See yourself as you want others to see you

Play is your superpower

Have the courage to let go of what no longer works

Time to check your chart as June begins. Do you have any factors between 0-2 degrees in it? Begin with your own sign and then move on to fellow airy Gemini and also Libra. Anything in Sagittarius and your 11th house? Aries and your 3rd? Your opposite number of Leo? Include your ascendant/descendant, IC/MC, Nodal axis and asteroids.

If you have them – then expect big, powerful changes to arrive at the start of June. The 3rd has Jupiter – now in Gemini and your fabulizing 5th, trine Pluto in your sign. This is the first time in our lifetimes these two planets have aligned in this way across these signs. Many astrologers are predicting this is the most powerfully lucky transit of the year. And your 5th is your house of luck don’t forget!

You should not have to wait long to see what this transit delivers. As Mercury makes the same angle to Pluto the next day while meeting Jupiter. Just remember as you head into this – clinging to the old prevents the new and miraculous entering. So – as this once in a lifetime moment gets up-close-and-personal with you, please don’t fall into that trap.

Your 5th is your house of effortless attraction. Your flow. The things you do that seem like creative play. And which enable you to stand out and be noticed. Expect to find yourself the focus or centre of both attraction and attention. You will be at your most open, playful and dare I say it – showstopping. This is no time to be shy, undersell yourself or hold yourself back. Above all – don’t self-censor, Aquarius. Often that inner critic can be harsher than outer ones. And yes, the latter are still out there. But don’t give them air space either.

Work your joy. Accept all invitations. And above all – take that chance. This month is about to reveal to you your relationship with luck, the divine dance of destiny and your beliefs around your right to happiness and bliss. And above all – look to how you see yourself or imagine yourself becoming. Because you can create the person you want to be now thanks to Pluto in your sign.

New beginnings are ushered in by the new Moon conjunct Venus (6th). Approach what you want to experience, have, to or attract with the joy and open hearted trust of a child. Take your cues from what appears or the path towards love, creative self-expression and soul-boosting breakaways that appear. Something new is trying to enter or is being born into your life. And this may happen with such effortless ease that you may at first question it. My advice if so is – don’t. Just go with it.

The 14th and 17th also offer you the opportunity to break free from something that has had you spinning your wheels for far too long. If you find yourself on a roll this June, trust your gut. Unexpected invitations and events can and will occur. Especially around these dates. Jupiter is lining up the external factors needed to send you in a new direction. You don’t have to know your final destination, Aquarius. You just have to enjoy the ride and know you’ll land exactly where you are meant to be (and/or with whom!).

Yes, romance or love may be in the air for many of you. A powerful and possibly instant attraction. If you are still waiting for someone to appear – again, trust Jupiter will deliver when the timing is right. But use this key period to get very clear about the kind of qualities and attributes you need from a partner. Taking the time to do this will open up the fast track that brings you the person who ticks those boxes for you.

Do use the first three weeks of this month to focus on your personal projects, plans and putting yourself out there. The 21st has the Sun enters Cancer and your 6th house. You can now infuse work, wellbeing, routine and those habits with all the creativity and passion you’re channelling from your 5th. Turn that dull into diamonds. That rut into an escape route. But know the upcoming month asks you to be totally present in the moment and resist the lure of escapism in order to make the most of it. When push comes to shove ask yourself this: Would you rather have two fabulous weeks of the year when you go on holiday and live your dream life? Or would you rather work to create a life that feels like a holiday for you every day?

Pluto in your sign is telling you that you have the power within you to create the magic. All you need bring is the focus. And work your intuition which at the time of the full Moon in your 12th, is broadcasting loud and clear. Take note of the changes it is calling on you to make. It illuminates a path towards healthier choices. And this may involve showing you something you are doing or are involved in, which no longer does you any good.

The thing is – you already know about it. It should come as no surprise. But perhaps you have been shoving thoughts about it aside. Telling yourself its not important or just not wanting to deal with it. The Sun in your 6th always brings the Solstice (Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern). It’s the time to stop and consider what we have achieved in the year so far and what we want to do next. It’s also the time when we look at what we’re carrying forward with us on the next stage. In your case, this full Moon may have you realising something now needs to be let go of.

This is the first of two full Moons which will appear in this house in your chart while the Sun is in your 6th. The second being a ‘Blue’ Moon. Take it that between this one and the next in July, you will reach beyond fear or hesitation when it comes to trusting what your gut is telling you.

A sense of self-satisfaction sets you up to experience July from a place of grounded abundance and surety thanks to the Mercury/Saturn trine on the 26th. With ancient ruler Saturn about to reverse in your 2nd, what you’ve stuck to or have been working towards now pays off for you. You’ll also now understand that happiness, joy, freedom and doing what you love stems from doing the work or simply knowing you’re on the right track. And if you’re not – then trust this month to put your feet firmly back on it.

In a nutshell: Jupiter’s alignment to Pluto in your sign has never happened before. Above all, believe in yourself and your own ability to create and attract what you want into your life, Aquarius. However you see yourself this month – is reflected in what or who you attract.

3 June 2024 Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (5th to 1st)

3 June 2024 Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces (4th to 2nd)

3 June 2024 Mercury enters Gemini (5th)

3 June 2024 Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (5th to 1st)

4 June 2024 Mercury in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (5th to 1st)

4 June 2024 Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in Gemini (5th)

4 June 2024 Sun and Venus conjunct in Gemini (5th)

6 June 2024 New Moon in Gemini (5th)

6 June 2024 New Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini (5th)

8 June 2024 Venus in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces (5th to 2nd)

9 June 2024 Sun in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces (5th to 2nd)

9 June 2024 Mars enters Taurus (4th)

11 June 2024 Mars in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius (4th to 1st)

12 June 2024 Mercury in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces (5th to 2nd)

14 June 2024 Sun and Mercury conjunct in Gemini (5th)

17 June 2024 Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (5th to 3rd)

17 June 2024 Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (5th to 2nd)

17 June 2024 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Gemini (5th)

17 June 2024 Venus enters Cancer (6th)

17 June 2024 Mercury enters Cancer (6th)

20 June 2024 Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (5th to 2nd)

21 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus (6th to 4th)

21 June 2024 Sun enters Cancer (6th)

22 June 2024 Full Moon in Capricorn (12th)

26 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (6th to 2nd)

29 June 2024 Venus in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus (6th to 4th)

29 June 2024 Saturn stationary retrograde in Pisces (2nd)

30 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus (6th to 4th)

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