Astrology and the Evolution of Your Soul

Astrology is an amazing tool that we can use in loads of different ways.  If we know our sign of the Zodiac, for example, we can look up the general characteristic of that particular sign, or if we know someone else’s, we might look up theirs to gain a bit more insight into what makes them tick.

More powerfully than that, our individual natal charts, drawn up from the time, place and date of our birth, actually gives us a soul map of our potential.  This shift in looking at Astrology as something that sets definitions to an understanding that it actually describes our potential is called Evolutionary Astrology.

One way of understanding it is this.  The moment of our birth represents a portal – an opening in the cosmos through which we pass to join earth school.  Our natal charts map out the configurations of the planets at the precise moment that portal opened that in turn define and describe the potential we start school with.  What we do with that potential is up to us.

What pushes us towards that particular portal can be the accumulation of our previous experience from past incarnations or an active choice at the level of our soul of what we decide the next part of our journey needs to entail to help us grow.

We activate the potential to understand our soul-map when we shift our perception as we look at our birth charts.  Rather than seeing them as prescriptions for the person we are going to be and what is going to happen, we can begin to delve into them as being starting points.  What these starting points become is shaped by our individual consciousness and choice.

For example, we might be born with our Moon in Cancer.  That gives us the potential to become  very skilled at and intent on manipulating others but also the potential to grow into someone who has amazing talents and skills at nurturing others.

The important thing is that whichever way we take it is our choice, and we make a choice at the point where we bring our individual consciousness to the options that lie within the map of our potential.

That is how two people can have the same or very similar charts and be totally different.  They have played out their potential in different ways.

How can you bring this greater understanding to your own life?  When you look at your chart and the different planetary positions within it, see it as a way of describing all the things that you arrive at earth school with.  How you use them, what you do with them and the person you become as a result is up to you.

It’s also the same when you look at your horoscopes.  The movement of the planets through the heavens creates certain specific energies that play out in our individual lives.  Our Zodiac sign is a general filter of how this plays out, and again a horoscope based on our time, place and date of birth pulls these energies into sharper focus, but we are not passive recipients of this experience.  The individual consciousness that we bring to the energies that play out shape and determine the experiences themselves.  Every experience we encounter helps us in the evolution of our soul and Evolutionary Astrology can help us unlock the potential within every experience.

This is what astrology was actually designed for and how it was used in all of the ancient cultures.  Astrologers and Shamans look to the skies and use the science of astrology to map out the potential within people and events, but the artistry comes in creatively responding to what is laid out before us.

Nothing in this universe places any limits on the person that you can become and the evolution of your soul.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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