Pedal to the metal in ‘24, Libra. You’re back in the fast lane when it comes to love, doing what you love and immersing yourself in fresh experiences. Pluto redefines pleasure for you. While Jupiter opens a highway to heaven. Be ready to go further.

Life been too slow lately? Get ready for the fast lane, Libra. The good news is that you’re back at the wheel of that muscle car of destiny making like Vin Diesel in ‘24. And it’s an open road ahead of you.

Your goals and ambitions are what fuel this journey. A highway to heaven opens in terms of your relationships – both personal and professional. People matter more than even. And love has a wilder, bigger, wider role to play in the direction you take.

The South Node remains in your sign all year. With the North Node in your 7th of opposite numbers. Karmic ties with others feature. These connections, one way or another, will prove pivotal in you defining what you now need for happiness from this point onwards. And in understanding yourself better. Because it is only when we truly know ourselves, that we can get what we really need.

You begin and end the year in a Venus cycle. This is highly unusual. Venus enters your 5th in February and will meet both Pluto and Mars in here. Making this a Leap Year of hot, smouldering love. And you very much aware of the fact life has taken on a new, exciting and faster pace.

Pluto enters your 5th on January 21. This year it will make one very short incursion back into your 4th. Completing a cycle of change around home, security and family. Once back in your 5th (Nov 19), it will remain there for 20 years. Bringing you a once-in-a-lifetime cycle of transformation around love, parenting, pleasure and creative ventures. If you have early factors in Libra (0-1 degree), then you will feel the impact almost immediately as Pluto will trine these. And this is when life will really pick up the pace.

Your fearlessness knows no bounds. You adopt a more playful yet powerful approach to romance, what you love to do, your children and your desire to have and experience joy. You are not afraid to experiment. And stand out in the process. In fact, the more unafraid you become to be just the way you are, the more abundance flows your way. Bending yourself out of shape or suppressing parts of yourself simply to fit in or become what you think will make you ‘acceptable’ in the eyes of others will stop. And what replaces all that effort is a tide of self-love and freedom. Which acts to attract what you need and which accepts you – just the way you are, Libra.

Because the Nodes are in your 1st/7th houses, this also puts the eclipse axis across them. The first is a lunar eclipse with the full Moon in your sign on March 25. You may feel this building up to two weeks beforehand. In fact, this applies to all the eclipses of the year. This one may put you in an introspective mood. While amplifying your sensitivity. The lunar eclipse is asking you to release or purge something. And the only way you may connect to what this may be is via introspection, meditation and exploring where your feelings originate.

Watch for projection and transference. That trigger may not be that other person at all. This could well be an ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ eclipse. Where you come to realise that something truly does originate with you and not the other party! Past patterns in relationships may be the purge that occurs. But also, if you have been suppressing parts of your true self to fit in, you’ll know it now. And stop. And if others can’t take the unfiltered version of you, you’ll have the attitude that’s their problem. Not yours. Living in the fast lane means living authentically. No more masks. This is your yearly love and partnership peak. How often do we forget to include the partnership we are in from cradle to grave? The one with ourselves. Do include self-love in your process.

Eclipses conceal. And we won’t see a bigger black-out than the Great North American Eclipse – a total eclipse in your 7th, which occurs on April 8th. It will be visible from North America, Canada and Mexico. It also occurs when Mercury is retrograde in here. Adding to the potential for confusion and miscommunication. And also misleading your own thinking. Are you hanging on to thoughts about a past connection? Maybe you are adding a touch of nostalgia to that. The way we were may not actually be the way it actually was.

This is a major blind-spot or cover-up which either touches on a past, present or potential relationship. For this reason, you should avoid seeking anyone new in the lead up to this eclipse. And for the time immediately after it. This also applies to work, business and collaborative unions. And certainly steer clear while Mercury is backwards. If the past does reappear in human form, resist the impulse to jump straight back in. Insist you begin again as if you had first met. And take it slowly. You have changed. Have they?

Because you are cautioned to slow down during this period in what is otherwise, a fast-paced year, please don’t give in to FOMO. You will more than make up for any lost time. And do so with your loving heart intact. A cycle of expansion and adventure lies ahead of you once Jupiter exits your 8th and enters its ruling 9th in your chart on May 25. This same day sees ruler Venus also in your 9th trine Pluto in your 5th. And Jupiter makes the same angle to Pluto on June 3. These two dates should be highlighted in your diary. They have never formed between these planets in these particular signs before.

Powerful solutions, opportunities and moves towards freedom can be claimed. You may literally find yourself in the right place at the right time. Or that offer or what you have been seeking appears to simply land in your lap. Of course, that may not be entirely the case. But to others, it may look like you are on a lucky streak. I would advise you refrain from betting your bank balance in Vegas however. But these dates do favour you taking a chance and a calculated risk. And putting yourself ‘out there’ in some way.

Ideas, writing, publishing, the mass media, universities and higher education, the law, sports, the outdoors, large animals especially horses and long distance travel or dealing with businesses and people far, far away will feature. Even if you end up going nowhere – unlikely but still possible, the world will somehow come knocking on your door or slide into your DM’s. You need a big dream to pursue, a star to follow and to know this is a cycle which is defined by Go Big or Go Home. There is no try to quote Yoda.

Someone should appear who offers entrée into a larger world. Or who opens your eyes to possibilities you did not know existed. This is Jupiter appearing in person. They may be well-travelled or even have overseas connections. Generous without any apparent agenda in mind. Upbeat and optimistic. If this is a lover do understand they don’t like to be fenced in. They either choose to stay – or move on. But your light-hearted, easy going approach to life and love mirrors theirs now.

The only limitations you are likely to encounter now are those of your own making. Again, this is why the shedding process is so important. And to stop censoring yourself. The second eclipse in your sign this year occurs at the time of the new Moon (Oct 2). This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. One that produces that ‘Ring of Fire’ effect we see in eclipse photos. So, unlike April’s total eclipse, it is not a complete black-out. Something has a ‘ring of truth’ to it. This eclipse falls conjunct Mercury in your sign. Someone could offer a valuable piece of information or insight into you. You could even initially dismiss this. But then you come to see how perceptive it was. You may put into action what they say by Oct 13 when a rare Grand Air Trine blows away any remaining eclipse shadows. Leaving you with nothing but a breath of the truth.

You begin and end the year in a strong Venus cycle. Venus was in your 5th at the start of ‘24. And ends the year back in there and conjunct Pluto once more. You could be looking back amazed at how easy and effortlessly things have transformed. An almost organic process which you had fun doing.

We do end the year in big fat retrograde weather however. Last year’s slow down was partly due to ruler Venus in a rare and long retrograde in Leo and your 11th. This year ends with Mars in your 11th also retrograde in Leo. The Sun is now in your 3rd house (from Nov 21), but Mercury in here is retrograde or in post-retroshadow for all of this period. Add to this that Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and your 3rd is also now retrograde, and suddenly the year’s momentum which has carried you forwards up until this point, slows and dissipates. It is now time to take stock of how far you’ve come, what you’ve achieved and experienced, and to set new goals for ‘25.

The usual retro rules apply. However, second time around opportunities are exempt from this. Something may reappear during Mercury’s retrograde. As it will make not one but three trines to Jupiter. Both planets are in one another’s ruling signs. In astrology we can this ‘mutual reception’. It means both are speaking one another’s language. The first angle occurs on Nov 18, the second Dec 4 and the third and final one on Dec 26. Something for you comes back within reach. Or what has been promised manifests.

Think of this year as the start of an important journey. Where you go places you never thought you would. And have experiences that take you far beyond what you imagined possible. Accept opportunities you encounter on the way. It’s a year to take you further.

In a nutshell: Travel and opportunity surrounds you this year with Jupiter in its ruling 9th in your chart from May onwards. Pluto in your house of romance and pleasure brings you intense and redefining love experiences. Get ready to enter a new world.

21 Jan 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius (5th)

17 Feb 2024 Venus conjunct Pluto in Aquarius (5th)

19 Feb 2024 North Node and Chiron conjunct in Aries (7th)

22 Feb 2024 Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius (5th)

20 Mar 2024 Sun enters Aries (7th)

25 Mar 2024 Full Moon in Libra – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 5o 7’ (1st)

4 Apr 2024 Sun and North Node conjunct in Aries (7th)

5 Apr 2024 Venus enters Aries (7th)

8 Apr 2024 New Supermoon – Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (19 24’) (7th)

8 Apr 2024 Sun and Total Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron in Aries (7th)

18 Apr 2024 Venus and North Node conjunct in Aries (7th)

25 May 2024 Jupiter enters Gemini (9th)

25 May 2024 Venus in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (9th to 5th)

3 June 2024 Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (9th to 5th)

6 June 2024 New Moon in Gemini (9th)

6 June 2024 New Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini (9th)

12 Jul 2024 Venus in Leo opposition Pluto in Aquarius (11th to 5th)

29 Aug 2024 Venus enters Libra (1st)

29 Aug 2024 Venus in Libra trine Pluto in Aquarius (1st to 5th)

15 Sept 2024 Venus in Libra trine Jupiter in Gemini (1st to 9th)

22 Sept 2024 Sun enters Libra (1st)

2 Oct 2024 New Moon in Libra – Annular Solar Eclipse (10 04’) (1st)

2 Oct 2024 New Moon conjunct Mercury in Libra (1st)

13 Oct 2024 Grand Air Trine – Sun in Libra trine Moon in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Gemini trine Sun in Libra (1st to 5th to 9th to 1st)

17 Oct 2024 Full Supermoon in Aries (7th)

18 Nov 2024 Mercury in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter in Gemini (3rd to 9th) (Mutual reception)

19 Nov 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius (5th) – Never to return to Capricorn

4 Dec 2024 Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter in Gemini (2nd time) (3rd to 9th) (Mutual Reception)

6 Dec 2024 Mars stationary retrograde in Leo (11th)

7 Dec 2024 Venus enters Aquarius (5th)

7 Dec 2024 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Aquarius (5th)

26 Dec 2024 Mercury in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter in Gemini (3rd time) (3rd to 9th) Mutual Reception)

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