Astrological overview for August

2nd– mercury stationary to retrograde in Virgo, opposite Neptune in Pisces

3rd – mars into Cancer trine neptune

4th – neptune retrograde into Aquarius

8th – mercury retrograde into Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius

9th – mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, tsquare by Uranus in Aries

13th – full moon in Aquarius, sun conjunct venus in Leo

21st – venus opposite Neptune

22nd – venus into Virgo

23rd – sun opposite Neptune, sun into Virgo.

24th – mars square Saturn

27th – mercury stationary to direct in leo

29th – new moon in Virgo, trine Jupiter, trine pluto

30th – Jupiter stationary to retrograde.

There’s plenty of changes in mood and direction of the planets this month, with retrogrades (planets appearing to move backwards) and planets switching signs.

The theme of past meeting present, or of reconnecting with the past is big whenever retrograde planets are active, and Mercury, planet of communication and logic, begins its retrograde phase from the sign of Virgo on the 2nd till the 27th. But as nebulous Neptune stands opposite Mercury initially, it can make communications and the smooth running of situations much more fuzzy than usual, so get things in writing, and make copies, to avoid mixed messages or lost signals.

Motivation planet Mars moves into the sign of Cancer next day, on the 3rd, which activates desire to move emotional situations forward, especially those related to home and family, but including all emotional attachments, as Cancer is the sign of emotional nurturing and nourishment and Mars is protective and even a bit defensive when it comes to taking care of emotional needs.

On the 4th, Neptune who’s been retrograde since early June, slips temporarily back into the sign of Aquarius, to again oppose Mercury, who on the 8th is retrograding from Virgo to Leo; but the good news is Mercury in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius is likely to be less chaotic than the mix-up’s of a few days ago.

A firecracker triangle of planets takes shape on the 9th when desire planet mars in Cancer opposes intense Pluto in Capricorn, while unpredictable Uranus sits square to both planets from the fiery sign of Aries. It’s a particularly challenging combo as Mars clashing with both Pluto and Uranus is frequently an indication of fireworks or sparks about to fly.

But there’s always benefit to these difficult aspects, and if nothing else, it can clear the air in stale situations that needed a freshen-up. Priorities can also shift dramatically as Pluto is the transformation planet, while Uranus brings revolution and revelations to current plans and agendas.

Its influence is likely to last till the full moon on the 13th, but any stuckness or stubbornness in situations is brought to a head by then, as the moon in Aquarius tends to inspire a ‘live and let live’ policy, as well as a sense of peaceful detachment.

During this full moon there’s a beautiful conjunction between the sun and venus, in the sparkly, fun loving sign of Leo, which seriously softens any tempers or tantrums that might have been raging – this is definitely the kind of full moon that encourages making love not war.

Venus and the sun are both opposing Neptune, just before they switch signs on the 22nd and 23rd respectively, which makes it’s likely the rose-coloured specs are out, especially when it comes to romance, but a soft-focus view is likely to be short-lived once both planets switch signs into sharp-sighted, fact-loving Virgo.

The reality train hits again when Mars in Cancer squares Saturn in Libra on the 24th. Mars square to limitation planet Saturn can be a confidence drainer as Saturn in square mood doesn’t mind raining on everyone’s parade, but on the other hand can be an excellent motivator for discipline and for channelling raw Mars desire in a less scattered, more focused way.

There’s a welcome turnaround for situations due on the 27th, when Mercury ends it’s retro phase and pushes communication and contacts in a more forward looking direction, and then there’s a spectacular new moon in Virgo on the 29th to definitely make a date in your diary about: this one involves a beautiful Grand Trine aspect, a harmonious triangle of planets, in this case sun and moon in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn.

It’s an earthy and practical combo of planet energy, but with a touch of magic…. It’s firm foundations that reach for the skies; nothing better for launching latest plans and projects. And that holds true even though Jupiter begins a retrograde phase next day on the 30th – there might be a change of direction but there’s no going back now.

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