Your weekly Horoscope September 20th – 26th 2011


Mars in 5th trine Uranus in aries; sun into 7th opposite Uranus in aries; mercury into 7th

It’s all about love this week – loving life, loving yourself, loving other people and feasting on the pleasures of being here in this moment.  You’re eager for pleasure, confident and want to get out there, have some fun and explore your generosity of spirit.  It really is all about communicating and talking to the people you love.  If you’re single, it’s time to be flirtatious and outgoing and connect on a spiritual level.  There are endless conversations about emotions and feelings.  If you’ve been feeling down or as though you’ve been stuck in limbo, it’s all change this week and you’re able to express your true , authentic self, speak from the heart and find balance in all your communication.  There’s a sprinkle of unpredictability around your love life that encourages you to be spontaneous and share your impulsive natures with others, spreading kindness and love and blowing a few people away, especially anyone who meets you for the first time this week.  If you’re in a long term relationship, you can kickstart the passion and remembering why you fell in love with your partner.  If you’re single, you might meet someone, but you can fall in love with yourself.  Each of us is a divine, unique soul and totally irreplaceable.  It’s time to know that from the inside out.


Mars in 4th trine Uranus in 12th; sun into 6th opposite Uranus in 12th; mercury into 6th

It’s quite a spiritual, intense, dreamy and somewhat romantic week this week.  You may find yourself drifting into a conversation with someone and then thinking, is this what I should be saying? Or being just a little bit inappropriate.  People might find you a bit fluffy and floaty, quite unlike your usual grounded self.   As you go with the flow, which is a good thing, just make sure that you’re not just being a bit naughty, flirting or discussing something you shouldn’t because you’re feeling it in the moment.  You’re very good at handling the detail but this week you could also have an aha moment and a brilliant idea about how to take your creativity forward.  Along with all of this, whether you’re single or taken you’ll want to cuddle up with someone you know very well and just hide away under the duvet of life.  You want to get deep, personal and intense.  Make sure it’s with the right person.  You could also have a bolt of spiritual enlightenment.  Pay attention to your hunches, but make sure that you can tell the difference between what is a moment of spiritual insight and a wave of illusion.


Mars in 3rd trine Uranus in 11th; sun into 5th opposite Uranus in 11th; mercury into 5th

It’s all about friendship, confidence and how you express yourself this week.  You really want to express yourself, not just intellectually but in a very primal way.  You’ll be talking about really important things and going at it all night, totally inspired by what a friend has to say.  You’re being very extravagant and playful and have fun at all costs, strutting your Gemini stuff.  This all might lead to a situation where you immerse yourself in one of these amazing, deep and revealing conversations and then want to get out and have a good time, leaving someone just a little jealous and finding that you’ve got a power struggle on your hands.  Or the situation could be reversed with you feeling just a bit jealous.  We all have our ups and downs and have moments of intensity followed by a craving for space, freedom and the need to do our own thing.  It’s nothing personal.  Make the best of it by being warm, generous and caring and communicating from your heart rather than getting a bit carried away.  Open your Gemini heart and feel your way as communication with friends offers great karmic lessons and treasures.


Mars in 2nd trine Uranus in 10th, sun into 4th opposite Uranus in 10th, mercury into 4th

This week you’re going through some soul searching about who you are in the material world and what security means to you.  As I’m always saying, security comes from within and has very little to do with external circumstances.  This week, the planets are shining a light on you and they are asking you to look at how you feel about yourself and your self worth?  If you’re working, how does what you do align with your self worth, or provide security?  You could get a flash of insight or an aha moment into what you should be doing or how to make your work a better place for you and get an inspiration about your next step.  If you’re clinging to what you currently do, knowing or feeling that it’s wrong for you but too scared to let go or even think about moving on because it provides you with security, Uranus is poking you to get you to look at your own thinking and discover whether that’s actually true and to say that when we are in a state of panic or insecurity in relation to anything we’re often not paying attention and making the best of what we have as our fear is blocking us.  Life is flow.  Even if you are stuck in a dead end job, there are ways to make it better for you.  It’s up to you to go within, feel secure within your beauty, brilliance and uniqueness, translate that energy into what you’re doing and along with that know that the universe could bring you a moment of transformation as soon as you know you’re worth it.


Mars in leo trine Uranus in 9th, sun into 3rd opposite Uranus in 9th, mercury into 3rd

You’re feeling frisky about life, exciting and pumped up but try and keep it a bit grounded as others are going to be wondering what’s going on with you!  The planet of your vital life force is steaming into your sign and Uranus is encouraging you to open up and experience the whole of life. This is fabulous but not everyone will be able to keep up as for them it’s as though a tornado is passing through the room. Stick with fire signs – particularly a Sagittarius who will be able to share your vision and spirit of adventure! Take care you don’t burn yourself out, chill and pick out your most fabulous ideas to work on.  They are coming by the dozen and others might even be captivated by some of them, but if they just keep pouring out they won’t know which ones you’re serious about or how to follow up, and nor will you.  If you’ve been feeling a bit flat, you’ve got to open up to the energies this week as there really are opportunities to expand and explore.  Life is full of wonder and magic, and some of you Leos are going to be fully tuned it to this week.  Keep a journal to capture the ideas as they fly, and there may even be someone who wants to grab you by the hand and run off on an adventure with you as you explore them.


Mars in 12th trine Uranus in 8th, sun into 2nd opposite Uranus in 8th, mercury into  2nd

It’s deep, intense and not like you this week!  You’re consumed by your imagination and gut feelings and if I were you I’d pay attention as there’s a message there for you.  You’re not one to waft off on a dreamy haze.  You’re looking for security, balance and grounding and where you are likely to find that is in your gut or psychic intuition.  You’re being encouraged to explore things from the root upwards and feel your way through rather than take refuge in practical solutions.  You could find yourself in an intense conversation with someone where you lay your soul and your primal emotions bare.   Being a Virgo, you might be tempted to over analyse these shadowy aspects of yourself but the best thing you can do is be still, meditate and just listen to your inner voice as it’s trying to tell you how to feel secure in the world.  Maybe you’ve realised that practicality doesn’t always bring safety and this ethereal, dreamy and spiritual week is here to teach you something valuable. Look for the nugget of truth within all of your deepest feelings.  There’s someone around who wants to dive into that pool of mystery with you.


Mars in 11th trine Uranus in 7th, sun into libra opposite Uranus in 7th, mercury into libra

This is a great week for you.  You’re feeling confident, as though you’ve got your va va voom back and able to launch yourself into the world, secure about who you are and who you want to be.  It’s the beginning of a new found confidence and your batteries being charged.  You’re communicating really easily, gently and in a well balanced way.  You really are being all you can be.  If your little scales are out of balance, be careful that you aren’t communicating to an extreme.  If you’ve been down, maybe you need to tailor your communication to find that inner balance.  Part of you is wanting to go to extremes and say something out of the blue.  It should be an illuminating moment and nothing to worry about.  You’re loving being with your friends at the moment, but it could be that you find yourself suddenly attracted to a friend,  tumbling into an erotic experience with a friend, or even looking at your partner if you’re taken and realising that you’ve become more friends than lovers.  There’s a lot of issues about boundaries and wondering what is love, what is friendship and where is the middle way.  Some flash of inspiration or enlightenment is going to show you the way forward in how you relate to your friends and lovers.  There’s nothing scary about any of this as you’re in your power and ready to shine.


Mars in 10th trine Uranus in 6th, sun into 12th opposite Uranus in 6th, mercury into 12th

This is a great week for your career and it’s all about focusing on what you want to achieve.  Sometimes you don’t push yourself as hard as you could, or you might have a secret fear of achieving, but it’s time to come out of that Scorpio cave and say, I’m ready.  I have the drive and the passion for what I want to achieve. Along with that, you’re also being given the touch of genius, willpower and hunger plus a bit of good fortune to succeed!  The only fly (or is it a hidden gift?) is that you’re feeling a bit romantic, lost and lonely whilst you’re trying to sort your career out.  All of these emotions don’t need to conflict.  You can be inspired by your deepest core essence.  I believe we are in a time of spiritual revolution and you’re got your finger on that pulse.  You can’t ignore or avoid your own deep truths this week, but you can use them to inspire you.  Reach deep within to find those deep pools of creativity and connect with people you care about.  You might meet someone with whom you feel there’s a past life connection and you like that kind of depth.  It’s up to you to pull it all together in a synthesis of fabulousness and all should be well.  


Mars in 9th trine Uranus in 5th, sun into 11th opposite Uranus in 5th, mercury into 11th

You’re feeling buoyant, full of beans and energy and able to leap into the world fired by optimism.  You’re feeling very much at home and knuckling down to experiencing life on your terms.  Allow yourself to feast on ideas and visions for the future.  You’re quite tiggerish this week so you’re leaping around but take care you don’t land on someone who greets your enthusiasm with an Eyore style grump in response.  Lots of people are going to adore the way you are, particularly a Leo who could plunge into your life  and show you a good time.  You’re having a good time with friends.  On a quieter note, you could go deep within and ask what friendships mean to you.  I believe we have a soul contract with our friends but these groups are changing, expanding and evolving.  What are your friends mirroring to you?  What lessons are you learning from them or helping them learn?  A grand and fabulous lesson should come to you this week and you could make a new and exciting friend to add to your array of fabulous people around you.  If you’ve been stuck in a routine, you could find the courage to step forth on a journey or path you’ve thought about for some time.


Mars in 8th trine Uranus in 4th, sun into 10th opposite Uranus in 4th, mercury into 10th

You can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to your career or desires for material security this week.  There could be a shard of light, a bit of hope or indeed something fabulous happening.  You really are ready to achieve the next step and you feel lighter.  There’s been an awful lot of pressure on you recently but it seems to be lifting.  When it comes to your sensual drives or passions, beware as it’s all very primal, intense and a bit out of control.  Primal emotions are coming to the surface but the good news is that someone around you wants you to be safe and is nurturing you, so all should be well.  But you could find yourself losing your temper or doing something a bit naughty.  Whatever it is, it’s all about releasing pent up energy or repressed desire.  Maybe you can release it by doing some sport, or if you’re in a relationship you can go off on a date and pretend you’ve just met each other or do something to bring back the real excitement.  If you’re tempted by an illicit flirtation, just pause for a moment.  Everyone has their own moral compass but as things are finally going so well in your career, do you want to cause a whole heap of emotional confusion?  Oddly enough, you’re feeling vaguely secure on some level.  The rest us up to you!


Mars in 7th trine Uranus in 3rd, sun into 9th opposite Uranus in 3rd, mercury into 9th

You’re going deep into the roots of your being and finding peace and balance within yourself this week.  Part of this is a journey in relation to yourself.  You’re looking deep within your heart and finding the balance to love yourself and forgive yourself for anything you’ve done in the past.  In fact, just by loving yourself that little bit more, you’ll find that those around you respond differently.  You are a visionary, and along with that you tend not to judge others, but you can be quite harsh when it comes to judging yourself.  Change that and a lot of things change for you and you can feel secure from the depth of your being.  In fact, you can feel so secure that you can allow yourself to have an adventure.  You’re keen to share your ideas, expand your thoughts and share your ideas with people very different to you.  Take care that in your eagerness and enthusiasm, you aren’t just a bit too blunt in how you speak.  People will be a lot more receptive if you’re diplomatic.  This week gives you the key to unlock yourself and in doing so unlocks your future.


Mars in 6th trine Uranus in 2nd, sun into 8th opposite Uranus in 2nd, mercury into 8th

Well, gorgeous Pisces, this is an unusual, mixed and interesting week in which it’s quite important that you stay grounded.  You want to be here in the world and in your body.  You might be looking at your nutrition or taking up something unusual, like scuba diving which would be a very Piscean thing to do!  You’re so dreamy and sensitive that often you tune into others to the point where you forget to look after yourself, so this week the universe is making you excited about looking after your body.  Part of you is feeling intense and deep, more in a Scorpionic way than usual.  You might be seeing the shadow side in people or talking about life, death and rebirth, being there for someone else or dealing with some past pain in your own life.  You can do that this week, you’re able to stand within any amount of darkness and find the healing within it.   If you’re looking at some past heartbreak and intensity this week you’ll understand what it all means within the context of your life and understand how it plays out in your soul’s journey rather than looking at it as one piece of pain in the moment.  It is intense, but you’ve got the reserves and ability to go deep and transform.

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