Designed for one person. Get the most out of your love life, home life and career by understanding who you really are or use it to find out everything you need to know about someone else at the touch of a button.

Discover in detail the kind of impression you make on others, what they expect of you as a result and what makes you behave in the way that you do. Understand your best route to your chosen career and find out how it is likely to develop.

Let the stars show you how to make your dreams come true, how to have more self confidence and allow others to see your unique gifts and contribution to the world.

The Five Star Rating reveals at a glance the most important and special aspects of you.

If you don’t know the time of birth for the person for whom this report is designed, it will be shorter, but just as valuable to understanding what makes that person tick.

This is the same reading as the Life Destiny report, but without the astrological headings for those who just like to be in the know!

Length: Up to 20 pages

Contains full birth chart and astrological information.

Save 50% with Personality as part of a Personality Plus Special Package.

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