did not see what they meant. Grasp the reins of change this week and ride it where you need to go.


19 Mar 2018 CERES STATIONARY (12th Hse)

19 Mar 2018 NEPTUNE SEXTILE BLACK MOON (7th Hse to 5th Hse)

20 Mar 2018 SUN ENTERING ARIES (8th Hse)

22 Mar 2018 URANUS TRINE VESTA (8th Hse to 4th Hse)

23 Mar 2018 MERCURY STATIONARY (8th Hse) Turns Retrograde until 15th April

23 Mar 2018 VENUS SQUARE PLUTO (8th Hse to 5th Hse)

24 Mar 2018 SUN SQUARE MARS (8th Hse to 5th Hse)

25 Mar 2018 SUN TRINE CERES (8th Hse to 12th Hse)

25 Mar 2018 VENUS CONJUNCTION ERIS (8th Hse)


monthly horoscope

Know what you want

What’s the one relationship that lasts a lifetime?

Go where desire takes you

March begins with you and your desires. What do you want for yourself? What do you need from others? February was like a deep breath for us all emotionally as it was a month without a full Moon. The start of March sees the first of two full Moons this month appear in your 1st. This full Moon brings your attention squarely down to you. Your dreams, your feelings and what it is you need not just now, but in the future. You’re examining this by the light of the Moon. Do you keep something or discard it? Does it fulfil you emotionally or not? But you are not immersed just in the wonderful ocean of your emotions. When the month begins you have a massive line-up of planets in your 7th as well. Full Moons reflect – not just the energy of the house they are in, but the house they oppose – in this case your partnership sector. You’re attuned to the feelings of those closest to you as well. Wanting to create a solution that interweaves both your needs and those closest to you.

You’re open, receptive and reflective now as this Moon will oppose Neptune in your 7th and the Sun also meets Neptune in here on the 4th. Venus who rules your 7th meets ruler Mercury in here the same day. This is the point when the energy of this Moon may peak. Neptune opens doorways to new realms and what has eluded you or what you could not see before. But as the Moon struck your 1st your most important relationship, the one that lasts a lifetime, could be the one that you can now begin relating to on a whole new level. And that’s your relationship with yourself. No matter what form it takes – whether the appearance of an entrancing new lover, the deepening of an existing relationship or just you accepting you just the way you are, it’s all in how you relate to your needs and through those, relate to others.

A powerful cycle of change fuelled by a newly created self-awareness also begins as together Mercury and Venus move into your 8th from the 6th. If you’ve recently met someone, the talk turns from romance to desire and yes, sex. It could be time to seal the deal on some level and this doesn’t just apply to your personal life but your work and business too. Sign on the dotted line or seal it with a kiss now because you are about to enter major retrograde territory – and you of all signs should know what that means. First, Jupiter will turn retrograde in your 3rd – a Mercury ruled house, from March 9 until July 15. This is your house of learning, teaching, short journeys, writing, communication, business,, contracts, siblings if you have them, and your neighbourhood. Being a Mercury-ruled sign and this being a Mercury-ruled house, you are better equipped than most other signs to cope with what may manifest as a Mercury retro on steroids. Jupiter adds well, extra big Jupiter influences over things Jupiter rules. So, take all those themes to their extreme. You understand that retrograde energy gives us the opportunity to revisit, refine, reconfigure, review, revise – if it’s a ‘re’ word it works with the retrograde. Where do you need to focus the ‘re’-vision? Look to what emerges around the 13th where you may get a signpost pointing the way.

Jupiter retrograde is all about what you have learned. And there is no point in revisiting the past if you don’t apply what it has taught you to the future. That future now shines with the first sliver of possibilities as a new Moon appears in your 7th on the 17th – the same day Mars enters your fabulous 5th of romance and fun. For singles this could turn out to be one of the best new Moons under which to find love this year. New beginnings in relationships are possible. Mars in your 5th ignites attraction and passion and adds a sexy boldness. You see something you like, you won’t wait. You’ll be the one to make the first move. Mars is in your house of creativity and children, stirring up desire. Just be aware of this if the patter of little feet isn’t on your agenda right now. Others could channel all this creative life force into a project or work they are passionate about. There’s a take it and run with it feeling to all of this. Fun and passion rule as it’s time to dance to the beat of your heart.

The Sun moves into your 8th just prior to ruler Mercury turning retrograde in here on the 23rd. It’s the start of an important cycle of transformation which could affect both your inner and outer world. Your 8th is loaded with a massive stellium right now – as you have the Sun, Venus, Eris and Uranus also in here. The Sun will square Mars in your 5th as Venus also squares Pluto in there. Deep and profound changes could occur around an intimate connection, something you share with another or your money. But ultimately it’s about you reaching down into the source of your power and coming from that. Are you ready to tap into a new strength and magnetism you’ve not accessed before?

Get ready for mayhem however as Mercury heads retrograde in here from the 23rd and will remain so until April 15. What changes did you set in motion and then failed to complete? It’s time to tap into fearlessness and tackle what you have been putting off once and for all. It’s also time for assertiveness and boundaries if you have problems in these areas. You can re-work and re-instate these is necessary. Something left in abeyance can now be re-negotiated. Think of this as a time of endings and completion rather than starting anything new. If a change occurs unexpectedly, which it may now as Venus meets Uranus in your 8th on the 29th, if you go deep chances are you’ll see the signs were there all along. You can choose how you react to this however. Think of this as the change revolution happening in your soul.

The second full Moon of the month – and therefore a ‘blue’ Moon shines out of your money zone on the final day of the month. Financial negotiations could enter their final stage now and you could also be examining your emotional connection to your money. Does this need to undergo a reformation or reconnection? Remember retrogrades are always about the ‘re’ words. The ruler of your money zone, Venus changes houses on this day and arrives in your 9th. There’s the promise ahead to have the funding for learning and exploration. By the end of the month, you could have discovered that this is what you wanted for yourself all along.

In a nutshell: Desire wants to scoop you up and carry you off. What is it you are hankering for, Virgo? Surrender to it and be brave enough to have it all this March!

annual horoscope

Virgo 2018

It’s time for some serious lovin’ in 2018, Virgo. Saturn and Pluto sit in your 5th and the start of the year will see ruler Mercury meet both in here. Yes, Saturn can make heavy weather out of things. But the upside of this is you should now be able to recognise whether or not a lover has long term potential – or not. The benefits are far-reaching for you: no more time wasters. Saturn and Pluto are both in their own way, concerned with endings. So, you are likely to see anything which doesn’t have a future end very early on in the year new. Don’t despair and see this as a new beginning rather than an end. There’s a massive transformation occurring in the far reaches of your soul now. And it relates to the love you have and the love you show in return. Your creativity is also in focus so expect a renewed commitment to that and anything that makes your soul dance and life sparkle.

This is the year of the crazy retrograde. Now, being Mercury ruled you are used to the madness that can rule when your ruler appears to move backwards in the sky. Get ready for even more mayhem than usual this 2018 however. During the July/August period at one point we will experience a total of six planets retrograde all at the same time. Yes, your ruler will be one of them, heading backwards through your house of the past and secrets. But we will also see Mars making a rare retrograde through your 6th and that back into your 5th during this time. Jupiter will head backwards in your 3rd, Saturn and Pluto will retrograde in your 5th, Neptune will retrograde in your partnership zone and Uranus having moved out of your 8th and on into your 9th from May 15 will also head retrograde from the second week of August.

You may feel like you are going over old ground once more in so many areas. This may include partners and your closest friends. You may find it difficult to express your feelings or else just feel others are not making any effort to see things from your perspective. If you are not careful, frustrations can result in arguments and also things getting blown out of all proportion. Look back over the past seven years because Uranus in your 8th of fears and intimacy should have left you with a new way of dealing with those deep seated issues. Especially those between you and those closest to you. With Neptune still in your relationship zone, you can access a different approach now and come from a place of compassion – perhaps for yourself. You are only human after all!

Just bear in mind with outer planet retrogrades, that these tend to increase rather than decrease the planet’s influence. Unlike Mercury retrogrades where everything just goes haywire! Uranus in your 9th retrograde can have you wanting to escape and leave everything behind. Just be mindful of what you are running away from. That fantasy about being a beach bum may look appealing, until you have to pay the bills on the beach hut. However, Uranus in your 9th brings a fabulous, universal outlook, a desire to embrace new, perhaps even ‘radical’ ideas and for new experiences. You may find yourself getting involved with or even studying subjects you might have dismissed before now. Your mind is more open, more enquiring than it has been for a very long time. You may also be drawn to visit unusual places. Again, these may be destinations you would have had no desire to visit before. Now you want to get off the beaten track – or whatever that means for you, as the diverse and the unique call to you.

Departures from the ‘norm’ are where your success lies this year. A good philosophy is to look at what you have chosen in the past and what the results were from that. This rules everything from your wardrobe choices, to lovers, holiday destinations and career moves. If you’re happy with your results – fine. If not, this year is all about making that different choice and seeing if you get a

different outcome. Instead of saying: That’s not for me, Uranus in your 9th wants you to say ‘That IS for me!’. Try it and see.

Jupiter planet of luck, abundance and learning remains in your 3rd for most of the year. What are you learning? This is a Mercury ruled house in your chart so commerce, communication, writing, teaching and travel could feature. This is your house of your siblings if you have them and your neighbourhood. Getting more involved with your community is one aspect of Jupiter in here as is receiving benefits via siblings or neighbours. Above all however, Jupiter in here is all about seeing how far one idea can take you. This could be an idea for a blog, book, screenplay, website or business. Or it could be an idea that can be shared with others. It’s about having good game rather than just talking one. You need to bring it with Jupiter in here. From November onwards he’ll be making his annual shift – from your 3rd and in into your 4th of home, family, security and that sense of belonging. There could be benefits from women in your life – especially from your mother but women in general could prove to be very helpful now.

This is an excellent transit for moving house, for extending or improving your current home or for buying something expensive that you’ve wanted for it for some time. This is also an excellent transit for business dealings, for impressing superiors, for your public/professional image and for long term decisions. Family events and celebrations feature too – or perhaps the cause for celebrating is yours! 2019 could be the year when you bring it all together and 2018 gives you the means to pave the way for all of that.


2 Jan 2018 until 7 Aug 2018 URANUS Turns Direct 8th Hse)

9 Jan 2018, SUN CONJUNCTION PLUTO (5th Hse)




9 Mar 2018, JUPITER Retrograde until 10 Jul 2018 (3rd Hse)

23 Mar 2018, Mercury Retrograde until 15 Apr 2018, (8th Hse)


15 Apr 2018 Mercury goes Direct (8th Hse)

18 Apr 2018, until 6 Sep 2018 SATURN Retrograde(5th Hse)

15 May 2018 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (9th Hse)

25 May 2018 and again 19 Aug 2018 JUPITER TRINE NEPTUNE (3rd Hse to 7th Hse)

16 Jun 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION SATURN (11th Hse to 5th Hse)

23 Jun 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION PLUTO (11th Hse to 5th Hse)

26 July 2018 Mercury Retrograde until 19th August (12th Hse)

19 Aug 2018 Mercury goes Direct

10 Oct 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION URANUS (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)

29 Oct 2018, 27 Nov 2018, 21 Dec 2018 MERCURY CONJUNCTION JUPITER (3rd Hse)

31 Oct 2018, 12 Dec 2018 MERCURY ENTERING SAGITTARIUS (4th Hse)


17 Nov 2018 Mercury Retrograde until 6th Dec (4th Hse)



6 Dec 2018 Mercury goes Direct



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