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You’re ahead of the curve this week, Virgo. Or should I say you’re not latching on to the next big thing. You are it. Innovate and experiment. Evolution time is here.

Certainly, history doesn’t need to repeat itself. Especially when it comes to relationships. Seeking the new? You should be connecting or ensuring others can find you in a way that feels right for you thanks to the angles between ruler Mercury and Venus in your 11th. And planets in your 7th/9th houses. Do venture forth and look outside your usual circle if you are able. Consider someone from a different background or even a different age group. Ditch that ‘type’ especially if you suddenly see how the pursuit of it hasn’t got you what you wanted previously.

This week brings one of the most important retrogrades of the year for you. And we know you are the retro boss! This one is very different from the usual Mercury retro mayhem you’re used to navigating however. The 29th has Saturn, planet of the long haul commitment, head backwards in your marriage and partnership sector. This is a slow burn retro as it will last right up until November. If you have been ignoring red flags or blissfully unaware of those patterns in your previous or even present relationship, Saturn now delivers the reality check.

The good news – what you then create from this point onwards is real, lasting connection. And isn’t that what we all truly, madly, deeply want? So, the love or even close working relationship evolution means fit to last, Virgo. By November – you’re the boss when it comes to establishing exactly that.

In a nutshell: Put a ring on it Saturn heads backwards in your house of partnerships this week. Unions get a much needed reality check. But let’s face it, Virgo – weren’t you done with a fantasy that doesn’t actually deliver a long time ago?

26 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (11th to 7th)

29 June 2024 Venus in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus (11th to 9th)

29 June 2024 Saturn stationary retrograde in Pisces (7th)

30 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus (11th to 9th)

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