Your weekly horoscope September 27th – October 3rd 2011


New moon in 7th conjunct mercury, opposite Uranus in aries, tsquare pluto in 10th

It’s a full on week for you.  On the one hand, you’re willing to look at relationships differently.  You want balance, to see both sides of the story and harmony.  On the other hand, dodgy old Uranus is popping up and saying, I’m an Aries and I don’t want to listen to anyone.  I only want to do what I want to do!  You might find yourself becoming quite dominant in your communications with partners or colleagues. In an attempt to create a much needed shift, you might even blow up as you’re determined to go your own way and won’t compromise.  If you need to break, transform or do something differently (and you do, you do!), then just do it with love and compassion and without your Aries fire.  That Libra energy is saying disengage and find the balance.  Respond from a detached point of view.  Surrender to all the new opportunities that you like and whatever the shift is, achieve it with balance. Follow your uniqueness and your individual voice, but do it gently and with fairness and honour.


New moon in 6th conjunct mercury opposite Uranus in 12th tsquare pluto in 9th

This week the new moon is all about change and the chance to start a new cycle in your house of wellbeing.  It’s also conjunct Mercury, so you’re talking about how you can change your life, look after yourself and be fitter whilst you have an energetic push to help you get there.  As a Taurus, you can be a bit unhealthy and put up with it, but now is the time to transform.  Another part of you is resistant, hoping you can ethereally magic things away.  Maybe you will have a revelation but you do have to ground it.  Taureans can get into negative grooves and get stubborn about staying there.  But once you make that commitment, nothing and no one can stop you.  That’s your amazing ability to be stubborn used in a positive way.  When it comes to relationships, you might want a bit more spiritual connection or may even consider going your own way.  Commit to transformation and change as the universe believes in you and is giving you an added push to help you make your moves. 


New moon in 5th conjunct mercury opposite Uranus in 11th tsquare pluto in 8th

The good news is that the new moon is in your house of fun, frivolity and confidence.  So you should be leaping around feeling good and optimistic.  However,  you can have some great times but you may come across a few grumpy people who aren’t in the mood for fun.  There’s no stop, pause or rewind button for you this week.  If you’re not aware or in tune with other’s moods, there could be a power struggle and either you or someone else may go into victim or persecutor.  Now you can avoid all of this by being sensitive and aware.  If they aren’t up for it, back off.  Don’t take it personally.   You can be cheerful.  Find your balance and you’ll be fine.  And there’s no need to be insecure.  Stand in your power and be gently and quietly happy and lovely and all will be fabulous. 


New moon in 4th conjunct mercury opposite Uranus in 10th tsquare pluto in 7th

You’re very focussed on home life and family and possibly mending a rift with someone you care about.  You want to snuggle up and accept people.  All of your natural aspects are highlighted so it’s all about being close to home and nurturing.  Be open to it and don’t scuttle sideways.  You’re more of you and it’s lovely.  It’s a time of unity, not hiding.  There is a small lesson in that you might even be teetering on the edge of transformation in a close relationship when suddenly work calls.  Or actually shouts and it seems like your dreams are being shattered.  Don’t see it in those terms.  A lot of this is down to Uranus whose purpose is to shake things up so you can ask what you really want.  Whatever is going on, see it as a gift.  How we actually respond to situations creates our reality. There are ways of handling everything life.  Most importantly, you should have cosy, healing and wonderful times along with anything else that happens.


New moon in 3rd conjunct mercury opposite Uranus in 9th tsquare pluto in 6th

This is quite an exciting week.  The new moon, or potential new start falls in your house of communication.  You’re rocking and rolling with information and news.  Someone could have a fantastic idea that you feel you have to act on immediately.  You’re excited about all things cerebral.  The only fly in the ointment is that something unexpected is chucked into the middle of all these ideas.  It could be an invitation to an adventure or a beckoning into a new philosophical outlook.  You may however get a bit carried away so try not to go to extremes.  All these things come into balance as we integrate new learnings into what we are.  Don’t go crazy, ground yourself and take care of your physical wellbeing.  Pursue all things good for your body this week, keep yourself grounded and you could find yourself on the next vibrational level of understanding.


New moon in 2nd conjunct mercury opposite Uranus in 8th tsquare pluto in 5th

The new moon gives you the opportunity for a brand new cycle in relation to your financial and emotional security.  It’s all about feeling grounded in who you are and feeling a commitment to yourself.  Uranus might test you on how secure you feel through what happens in a close relationship, either romantic or with a family member.  It’s about you feeling secure enough to have fun and not allowing to get sucked into a power game.  We’re all unique souls, in charge of our beings and you have it within you to respond in any way you choose.  We all have patterns and neural pathways ingrained in our brain that makes us respond without thinking, but if this fires up this week remember the message that you are not powerless and you can choose your reaction.  You can release yourself and have a Pluto transformation into having fun and knowing the value of your soul.


New moon in libra conjunct mercury opposite Uranus in 7th tsquare pluto in 4th

It really is your week – your personal astrological new year, giving you the opportunity for a personal rebirth.  You can fling yourself into life a brand new you.  Create and conjure up something magical for yourself.  You’re on a roll, able to express yourself from the deepest part of your life.  Mercury is popping in to ask how you feel about relationships.  You might find yourself wanting a bit of space or freedom, or it could be a partner is doing their own thing and not paying attention to you.  Try not to take it personally.  Basically the universe is asking you how secure you feel in yourself and suggesting your sense of comfort and security isn’t in your partner.  This is your week and no one and nothing can take that away from you.  If someone is up to anything that upsets or confuses you, go within and think what is it that you want from life.  Be your own best friend and realise how gorgeous and fabulous you are.


New moon in 12th conjunct mercury opposite Uranus in 6th tsquare pluto in 3rd

This week the new Moon means that part of you is feeling very spiritually enlightened and feeling connected and maybe even a bit soppy.  You might want to merge with other people, not in an intense and scorpionic way; it’s soft and romantic and might feel like you’re just melting.  You might experience the joy of just being around someone and be all light and fluffy.  Go with the flow, be open and surrender to it all.  This might even be the week that you transform the way you communicate and actually take a leap into optimism and vibrant romance.  If you’re single, you might even suddenly realise that love is something to be embraced and be fearless about surrendering to it rather than fearful of losing control.


New moon in 11th conjunct mercury opposite Uranus in 5th tsquare pluto in 2nd

Use the new Moon to start a new cycle in your friendships.  You’ve got the chance to form new friendships and connect with people in a brand new way.  You might actually have a bit too much fun, leaping about and getting a bit over excited.  You might actually start struggling with how much pleasure you can actually take or someone might try and hold you back, particularly from spending too much money as you are being encouraged to take a fresh look at your feelings around finance.  There could even be a bit of spontaneous romance, whether you’re single or taken. 


New moon in 10th conjunct mercury opposite Uranus in 4th tsquare pluto in Capricorn

The new Moon brings new energy to your career.  You’ve got the chance to put your foot on the career pedal.  Expect fabulous and unexpected good fortune and if you haven’t got a job, this could be the week it all comes together.  You might have to figure out how to balance it all with everything else in your life and Uranus may force you to do that through a good old shake up.  You’re being asked to get to the roots of who you are, understand the dynamics of your personal sense of security and your career and in particular what you really want.   You’ve got the answer to these questions and it’s up to you and your soul to decide which is the right path to take.


New moon in 9th conjunct mercury opposite Uranus in 3rd tsquare pluto in 12th

This week’s new moon offers you a new cycle of adventure, expanding your learning, feasting on knowledge and maybe even travelling somewhere different.  You’re feeling the urge to change, transform and expand.  You’re expressing your desire for travel and expansion.  In life we sometimes have to be careful what we wish for.  Reflect on your dreams and ask whether they would truly serve authentic you.  You’re being asked whether what you want is compatible with reality or whether it’s indeed what you really want.  Delve deep to discover what your real dreams are and ask yourself, if what you are wishing for really landed in your lap, would you want it?


New moon in 8th conjunct mercury opposite Uranus in 2nd tsquare pluto in 11th

The new Moon is quite an intense one for you.  It’s all about life, death, rebirth and primal emotions.  All your secret desires are coming to the surface and you may be talking to someone about what it is you secretly desire, or even surrendering to wanting it.  You may even accidentally end up in a flirtation or embracing your shadow.  You’re being encouraged to be really honest in yourself.  You are fearless about looking at everything right in the eye at the moment.  You are more than capable of facing your fears, dealing with them, handling the unexpected and being strong within what that allows you to realise about you.  This energy is lurking around for a bit of time but it does you a lot of good.  You can stand up and be counted in the world as a strong being, someone who has faced their fear and their sensitivity and stepped into their power.  Along with all of that, it could be a spicy and sexy week too.

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