Lisa’s Karma Clinic: Am I destined to open a healing centre?

Dear Lisa:  I’ve had a lot of major change in my life in the last few years and it seems that my life purpose was around healing others. This seems now to have veered off in the last 6 months and I have gone into my old profession for a number of reasons – mainly security.

Is my destiny to have a healing centre and to write books (both self help and fiction with a healing theme). I have a strong sense that I should do some past life regression and it is in this life that I move on tremendously.


Lisa says:  The reason that you feel a draw to past life regression is because you have Pars Fortunae in Scorpio. There was also a solar eclipse in Scorpio during the time that you were in the womb.  People who have this usually find that they get a lot of joy and ultimate satisfaction from exploring the deeper meaning of life as it applies to areas such as sex, spirituality, life and death and evolution.  If this is true for you, your personal journey of evolution will involve working at bringing everything that is unconscious out into the open and you may even find that this goes beyond just being interested to it becoming a major driving force in your life, along with translating what you discover into changes that you would like to see made in the world.

You have a clarity of perception that is very natural to you and will probably find that you are happiest when you can inspire others to grow beyond their fears. You have the potential to be a teacher of principles and can help people to find their own internal power.   I’m glad that you have experience in healing others as your chart tells me that you have many talents as a natural healer – as an instructor or rehabilitator.

You have Pallas in Aries which shows that you will want to act and get things started and are great at generating new ideas.  Areas that you might consider focusing your intelligence and creativity on include homeopathy, acupuncture and healing techniques that use energy points or meridians.

To feel secure and manifest what you need (need and want are not necessarily the same thing!) you may often feel compelled to take the limelight and push yourself to be the person in charge. You can manifest all your skills to bring people together by using imaginative and beautiful methods.

You have Jupiter retrograde, which means that you are probably very insightful, and can summarise succinctly difficult concepts so therefore self help would be an excellent topic to write about. It is likely that your spiritual beliefs were attacked in a previous incarnation and may recognise a feeling of being on a mission around re-present these beliefs in this lifetime.  From a karmic perspective, you are working from a point of choice in this life as to whether you carry forward the experience of having had your beliefs attacked and reacting to it by attacking others who don’t share your views or by coming from a deep understanding of what it feels like to be attacked for the views you hold and showing compassion and kindness towards others who see things differently.

In this life you are being asked to grow beyond your fears. Because of the persecution that you have suffered in a your previous life, you may feel sometimes that you might not be accepted if you voice opinions that seem unconventional,  but if you can embrace and transcend this fear you will move to a place where you can truly self actualise and learn how to use your authentic power.  Pluto in Aquarius talks about connecting with others so that you can do something mutually beneficial.  Having a healing centre sounds great, but it might be best to start out working with others without having to commit to any financial outlay.  If you begin to share yourself, your ideas and concepts, even if that feels difficult at first, you will be able to see who is interested in coming on board or who’s life path is urging them to follow a different direction.  I also think that you will find this useful as dealing compassionately with your own fears and going through a kind of cleansing or purification process around expressing your authentic self will really help you shift any old patterns or beliefs so that you can express your full potential. 

Psychically I feel that your deep emotional sensitivity is a gift to us all. Honour and respect it and allow your talents to combine with others sharing peace and tranquillity.

Keep shining brightly,

Lisa xx

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