Mercury Retrograde November 24 2011 – embrace the adventure!

On the 24th Mercury the planet of communication goes retrograde (appearing to go backwards). Mercury does this little u- turn about three times a year.

Mercury retrograde has a bad rap. It is not the time to forge ahead or sign contracts as it can throw communication curve balls. Many lovers of astrology go ‘oh no’ when Mercury does it’s reverse trip, but sometimes going backwards and looking at where we came from or even tying up loose ends is a good thing! This month it is going backwards in feisty Sagittarius. That means it’s all about higher learning, stretching pourselves, growing and travel.

So how can we benefit from that going backwards? Look at the things that have stretched you in the past. Did you follow through? Is there someone overseas you have lost contact with? Were you intending to go somewhere, but it didn’t work out? How has your philosophy changed over the years and is there some wisdom in the past you could do with now?

Sagittarius is the philosopher but don’t lose yourself in past ideas or thoughts. Examine what and who you are and how you can grow and evolve from your past experiences and beliefs.

This Mercury retrograde kicked off with a partial solar eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius, so there should be some kind of revelation or intense experience that is a signal for what is to come in the three weeks of Mercury retro. As Sagittarius is an adventurer, you would be best flinging yourself into the learning process and being open to all that is revealed.

If someone from the past pops up to question the past – or you – don’t take it personally but understand you are a constantly growing and evolving soul who is trying to do your best. Embrace the new, embrace your journey and welcome the rich experience of your soul.

Loas of love,

Michele x

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