Astrological Love Matches

Your love match is much deeper than just sun signs but here is the general gist! You need to look at two people’s charts very closely to establish what your love connection is but just for fun here are the traditional meanings. Try one of our compatibility reports if you want to know exactly what makes you both attracted.

You love the thrill of the chase but can get bored once you’ve ‘caught’ the object of your affections. You are passionate, confident and honest and expect the same from your partner. You need someone that can keep up with your sparky personality, someone that will allow you blow hot as well as cold. Fire signs work best as they understand your need for attention, and can match you drama for drama.

Blissful: Leo, Sagittarius
Intriguing: Aries
Disappointing: Capricorn

You’re loyal, gentle and faithful in love and want someone that’s capable, practical and not too flashy or unpredictable. You what to share your love of glorious food, drink and luxury with someone you can trust and know will be there tomorrow. You don’t want to be rushed, so fire signs can make you nervous but Earth and water signs can provide you with the durability and sensuousness you’re looking for.

Blissful: Cancer, Virgo
Intriguing: Scorpio
Disappointing: Aquarius

Mentally you need someone that’s on the same wavelength and can keep you guessing or thinking. You absorb information like a sponge and your ideal partner should be at least as fond of thinking as you are. Sex for you occurs mainly in the brain and slower signs of the zodiac can’t keep you entertained. You get on best with people that are open minded, funny and don’t want to get too emotionally encumbered.

Blissful: Libra, Gemini
Intriguing: Virgo
Disappointing: Taurus

You’re a deeply sensitive soul in relationships and need someone who is emotionally mature. Thoughtfulness and kindness go a long way when you’re in love, and you want someone to spend time understanding your feelings. Family is important to you and your partner should be someone willing to take on the responsibility that this entails. The Earth and Water signs would provide you with the emotional nurturing you crave.

Blissful: Pisces, Capricorn
Intriguing: Taurus
Disappointing: Aries

As a Leo you thrive on attention and need affection from your partner. You need someone to be open and honest with their feelings as you can’t keep yours locked up for long. You’re an energetic, bouncy lover, keen to please and play but you command respect and can be bossy with your lover. Best to stay away from sterner, more modest types and opt for a fun person up for a full-on frolic!

Blissful: Aquarius, Aries
Intriguing: Sagittarius
Disappointing: Scorpio

You’e a practical person but surprisingly passionate when your romantic feelings are stimulated. You need someone who’s a quick thinker but still particle, someone adaptable and willing to join you in your quest for perfection. As you need to relax more, you’d enjoy a relationships with someone who encourages you not to be so hard on yourself.  Earth, Air and Water signs are good for you but Fire might be too demanding to keep you interested.

Blissful: Pisces, Taurus
Intriguing: Gemini
Disappointing: Leo

Libra is the sign of romance and relationships and it’s very important for you to feel happy with your partner. You need someone charming and polite, housetrained and well presented. Bad manners and shabbiness just turn you off  –  you need an equal, someone that cares about the same things and is willing to work at smoothing out any imbalances. The more intellectual and less stubborn signs of the zodiac would keep your heart pounding.

Blissful: Libra, Aquarius
Intriguing: Capricorn
Disappointing: Sagittarius

You experience your emotions on a very intense level and need someone who can light the way through your darker moods, but understand that sometimes you need to emerge yourself in your deep feelings.  You need someone sensitive enough to appreciate you and strong enough to withstand your powerful moods and thoughts. Earth signs are strong enough to hold all of you, and you have a natural emotional understanding with Water signs.

Blissful: Taurus, Cancer
Intriguing: Pisces
Disappointing: Gemini

When you fall in love you what to share your adventures with someone  –  to scale mountains, run through fields of buttercups and bungee jump naked from great heights. You need someone brave, outgoing and willing to join you on all your crazy travels, someone with an opened mind and a big heart, someone who’s not going to tie you down or dampen your spirits. Fire and Air signs should be your choice!

Blissful: Aries, Leo
Intriguing: Aquarius
Disappointing: Taurus

You’re an upstanding member of society and need an elegant, well to do partner to complement your professionalism and excellent taste. You can have a surprisingly kinky side to your love life – maybe because you occasionally need a break from world domination. You have a keen sense of style and would like a partner to appreciate the finer things in life with. You need stability and loyalty too, making Earth signs a suitable choice.

Blissful: Virgo, Capricorn
Intriguing: Cancer
Disappointing: Aries

Quirky and at times downright eccentric you need a partner that gives you plenty of space and freedom to be yourself. You’re sociable and extremely curious with a brilliant mind but you feel uncomfortable when your emotions get in the way of a perfectly logical relationship. You’re very friendly but intense feelings frighten you, so stay away from the Water signs and stick with the Air and Fire types!

Blissful: Libra, gemini
Intriguing: Leo
Disappointing: Capricorn

You need a kind, responsive lover to protect and worship you. You’re a gentle beautiful soul and need someone who is open to the world of magic and mystery, who will seeing from the stars and slide down rainbows with you. Your partner needs to believe in miracles and find ways to make your relationship transcend this mundane world into a place where anything is possible. Imagination is essential, so you should plump for Water and Air signs.

Intriguing: Aquarius, Scorpio
Intriguing: Virgo
Disappointing: Gemini

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