A quick guide to different forms of astrology.

Most people have been introduced to astrology in one form or another – even if it’s just when they flick past daily horoscopes in newspapers. Perhaps the most common understanding of astrology is that it can be used to give us insight into who we are and what might happen in the coming day or month.

But astrology can also be used to look at influencing trends and character analysis in a far deeper, more specific way.  It can tell us the best time to push forward on something, work out compatability between people, or even tell us when it’s time to buy or sell in the market! So if you want to know more about the different forms of astrology and its uses – read on!

The horoscopes that you see in newspapers or magazines or the general features on character traits according to astrological signs are based on what’s called Sun Sign astrology. This is based on your date of birth and gives good, if general, insight into trends that might affect you or characteristics that you might share with others of your sign. So, for example, if you’re a Leo, you might read one week that romance or travel is well starred, or that you can expect delays at work. Reading about Leos will tell you that you are fiery, loyal, generous and extremely regal.

Sun sign astrology is usually used for entertainment or amusement.  But what if you wanted more specific information?  Natal astrology looks at your entire birth chart, showing where all of the planets were specific to you at the time of your birth, giving a much deeper analysis of character traits, strengths and weaknesses. This is the most popular form of astrology and a whole variety of different techniques can be used to make predictions from your birth chart.

Once you’ve got your own life sussed out, can also use astrology to look at your relationships with specific people.  To do this, an astrologer would compare your chart with someone else’s to see how you’ll get on, where you’ll argue, and how the relationship is likely to pan out. Comparing two people’s birth charts is usually known as synastry.

If you were planning to launch a new business or travel the world, you might choose to have an Electional chart drawn up. For this, an astrologer looks at the planetary positions over a given period and casts charts until they find the time at which all the planets are in the best place to give the go ahead to whatever you’ve got in mind. Many people in places such as China use it to plan everything from opening a new building to organising a wedding!

Some people like to look a little deeper into the more spiritual aspects of their lives. Esoteric astrology can show us our soul’s intention and how this is expressed in our everyday life for the purpose of service to others. This can be particularly helpful as it’s always worth remembering that the soul has it’s own clear goals for why we are here that can have a very strong influence on what appears to be our fate.  It can also shed a lot of light on those times when we very strongly feel that we want to go one way, but life seems insistent that we get pushed in another!

Perhaps the most fascinating form is Horary astrology.  This is based on the idea that every moment of time has its own quality and the answer to a question lies in the moment it is asked. Horary astrology is used to answer specific questions through casting a chart for the moment the question is asked. You don’t need a birth time for this sort of astrology as it’s done with a completely separate chart.

If you are thinking about moving home or going on holiday, Locational astrology can be used to look at the best and worst areas for you, whereas Astrocartography is based on the idea of relocating a chart for where you actually live.

A an astrological chart cast by a Medical astrologer can also work out your bodily strengths and weaknesses, proneness to various disease states and nutritional deficiencies. It’s also used to determine the severity and duration of illnesses and in choosing the best time to undergo surgery.

For those with an interest in the wider world, Mundane astrology, based on planetary cycles rather than the interpretation of individual horoscopes, can be used to examine politics and world affairs.

Perhaps the oldest use of astrology is Astrometeorology.  This can be used to forecast weather, fierce storms, floods, droughts, freezes, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which means it could come in useful if you’re planning a holiday or an outdoor event such as a wedding!

Ancient merchants used astrology to find the best times to trade in the markets. Modern financial astrology involves predicting cycles on the stock markets by allying them with planetary cycles or by casting a horoscope for a financial institution.

So, there you have it.  Whether you’re thinking about visiting Australia, eyeing up someone new that you’ve met at work and wondering whether they’re just as interested in you, trying to figure out what you’re life’s really about, wanting to open a florist or just curious to know where the world is going to, there’s a form of astrology that can delve deep into what’s going on and what’s likely to unfold in the future!

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