Chinese Year of the Yin Metal Rabbit: February 3rd 2011

The Chinese New Year starts on 3rd February 2011, and this time it’s the turn of the Rabbit to rule over the fortunes of the other Chinese animal signs. After the explosive, feisty Tiger year, the Rabbit months should feel more peaceful, loving and less confrontational. It’s time for kindness, charity and compassion to shine through. Here’s what’s in store for each of the Chinese Animals…


1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996

Rats are not generally compatible with Rabbits in Chinese astrology and in 2011 you could be frustrated by the general lack of pace. You’re ready for an adventure, but everyone else seems to be playing it safe! But things are looking much happier for Rats looking for love or a fulfilling relationship. It might not be incredibly passionate but it’s real and true and beautiful.


1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997

Ox do well in Rabbit years but because you are so laid back, Rabbit years won’t challenge you too much, so you will have to shake things up a gear to make any real progress. It’s potentially a year where you could make lots of money but you’ll have to work hard for it, but you’re no stranger to that!


1938 1959 1962 1974 1986 1998

After being in the spotlight last year and putting many changes in place you will be able to take it a bit easier and enjoy easy success in 2011. There will be a very different energy over the coming months, but it’s a friendlier place to be. It’s a great year for building bridges and working on your relationships.


1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999

Adventure and opportunity will come knocking at your door in the Year of the Rabbit and your luck will be in. It’s time for you to shine and show the rest of the world that being kind, compassionate and looking for the best in people really is the way forward.


1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000

A fortunate year for you but you need to stick up for yourself and prove that you are as talented as you say you are! It’s a bit of a rollercoaster but generally your health will be strong and you’ll attract some interesting work opportunities.


1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001

Snakes do well in Rabbit years. Although your energies are very different to that of the Rabbit, you can thrive on the challenges places on your path. Your cashflow situation will improve but you need to make sure you’re not spending it as quick as your earning it. You’ll learn a great deal about yourself in 2011.


1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002

A year of many changes lies ahead for you, Horse. There’s a couple of situations that are making you feel very restless, and you’re itching to do something new. Rabbit years move a bit slowly for you but you will broaden your circle of friends and meet new people who will figure strongly in your future.


1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003

Goats are very happy in Rabbit years, and you’ll make many pleasant discoveries over the next few months. This will be a year of self-discovery, where you’ll feel loyally supported by those closest to you. There will be a few stresses but whatever you are worried about will pass or vanish so don’t waste too much time concerning yourself about things that will never happen!


1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004

Most Monkeys had a challenging 2010 and will be pleased to see 2011. It’s going to feel much easier to get what you want and your relationships will flourish. You love party, and even though socially things will be more low-key this year you will feel far closer to loved ones than you have done for a long time.


1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005

Quite a challenging year for you Rooster, as Rabbit energy isn’t really your cup of tea. However, you worked so hard last year that you’ll probably have already prepared the groundwork to make things easier in 2011. Any legal business that comes up will need a second, or third, opinion. Your money situation will get a lovely boost in the Autumn.


1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006

2011 could be one of your best years ever when you feel like finally you have everything in place to really get your teeth into making the most of your future. Much of last year was spend looking after other people’s concerns but this time around you get to concentrate on what you really want from your future.


1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007

Pigs are usually very content during Rabbit years. You’ll be feeling very comfortable with yourself, which will make you determined to push a few boundaries. 2011 will lead you down some unexpected pathways and take you to new places, mentally, physically and spiritually.

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