Weekly Astrology overview starting 22rd november 2010

Weekly overview 22rd to 29th November

It’s a relatively quiet week in the heavens, giving us a chance to catch our breath from the recent emotional rollercoaster ride through Scorpio land. The sun is now in Sagittarius, so in general there’s a more positive, upbeat vibe pulsing through the heavens; or rather, it’s more easy to become aware of that positive upbeat vibe that always pulses through the heavens, because Sagittarius is all about the bigger picture and our place within it, and about how everything revolves around the idea of perspective – it’s all a case of how you look at it.

This week mind planet Mercury nears the end of its journey through the sign of Sagittarius and is making a square aspect to Jupiter (ruling planet of Sagittarius), and Uranus over in the sign of Pisces. A square aspect is known as one of the challenging aspects – it’s not necessarily negative,  it tends to mean circumstances are about to call more forth from us and through us for some reason, and the combination of planets suggests the challenge arises from communication (Mercury), in conflict with beliefs and opinions (Jupiter), and unconventional or alternative approaches (Uranus).

What might this particular aspect mean for your sign ?

ARIES – your inspiration is working overtime, so it’s hard to switch off the mental chatter. Insomnia is a feature of strong Uranus energy, so your challenge is to manage the excitement of good ideas along with the need to get some zzz’s in!

TAURUS – don’t be intimidated by others who seem to know more than you, especially in groups and gatherings; they just know something different, and it might be fun to find out more.

GEMINI –  Its easy to lock horns with others when it comes to the subject of ‘how things should be’; especially when you sense that ‘all things are possible’.

CANCER – syncronicity and coincidence abounds this week; do you take it as a wink from the universe that there’s more than meets the eye to life, or do you rationalise with the harsh feeling reality train?

LEO –  it’s hard to see where a creative project wants to take you this week, so try to feel your way through it instead. It’s about understanding it emotionally right now.

VIRGO  – others (especially romantic others), keep prodding you right out of your comfort zone; this is a good thing remember.

LIBRA – what you say seems to cause a stir no matter how you say it, so no need to spend time worrying about it.

SCORPIO – your challenge is to value your unpredictable creative juices; right now you are at the mercy of your own vision – can’t control it or force it, just gotta trust it’s there when you need it.

SAGITTARIUS – when others challenge your beleifs, you feel they are challenging you personally. You don’t need others to agree with where you are in yourself this week.

AQUARIUS –  friends insist on your perspective, then don’t like what they hear… it’s their problem not yours.

PISCES – your new fangled ideas aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but don’t change to seek approval. They’ll come round eventually.

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