What can you create with love?

What affects you without you really knowing?

Don’t allow anything to dull that charisma

Fabulous is a superpower for you, Aquarius. With planets (including Jupiter) in your 5th and Pluto in your sign,

Something is charged and sizzles with potential on the 17th. Perhaps a baby, a young person, a creative ‘child’ as in a project or idea your mind has given ‘birth’ to or an emerging love as Mercury and Venus meet. Have I mentioned your charisma during this cycle? And this is with you to stay thanks to Pluto. But you’ll be launching a total and effortless charm offensive right up until this time next year with Jupiter’s additional backing.

While the Sun remains in what is its ruling house in your chart – up until the 21st, the more your appeal and willingness to let go, the more you attract. Mercury and Venus move into your 6th (which Mercury rules) on the 17th. Solstice Day brings you your yearly focus on your day job, your wellness and your habits and routine. Do look at how and where you spend your day. The magic wit this transit is always found in the minutiae. The things you do each and every day by rote. Those ingrained habits. And especially what surrounds you, fuels and feeds you. Both food and energy wise.

The full Moon in your 12th on the 22nd – the first of two in this sector of your chart, is set to reveal something right in front of you that you’ve overlooked or need to pay closer attention to. Between this and the next ‘Blue’ Moon in here in July, once you’re alerted to it, do tackle it. Know its the small things that mean a lot for you right now. Feeling depleted emotionally or physically? Surrounded by clutter – physical or mental? The universe gives you a clue on where to start. Follow through with fact finding – and then action.

In a nutshell: You should be feeling at your most dynamic and energised this week, Aquarius. So, if you’re not, I suggest you take a close look at what surrounds you in your everyday environment. That soul drain needs blocking. And what it is may have been overlooked – until now.

17 June 2024 Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (5th to 2nd)

17 June 2024 Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (5th to 2nd)

17 June 2024 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Gemini (5th)

17 June 2024 Venus enters Cancer (6th)

17 June 2024 Mercury enters Cancer (6th)

20 June 2024 Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (5th to 2nd)

21 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus (6th to 4th)

21 June 2024 Sun enters Cancer (6th)

22 June 2024 Full Moon in Capricorn (12th)

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