The numerology for May – Adventure and Magic

The month of May is of course the fifth month in our calendar and as such it resonates to the energy of five. This is the number of Magic and of fun. There is a lifting of the cloud that has hovered over us for the last few months. Five is the number of communication and so most of us will find it much easier to communicate with each other as we move through May. This number is often linked to Mercury (the messenger of the Gods) and it is interesting that in Astrology we see Mercury changing direction now.

There is a sense of freedom to the five and an urge to be on the move, to travel. Those who have a predominance of fives in their Numerology chart will have itchy feet this month and want to be off on adventures. The energy of this number tends to bring out the Nomad in people. Five is often associated with change and many will find themselves being given opportunities to discard what they no longer need in order to embrace new energies coming in.

When we look at the overall date here 05 2011 it reduces to 9 which is the number of completion and of endings and beginnings. For many of us as the cloud lifts we will find ourselves reaching the end of one cycle and getting ready to move on to the next. Nine is the number of man of humanity (and also of numbers) and brings a sense of compassion and passion to our lives.

I feel that this month many of us will want to travel and also to help those who are less fortunate. I feel there will be a greater compassion for our fellow humans who we share this planet with. Perhaps this is the beginning of the unity consciousness which we need to return to and embrace as we move toward 2012 and the changes that have been prophesied. The influence of the number five brings opportunities to change and when linked to nine it is most certainly change for the better.

Overall May should herald the beginnings of movement and change and a greater sense of personal freedom for many of us.

Michele Knight reader Vikki ID 2265

Vikki is a hereditary empathy and healer whose early fascination with numerology really took off after she gained her Master attunement practicing Usui Reiki and Seichem Reiki.

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