Full Moon 19th Jan 2011

This Full Moon in Cancer is very intense as it is 29 degrees Cancer and also the Sun is 29 degrees Capricorn. 29 degrees is considered very important in astrology as it signifies endings, completion and the end of a cycle. As it is in Cancer you are urged to look within to see how secure you are within yourself and it also gives you an opportunity to make a commitment to yourself. The perfect time to break a habit like co-dependence or insecurity you might find this Moon tests you or gives you the chance to surprise yourself by finally realizing how far you have grown. It’s a time to look at your emotions and cast off anything you no longer need or no longer serves you.

Cancer is also all about the home, food, nurturing and the mother so issues or gifts around these areas make emerge. Find your balance between work, play, nurturing others and knowing you are a Goddess and that your beauty comes from within. If you are a man this is a fantastic time to connect with your feminine side and explore some deep emotions.

Have a stunning Full moon and speak to you soon



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