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Not sure about the difference between your 5th and 7th houses? Michele has this handy guide for you to get the most from your horoscope.

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The 12th house of your chart contains secrets - and is where your Guardian Angel or spirit guides reside.

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Release Your Inner Child - Unleashing the Power of the Fifth House

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The first house/Rising sign is incredibly important as it describes you and how others see you. It is the house of first impressions. To know your first house you have to know your exact time of birth.

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What have you come here to do and what will you achieve? It's all in the 10th house.

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The 9th house is all about expansion - so broaden your horizons and dream big!

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Many people fear the Eighth house but it contains gifts of psychic ability, alchemy and transformation.

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Our third house rules our environment, our siblings, travel and our ability to communicate. Most importantly, it offers the opportunity to re-invent ourselves.