Weekly astrology overview 7-13th December

Weekly overview 7th to 13th December

There’s an encouraging and supportive sextile aspect between the sun in Sagittarius and Saturn in Libra on the 7th. It’s great for providing structure and positivity in relationships, as well as the element of good timing, tempering the Sag sun’s lust for a grand adventure with Saturn in Libra’s ability to plan for harmony and balance for all involved.

Also around the 7th, mind and communication planet Mercury meets transformation planet Pluto, in the sign of Capricorn. This is just ahead of the start of a Mercury retrograde phase on the 10th (where Mercury appears to move backwards which can cause us a bit of communication chaos), so events around that time might be significant over weeks to come (Mercury is retrograde till December 31st). Pluto deals with what is deep or hidden, and works on emotional levels which Mercury often finds difficulty in making intellectual sense of, or of expressing though its preferred linear logical way. So while it’s the perfect climate for secrets and silence, it doesn’t always mean that there’s something to hide, rather that there’s a depth to events that takes time to come to light, and Mercury retrograde will be part of this process over coming weeks. Key word is patience! Avoid making any ultimatums and keep an open mind.

Venus, planet of relationships, is in sextile (harmonious) aspect to this Pluto/Mercury combo at this time. Venus is still in the sign of Scorpio, which deals effortlessly with the emotional depths and undercurrents of relationships, so can soften the harsh edges of misunderstandings or misgivings, but the pattern as a whole indicates that there’s no satisfaction in polite afternoon tea conversation; there’s never anything superficial or shallow about an energy pattern like this.

If popular opinion on Mercury retrograde phases is to be believed, then we should all be a bit apprehensive this week, however there’s much more to Mercury retrograde than just computer glitches and traffic jams, so fear not, there’s a strong positive side to all astrological cycles, no exceptions. For example, in general, all retrograde cycles are about a review process, where we get to think back or think over where we have been and therefore where we want to go from here. It’s much easier in a retrograde phase to get positive results from a review process – this isn’t about hamster wheeling through past memories, this is about retreading old ground for a purpose, with Mercury as our guide. Often people or places from the past become significant again, and contacts and communication are resumed (especially through Mercury retrograde as it is the planet associated with communication and dialogue).

From the 8th Mars moves into Capricorn, which adds a third planet to this Capricorn mix. Mars is the planet of motivation and momentum, which in Capricorn works like a breath of fresh air to all plans and projects. New life and new ideas are what Mars is interested in, as well as the desire to keep things moving forward. This can clash with Mercury’s retro orientated view at times, but sometimes a different direction can move things forward in whole new way in the long run.

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