Your Weekly Horoscope May 24th – 30th 2011


Sun in 3rd house sextile Uranus in Aries

Last week you might have felt a bit emotionally overwhelmed but this week thank goodness there’s movement forward, thanks to the Sun sextile Uranus.  This should give you some amazing insights into how to actually move forward plus a few delightful twists and turns along the way.  As an Aries, you are used to being ‘out there’ – if you want to express something, you express it, if you want a dream, you chase it down,  but sometimes it’s good to go within and maybe Uranus will give you some insight into why some things are happening in your life at the moment. Could it be you need to tinker with your energy, just a little?  Have you been a bit bad tempered recently?  Have you been loving yourself enough?   What’s going on with your soul?  I’ve been reading some fascinating articles on the plasticity of the brain and in particular how people who lean politically either towards the left wing or the right are led by different areas of the brain, with left wing people being led more by the part of the brain that deals with reasoning and those who held right wing views being led more by a part that governs emotions and is particularly connected with fear.  This is strong evidence that what we think literally shapes our brain and if we challenge ourselves to be flexible, expand and grow not only do we have the energy to restructure our brain, but we also have the ability to change our lives and what we draw to us.  That message should sing to your Aries soul.  This week, allow yourself in a new way, come at the world with love, to go inside and ask yourself, what do I need to change my thinking to transform my life and along with that the planets should deliver an unexpected idea, opportunity or experience to push you on.  

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Sun in 2nd house sextile Uranus in 12th

Exciting times for you – you should be feeling good and having lots of fun, however you might be tempted towards being just a bit pushy.  If you’re in love, you want to state your case; you might come on too strong, exuberant or passionate, especially as you’re feeling particularly sensual.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s all good, but if you’re pursuing someone, you might overwhelm them.  Try and calm down.  Just by being still, calm and centred as the radiant being that you are and knowing that you are lovable, all will be well.  If you’re not in a relationship this might be the week that you fly and draw in all sorts of admirers.  If that’s not the case, go within yourself, open up your arms and ask the universe for help in bringing you love and trust it’s on its way!  Your love is very valuable. You’re loyal, firm, strong and really a loving being who is worthy of being loved in return. Look within your heart to see if anything is blocking love.  Are you not allowing love to come to you?  Are you giving too much love?  Do you allow yourself to receive love?  Do you stand back and allow people to come to you?  This week, you want to be loved for who you are.  You might want to confess something and share the depth of your soul. Obviously it’s good to speak your truth, but words are spells and magic but remember that others might be sensitive to what you say and the spells you are weaving.  It’s a great week to love and to be passionate about life. Turn some of that passion towards you and feast on the abundance that comes your way.

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Mercury semi-sq Uranus, sun in Gemini sextile Uranus in 11th

You’re feeling very dreamy this week but you have an abundance of ideas that you’re sharing with everyone, talking fast and furious to keep up with the brilliance of thoughts that are flowing through you.  Write them down, feast on them, but understand that Neptune could be making you a little blurry. When it comes to love or your friendships, it may be that someone has ticked you off recently.  They might have annoyed you in some way or you may suspect that they aren’t being totally truthful.  This week, give them the benefit of the doubt.  You can open up your heart and be unconditionally loving.  All relationships, particularly challenging ones, can be there to show us something. They are here to stretch our soul.  If someone really annoys you it’s sometimes there to show you how to walk your truth under challenging circumstances.  This week, be forgiving and allow yourself to see the other person’s point of view and understand that whatever has caused the upset was probably not personal.  You can rise above it, and that’s an amazing feeling.  As I’ve often said, walking around with resentment or anger towards someone else is like poking yourself in the eye and expecting them to be hurt and releasing that brings an enormous sense of freedom.  This is a week of ideas, love and forgiveness and going crazy with those daydreams as out of one of them a nugget of truth or a foundation of wisdom on which you can build something solid can come.

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Sun in 12th sextile Uranus in 10th

My goodness – last week was a bit emotional for you, will all sorts of desires and feelings coming to the surface.  However, the good news is that you are feeling very intuitive.  Now, there is a difference between intuition and paranoia, so allow yourself to be very grounded in your intuitions and hunches. Pay attention to your gut feelings but don’t allow your vulnerability to push you into the place where they get overtaken by dreams and fantasies.  Use it to intuit wonderful ideas about people.  This week might be a bit challenging, but it’s all about you sorting out and processing a lot of stuff you’ve been going through  and when you take care of yourself within this journey you allow yourself to shed some fear or burden hat’s been plaguing you.  So this week, treat yourself like a little kitten.  Feed yourself nice things, pamper yourself and allow yourself to curl up with your journal in which you can express some of the ideas that will come to you.  When it comes to work, you’ve got the opportunity to really push forward so don’t give up at the last hurdle.  Trust that something is going to help you, that you can push through.  Use the energy of the Sun to heighten your belief in yourself, in humanity and in life itself.

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Sun in 11th sextile Uranus in 9th

Last week you might have had to use all of your strength and courage to deal with emotional intensity, but I hope that you can look back and see that you acted as a warrior of love!  This week is much better.  You’re feeling more optimistic about life and if you’ve been dealing with a relationship of any kind that’s been difficult lately, this week it’s as though a light switches on and you say, oh my goodness, that’s it – that’s the way through, that’s what I can do to either compromise or sort the problem out.  As a Leo, one of your lessons is about pride and not letting it rule your life, so don’t let pride stand in your way in this instance. Pride allows you to have good boundaries and stop people taking advantage of you, but sometimes your sign in particular can take it too far and build a wall behind which you can’t forgive.  This week, let go of your pride and think out of the box.  There’s also some fabulous time with friends this week and you’re great in a team.  Others love being in your company and you’re able to spread your wings and delight in people and the pleasures of life.  If you are working hard, you’re able to be a bit of a genius and come up with amazing solutions.  You’ve done a lot of work on yourself recently and allowed yourself to face a lot of your shadow, blocks and faults, so you’ve earned this stunning week. Enjoy.

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Sun in 10th sextile Uranus in 8th

Around work, there’s a lot of mystery and magic around even as something should be revealed, but it also means that you can dig deep within yourself to really do something on a deeper level. You can certainly face any fears around your work or your self worth.  A lot of our fears are blown up out of all proportion and don’t really bear any truth in reality.  Many come from our childhood and we can carry them around and not realise that this shadow or ferocious monster is still tiptoeing behind us, reading to jump out and shout ‘boo!’ at any moment.   If there’s something shadowing you, go within yourself, be gentle with yourself and know that you are not your past, you are a complex creature who is a warrior of love, who can face their fears.  You can turn and watch that monster shrink before your eyes.  When it comes to romance, finally you’ve got the answer or solution that you’re looking for – maybe because you are facing your fears and being true to your own heart. Don’t forget that everyone has their own little demon monster following them in some way too. When you look at your fear and generate love for yourself you can step into the world and express who you are from your authentic soul.

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Sun in 9th sextile Uranus in 7th

This week you should be feeling extra buoyant, expansive and confident, with a huge doze of va va voom which allows you to explore horizons and open up to your adventurous spirit.  You might feel like travelling or learning and be fascinated by people who have a different world view to yours.  You want to stretch your mind and get out of a rut.  Love might be slightly unexpected, which means you might be able to go on a spontaneous trip with your partner and have an amazing time and if you’re travelling solo you could meet someone who really blows your mind.  Taking time to sit and listen to someone really should rock your world this week.  Listening to people really can change our perspective on life, or they may give us a clue, hint or tip that could change the course of our lives.  So listen and adventure this week and take advantage of the opportunities to be, to express who you are and take a few risks in doing things differently.

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Sun in 8th sextile Uranus in 6th

You are sizzling and vibrating at an even deeper Scorpio vibration than usual!  Last week, the full Moon in your sign stirred up your unconscious and brought things to the surface and you suddenly became even more aware of your desires, obsession or lust.  Whatever you felt intense about last week carries on this week.  Make sure that you don’t turn that depth into suspicion or mistrust because it’s the perfect opportunity for you to be open about who you are and look into the depths of someone else.  It could make you very aware of some desire or passion, but you’re able to be open about it and shine a light into that lust, obsession or desire and transform it into something that serves your soul.  With every light side, there is a shadow and with every shadow there is light.  This week, with the Sun’s help, you can shine a light on your shadow and everything you believe and perform a fantastic feat of alchemical transformation.  You really have got it going on and other people will be wildly attracted to you.  Your eyes show the wisdom of your soul and you can send that penetrating gaze of yours right into the heart of people.  That is an amazing thing, but sometimes the only problem with being a Scorpio is you can use that ability to focus too much on the fears or shadow of someone else.  Turn that direct gaze of yours into the pure love that’s within everyone, the shard of God within and see the best in everyone this week.  That way, you should have a very light, beautiful and radiant experience.

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Sun in 7th sextile Uranus in 5th

You’re feeling very confident about yourself, liking yourself as a person and being able to be friendly, charming and sociable and meet some great people who are really on the same wavelength as you.  On the other hand, you might also run up against someone who irritates you.  Is there someone in your life at the moment who is really getting on your wick?  Could it be that the person who is annoying you has the very same faults as you? Is there something in yourself that you don’t like or can’t accept that the universe is mirroring back to you right now? That happens a lot in life, but in particular is going on at the moment.  You have the opportunity to shift a pattern by loving and accepting them or at least understanding why someone is behaving the way they are, even if they are being irritating.  Other than that, you’ll be creative this week and able to join forces with others to come up with some stunning stuff.  It doesn’t have to have any commercial outcome – it might just be that you get together with a few friends and stage a Mad Hatter’s tea party!  You are a creating and sociable soul and it’s good for you to get together with others and express that side of you and have fun at the same time, so give your imagination full reign.

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Sun in 6th sextile Uranus in 4th, Pluto in Capricorn inconjunct Sun in 6th, Moon conjunct Mars in 6th on 30th

You might be feeling a bit sorry for yourself this week – perhaps after going through an emotional drama for which you can blame the full Moon in Scorpio. But other than that, you’ve certainly been questioning yourself or feeling as though too many people have been putting too much responsibility on your shoulders.  You might be feeling insecure about how others feel about you and be dealing with the urge to ask if partners really love you.  All in all, you might be feeling wobbly yet trying to tough it out. Go within and make sure that you love you, that you know you’re wonderful, that if you’re tired or exhausted you take care of you and when you’re ready you can have that conversation where you ask someone how they feel about you or where they see the relationship going.  And if you’re single, whatever you do, don’t give yourself a hard time and think no one could love you as I’m sure there are loads of people in your life who do think you’re fabulous.  Of course you are lovable. There are billions of people out there and within that great soup of humanity there are many people you’re perfect for.  Allow yourself to open up your heart and allow love to come in.  If you’re caught up in a pattern, allow that love to lead you to something different and better. 

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Sun in 5th sextile Uranus in 3rd

You should have a fabulous week this week.  You’re feeling much more yourself, charming creative and able to visualize the future.  You’re allowing yourself to think about all the possibilities in your life, the projects and adventures you want to be involved in or make happen, and this week you should also get ideas about how you can begin to plant things and get them going.  The other brilliant bit of news is that you are mixing with someone who makes you laugh and play like a child, which we all need.  Have you been too serious lately, or felt a bit weighed down by the world?  Well, this week all of that changes and I ask you to indulge your child within.  Go to the beach or the forest if you can.  Do something very childlike – build a sandcastle, climb a tree, forget all of your stresses and strains and allow yourself to play and if you can do that you should find that your life begins to chug forward again!

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Sun in 4th sextile Uranus in 2nd

Hopefully you should feel relieved this week.  You probably went through some tumultuous volcanic emotion last week thanks to the full Moon in Scorpio and this week you breathe a sigh of relief.  This week you can let go of the past – you suddenly notice that a wound or an idea that may have been haunting you is suddenly gone.  If something from the past is still causing you pain, in a way you are allowing that to continue and this week brings you the change to focus on releasing it once and for all.  You really are the most sensitive of all of the signs.  It gives you loads of lovely empathy and intuition, but also brings difficulties as it means you can take things to heart too easily.  Your mind and your soul create your life and if you allow yourself to see the past differently and that you are here now, the magician of your life, able to create what you want then you will find that you are freed from a burden.  You can tune into the energy and let go.  You’re also feeling incredibly passionate with desires that have been stirred up that you’re looking to release.  Keep it grounded and real rather than going off on a Piscean dream of lust.  Wherever you are in yourself when it comes to love you have the opportunity to express yourself.  You have the chance to connect with your desire and value yourself as a loving being.     

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