Star Lovers

“The Secret Of A Better Relationship”

Star Lovers – compatibility reading confirms how you  feel about each other, revealing more about each lover’s secret  passions than you ever imagined possible, helping you both make a  success of being together.

Your Star Lovers reading has two sections that look at your  relationship from each person’s point of view and how you are together:

Section one – an overview for each lover; Each  lover’s relationship potential. What each of you require from a  partnership. Personal needs in a loving sexual relationship.

Section two – the way you act together; How each  perceives and experiences the other. Specific connections between you.  The strengths of your relationship. Any possible problems.

Five Star Rating lets you see at a glance how strong your relationship is. Up to 50  pages in length, depending on what there is between you. If the time of  birth is not known for either person then the reading is likely to be  between 10-20 pages in length.

Save 50% with Star Lovers as part of Lovers Compatibility Special Package.

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