Your weekly horoscope August 30th – September 4th 2011


Jupiter retrograde in 2nd; sun in 6th trine jupiter in 2nd; moon in 7th trine Neptune in  11th

You’re back to your buoyant self.   You feel confident and that you can challenge anything.  Jupiter, planet of good fortune is retrograde in your second house which is allowing you to feel optimistic around anything to do with career or success.  You really can overcome some career battle and see things in a new and visionary way. An old friend might also pop back in and help you along, and if not there’s every sign that you’ll be supported by people who think you’re fabulous. Last week might have knocked you a bit, but now you’re in the clear and feel able to express things from your heart.  There’s a part of you that wants to catch up with good friends and maybe even play some records from times gone by as you feel sentimental about the past.  It should be a good, easy week which will come as a huge relief after the intensity of last week!


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus; sun in 5th trine Jupiter in Taurus;

You’re feeling good about you, still in that bouncy, playful and charming place where you want to have fun, good times and adventures.  Others should be loving you for it, especially as you get to shine that big heart of yours.  That gives you the confidence to do or try new things.  In particular, you should be feeling good about your looks.  You don’t always feel confident about your appearance, but when you shine that gorgeous soul of yours, you truly are beautiful so have confidence in that and you should certainly be getting some attention.  Jupiter retrograde in your sign might be making you look back over a few choices that you made and wondering whether you did the right thing, oddly enough even in terms of the choices that you made about the way you look. It’s about looking to the past to inform you about the present, whilst at the same time wanting to run away and play.  In some ways that’s a slightly odd match, but if you’re able to be in the moment and reflect on your inner soul, that’s brilliant.    


Jupiter retrograde in 12th trine sun in 4th, moon in 7th trine mercury in 3rd

You’re feeling jubilant this week – thank goodness something major has shifted as your ruler Mercury goes direct.  It might have seemed as though you couldn’t make yourself understood, or things weren’t sinking in and you couldn’t resolve a few incidents or arguments.  However, that’s all past and you’re able to express yourself and be understood which is a huge relief.  You might even be able to sort out a situation that last week seemed impossible.  There’s also a guardian energy around you as Jupiter is in your 12th house.  It’s as if something is being sent to you from the heavens – some chance meeting or event that is points you in the right direction after a bit of confusion.  You might also want a bit of nurturing or to take up meditation or do something that connects you to that quiet, inner voice.  This week, something absolutely divine could change your life. 


Jupiter retrograde in 11th, moon conjunct Saturn in 4th, Jupiter trine sun in 3rd;

Good news – you’re mixing well with your friends, you’re excited about life and you might also meet up with a friend from the past.  It could be that there’s a bit old get together and you have a great time, and that’s just what you need.  You might have gone through a few emotional storms this week but now you can be around people who love your and express what you’re feeling in a light and giggly manner.  You could even have a discussion that allows you to feel safe and secure.  That means you’re able to relax, and maybe because you feel more secure within yourself, you are able to stretch yourself to do other things.  You’re finding your inner Goddess, and if you’re a guy you’re finding your intuitive inner feminine that helps you feel good about you.


Jupiter retrograde in 10th; Jupiter trine sun in 2nd; moon in 5th trine mercury in leo

Something totally out of the blue might happen this week.  If a job you wanted slipped out of your grasp before, it might just come back around again. It looks as though there is a connection in your career to the past that allows you to reap a bit of good fortune now and might even involve a second chance at something.  Any recent communication problems are all in the past and you can express your full Leo generosity of spirit.  Do be a bit careful that you don’t come across as being a bit too full on.  Mercury is in your sign and that tends to highlight who we are.  As a Leo, your shadow means that under pressure you can take refuge in being aloof or some might say arrogant.  If that’s what you do, don’t do it. If you’re feeling insecure, dig deep and go into your huge heart.  Mercury is your friend this week and will help you overcome any feelings of insecurity this week and help you communicate in a way that means others will listen.  Know that you’re a loving, beautiful soul and be that.


Jupiter retrograde in 9th, Jupiter trine sun in virgo,

Mercury is going forward and it’s a huge weight off your shoulders as you allow yourself to express your true desires and needs.  You’re also looking at the past differently, or understanding who you are in relation to the past and it frees you in some way.  You’re liberated to step forward into your power.  You might find that some travel plans change but that ends up being great – a little gift of adventure from the universe.  Everyone in your life at the moment sees right into your heart and you can share something very deep with confidence this week.  You know that just being you is more than enough this week and you can leap into life in a whole new way.  This week, you’re putting the perfectionism to one side and you’re allowing yourself to stretch, learn and grow.


Jupiter retrograde in 8th, Jupiter trine sun in 12th, moon conjunct Saturn in libra, moon in libra trine Neptune in 5th

You’re feeling very intense this week and full on emotions bubble up to the surface.  Not only that, but your intuitions are strong and you want everything to be intense as you see right through and down into the depths of others.  They do say, be careful what you wish for so be aware of that as you may scratch the surface and be flabbergasted by what you reveal about something.  Whatever is there, you are an intrepid adventurer for truth and justice.  You might have to take care not to be swept away by your assumptions.  It’s also a chance for you to face your fears and embrace your immortality.  Part of you is asking what your soul wants in this life and these are good questions to ask.  You could even bump into a Pisces who is used to swimming in these kinds of depths and it could even end up in flirtation.  If not, they’ve certainly got a message for you.


Jupiter retrograde in 7th; Jupiter trine sun in 11th sextile moon in scorpio; moon in 2nd trine mercury in 10th

You feel the desire to be around your friends and you might even spend time with friends you haven’t seen for years.  It’s all about being able to express yourself fully with people who know you well and get you.  You might be talking about a relationship with your friends.  Some very intense emotions are coming up.  It’s important that you do a bit of sifting and sorting to work out which emotions belong to whom.  One of your most powerful gifts is that you do go deep and you’re not afraid to delve into primal emotions such as jealousy.  You’re also able to turn primal emotions into gold and you’ll feel much better when you do that.  Along with that, one of your symbols is the eagle.  Eagles can fly high and spot tiny details way down below.  This week, by adopting a higher perspective, you’ll be able to look down and spot a nugget of gold in an experience and it’s likely you’ll be talking that over with a friend.  You have the key to experience something stunning.


Jupiter retrograde in 6th, Jupiter trine sun in 10th; moon in 11th trine Neptune in 3rd

You’re exited about your career this week after a time of perhaps feeling that you weren’t being heard or that your optimism was a bit dented.  That was last week, now you should be feeling a lot perkier and thinking about your career from a whole new perspective.  You’re more confident about who you are and what you can do to turn things around.  A friend will also be hugely helpful.  Trust your friends this week and allow yourself to shine and even show off a little bit.  Be confident about your talents and what you have to offer the world.  You might even want to change direction and you’ll take to it like a duck to water.


Jupiter retrograde in 5th, Jupiter trine sun in 9th, moon conjunct Saturn in 10th

There’s a lot of unexpected twists and turns this week.  Let’s face it, you’re not the greatest fan of those but this week you might have to open your heart and take a new go with the flow approach, especially with changes that might affect your career.  We don’t always know exactly what’s going to happen, but one of the great mysteries of life is that often it’s when we don’t know what’s coming next, or when we get something we didn’t think we wanted, that the magic happens.  Have a bit of faith in the universe.  The good news is that there’s a lot of fun to be had and you might even find yourself trotting off for a wild weekend.  Be careful not to do anything that dishonours you.  Let off steam and enjoy any adventure you encounter, but still steer by that inner moral code as there might be a few temptations in your path that will test your resolve. 


Jupiter retrograde in 4th, Jupiter trine sun in 8th, moon in 9th trine Neptune in aquarius

You’re in the mood to hang out with your friends and do something a bit different this week.  Your visionary aspect is working at full throttle, so part of you will want to stand on a cliff top and see the big picture, asking deep questions about what you want from life and where it’s all going.  However, the planets are pulling you back to the past and encouraging you to connect with your family.  If someone from your past does contact you and wants to meet up, go over and have a good time.  Sometimes, as an air sign, you can find it difficult to express your emotions or feel misunderstood, but this week you’re able to bear your soul and reveal what you’ve been hiding.  You might find yourself doing that with someone from the past in a very healing way.  All of a sudden you’re not frightened to be an emotional adventurer and reveal what makes you tick to the world. 


Jupiter retrograde in 3rd, Jupiter trine sun in 7th;

Part of you feels very confident and able to express yourself clearly and you might even want to talk to someone you haven’t spoken to for ages or even launching a blog or getting going on anything that allows you to put your views across.  You’re opening up to all of your creative gifts and talents and when you share them with the world, you actually reveal something important to the world and your mood lifts.  The other thing is that anything to do with love and relationships has that shiny glow of happiness on it and you can feel much more optimistic.  You’ve got a bit of love magic and charisma going on.  You probably haven’t liked the past few weeks but this week it’s all much more clear and defined and you step into it with confidence and a touch of magic.

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