Your weekly horoscope August 16 – 22nd 2011

I do want to begin this week by sending out a message to everyone.  Following last week’s riots in the UK and other events across the globe, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking it’s all doom and gloom.  At such times, it’s really important that we remember that we are all one and that our thoughts and words have a huge impact.  So please join me in sending out thoughts of love and positivity and know that together we can make a difference.  We are going through a period of profound change and potentially amazing transformation.  I think we’re going through a spiritual revolution.  The archetype of each sign gives us each amazing gifts we can share at such times and contributions that only we can make.  Along with our own individual gifts, we can spread love and kindness that can ripple out across the very world that we want to transform.  It’s becoming more important that we stand as one and reach out to each other to play our part in evolving the whole.  So I send every single one of you love and hope that whoever and wherever you are, you will pass it on.


Sun/venus/merc retro in 5th; mars in 4th sextile Jupiter in 2nd; venus in 5th opposite Neptune in 11th; venus into 6th house.

You’ve still got that Venus, Mercury and Sun in the 5th house that’s making you feel fun and frivolous, although part of you might be wanting something a bit more permanent in your life.  You’re getting a lot more clear in yourself about what you want from your relationships and might even find yourself pushing for some kind of commitment or contract that takes things to the next level.  Having said that, towards the weekend you might undergo a slight change of mood in which you want to withdraw and spend some time reflecting on what you want.  That’s fine – as long as you keep those closest to you in the picture as they might wonder why one minute you’re there and the next apparently pulling away.  As an Aries, it’s particularly important that you are conscious of these kind of emotional fluctuations and particularly the desire to be alone as that is something that you can tend to find just a little challenging.  Along with all of that, around Wednesday you’re going to be feeling a strong urge to express your emotions which you can do as long as it comes in tandem with your hugely generous nature.   So all in all, it’s a week in which you’ll want to express a few strong feelings but then find yourself withdrawing into your inner world to contemplate what it is you truly want.


Mars in 3rd sextile Jupiter in Taurus, venus in 4th opposite Neptune in 10th, venus into 5th

You’re feeling that you can talk about your ideas and go for them as Mars gives you the oomph you need to go forward.  Other planetary activity is making you a bit insecure but that’s only temporary.  As we head towards the weekend, you should be feeling a lot more outgoing as the Moon goes into your sign and Venus is moving towards your 5th house.  You’re very much a giver and sometimes you don’t have the confidence to change things or talk to people about your needs or emotions.  As Venus goes into your 5th house, it gives you the backing to open up about yourself and throws in a dash of confidence to boot.  Suddenly you might not find any ruts that previously you found comforting so appealing, and that can only be a good thing.


Sun/venus/merc retro in 3rd, mars in 2nd sextile Jupiter in 12th, venus in 3rd opposite Neptune in 9th,

You want to share your thoughts and opinions and get stuck into any debates this week.  Remember that we are all part of the whole and use that fabulous energy of yours to spread positivity as you’ll feel brilliant and that’s how you can really make a difference this week.  Later on this week, Venus goes into your 4th house, creating an energy shift forward.  You’ll want to hunker down at home and have loads of one to ones with the people who are most special in your life, or those you’d like to bring closer.  You might be feeling a little sensitive as lots of emotions come to the surface  that possibly you’ve only intellectualised about up until now, but embrace them and be fearless about making them part of who you are.  Jupiter in the 12th house is making you a little dreamy and something could happy by synchronicity that shows you that you are on the right track.


Mars in cancer sextile Jupiter in 11th, venus in 2nd opposite Neptune in 8th, venus into 3rd

Mars is still in your sign and you’re feeling optimistic and empowered.  When it comes to your love life, however, you might be feeling a bit intense or not really sure of what you’re thinking or feeling.  In particular, your focus falls on your relationships and you could find yourself picking over the bones of what you have or delving in to your experience of being single and asking yourself a few really searching questions focussed on your emotional needs.  Fear not, because by Sunday you’ll be a lot more clear and able to express yourself.  You’ll be able to flow with your words.  Write down a wish list of what you want to achieve in your relationships.  Sometimes, as a sensitive Cancerian, you can love and nurture others a lot more than you do yourself, but this is the time to focus some of that care onto you and make yourself your emotional priority.


Sun/venus/merc retro in Leo, mars in 12th sextile Jupiter in 10th, venus in leo opposite Neptune in 7th

This week you have the Sun, Venus and Mercury in your sign which should be making you feel pretty good.  As we go towards Sunday, however, you’re feeling much more serious about a lot of things. Venus is going into Virgo, which is very grounding.  Along with recent events, it could be making you think about what or who is important to you and what you might do to make a difference.  There’s almost a spiritual element in the air for you as you’re having a few revelations about what you want to do in your life.  You’ve actually been going through quite a profound period of growth.  Instead of being a little lion cub you are becoming a lioness or a lion, transforming into a someone with the power to be a benevolent ruler rather than a roaring noise, so spread your joy and magnificence wherever you go. 


Mars in 11th sextile Jupiter in 9th, venus in 12th opposite Neptune in 6th, venus into virgo

There’s a lot of potential transformation for you this week and some good news regarding your love live.  Over the past few weeks, you might have been going through a few emotional oscillations in which you’ve been wondering what it is you really want, or feeling quite close to people but then wondering what it’s all about and maybe even feeling quite lost or on the outside of things.  By Sunday all this should change as Venus, planet of love, goes into your sign.  You’re filled with unconditional love as she wraps her arms around you and lets you feel safe. Tune into that feeling and know that it’s the perfect time to work on your relationship with yourself as when you know who you are and what you want, all of that can then be mirrored to you.  This is quite a profound week with lots of opportunity for you to feel safer, more excited and even optimistic.


Sun/venus/mercury retro in 11th. Mars in 10th sextile Jupiter in 8th; venus opposite Neptune in 5th, venus into 12th

You might start  the week out just a little confused but by the weekend you have the opportunity to see the spiritual connections that exist between us all as Venus goes into the 12th house.  The 12th house can be a little tricky as it can be a bit floaty and lack boundaries, or be puzzlingly different from anything that you’ve know before or  can make sense of.  You might meet someone and feel a hugely intense connection with them that beats anything you’ve ever felt before, even if it’s totally platonic.  It’s that kind of week.  The shadow side is that you might get a bit obsessive or find yourself indulging in intoxicants.  If you find yourself going over the top, you really need to look at that as it’s heady and hedonistic stuff and without care you could get a bit lost.  You will have a few intense experiences over the next few weeks and it’s all about you understanding love.  You might even encounter something that pushes you further along the right career path.  Just keep your head and you should have a stunning week.


Sun/venus/mercury retro in 10th, mars in 9th sextile Jupiter in 7th; venus in 10th opposite Neptune in 4th

You’re still feeling pretty adventurous and enjoying some good fortune around your love life in particular.  Venus is changing signs on Sunday but this is going to bring you even more out into the open where you’re even able to bring your gifts and enhance other people’s lives.  There’s a touch of charm around you and your life, if you are able to open up and embrace it.  If you find that others are having a hard time, you are the perfect person to spread love and wisdom and to find the exact words that can make all the difference.  You are the sign of resurrection and can probably start reeling off the sheer number of times that you’ve been to hell and back in your own life and actually that gives you the power to act as a beacon to those who may be stumbling through hard times for the first time.  You can shine your light to show them the way through and out the other side of whatever they might be struggling with.  So be a warrior of love and let your light shine.


Sun/venus/mercury retro in 9th, mars in 8th sextile Jupiter in 6th venus in 9th opposite Neptune in 3rd

There’s a slightly epic feel to your week, or events get tinged with the themes and emotions of heroic tales as you overcome something in a way that leaves others gasping in admiration at your courage and fortitude.  As the sign of the adventurer, you handle feats such as this fearlessly but what happens this week allows your soul to shine.  Love and courage is easy for you but be gentle with others.  Part of what happens this week may involve you seeing a deeper truth about people or events, but you can either be blunt with that truth or spread it with gentleness and compassion – the choice is yours. Of course I’m going to suggest that you choose gentleness and compassion, and if you do that, you can really bring about some powerful changes for the better.


Sun/venus/mercury retro in 8th, mars in 7th sextile Jupiter in 5th, venus in 8th opposite Neptune in 2nd

This week you have a real opportunity to transform on a deep level and go for what you want.  Part of you is waking up to the desire to be authentic to you in your relationships and your career and you can’t just go along with doing the right thing for the sake of it any more.  You’re feeling exuberant and optimistic this week, or you could if you avoid the temptation to feel bah-humbug about everything that is going on.  Allow yourself to be true to you, follow your heart and speak from your heart in these extraordinary times. 


Sun/venus/merc retro in 7th, mars in 6th sextile Jupiter in 4th, venus in 7th opposite Neptune in Aquarius

With Venus in the 7th house you’re ready for action.  It’s opposite Neptune so part of you might not be sure what’s real and what’s just illusion.  You can tend to avoid the messiness of deep emotions, but this week it’s as though you’re being plunged in so that you can learn a few valuable lessons that by the weekend should be becoming a lot more evident.  Yes it’s intense, but instead of being dragged on an emotional rollercoaster you also have the ability to detach and use that detachment to examine your thoughts and feelings.  You’re actually here to explore freedom and how we can set each other free when we think outside of the box, so work with that energy this week and what unfolds should be deep.


Sun/venus/mercury retro in 6th, mars in 5th sextile Jupiter in 3rd, venus opposite Neptune in 12th, venus into 7th house

Recent events might have unsettled you as they have unsettled us all, but I happen to think that your sign plays a particularly important role in the spiritual evolution we are all going through. We could all do with a bit more of the empathy and sensitivity that is part of the archetype of your sign and it’s really important that you hang on to your powerful qualities of spiritual transformation and don’t give in to fear or insecurity about the changes that we are all going through.  This week you can see through to the vein of gold that exists in all of us.  Listen out for stories of courage, bravery and love in these turbulent times and know that whatever is unfolding has a deep and profound spiritual dimension where we can all stand together as one and spread kindness.  Focus on that one thing this week and you’ll be doing the most powerful thing that you can do.

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