Weekly Astrological Planetary Overview December 21 – 27 2010

This week we have a full moon eclipse in the sign of Gemini on the 21st. As it’s a full moon, it means the sun and moon stand opposite each other across the zodiac and for this one the moon stands at 29 degrees of Gemini while the sun stands at 29 degrees of Sagittarius. This is an incredible energy which strips away the old and delivers the new. No matter what thoughts you have of hiding your true self, the energy of this week demands you to be honest with you. You may even be tempted to tell a few home truths to others while you’re at it!
Within hours, we also have the Solstice, which is the moment the sun changes signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn. The solstice (winter for those above the equator, summer for those below) indicates the turning point in length of days and nights, so we are at an important seasonal shift in the cycle of the year, under the influence of a lunar eclipse. This has not happened for over 400 years and will not again in our lifetime. This energy brings you an important initiation in life. We are starting to awaken to who we really are.
On a more mundane and practical level, in astrology eclipses tend to carry the symbolism of ‘overshadowing’ with them through situations and events. For example, with the sun being in the sign of Sagittarius, which is, among other things, the sign of long-distance travel, while Gemini is the sign associated with roads and pathways, the eclipse symbolism is pretty noticeable in the news right now here in the UK with holiday plans overshadowed by the extreme weather conditions affecting roads and airports. People are feeling this planetary chaos and shift quite literally.
Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius is closely tied into this eclipse pattern. Retrograde planets appear to be moving backwards, and Mercury Retro in particular is linked to delays and rescheduling, and often brings with it frustrating events that require changes in plans. In fact when the volcano erupted earlier in the year, Mercury was doing it’s thing. There’s also a tight square aspect between Mercury and Jupiter in Pisces at the same time, which further adds to the same theme, as Mercury and Jupiter are the rulers of Gemini and Sagittarius respectively, and square aspects tend to indicate pressure and stress in relationships as energy tries to force its way through blocks and obstacles, like water over rocks. Bah humbug I hear you cry, but don’t panic too much as often delays or changes of plan bring a message and also new and unexpected opportunities. Practice kindness at this time and the Universe will pay attention. Feel your love of humanity in between the hustle and bussle of the holiday milieu
On a more cheery note, on Christmas eve everyone should be feeling a lot jollier as the Moon is in warm and generous Leo. We are able to be magnanimous and look after those we love. On Christmas day it is in Leo and Virgo so make sure that at the end of day you don’t get too critical or lecture anyone about their bad habits. Also avoid chastising yourself for that extra dose of egg nog!
Finally, on Boxing Day we have another intense planetary jab as Pluto the lord of transformation, power and rebirth is conjunct the Sun. Your self awareness is woken and you might have a revelation about who you are and what you feel. What the Solstice was trying to reveal is finally out in the open. Temptation is also on the menu as your sense of your own sexuality and passion is stirred and you could feel mesmerised and feel powerless or be tempted to wield or explore your own power. If you remember that being powerful is not about control and that someone having power over you is a contract you can break all will be well. True power is love in action and it brings freedom.

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