Your weekly horoscope October 11th – 17th 2011


Full moon in aries, sun conjunct Saturn in 7th,

The full moon in your sign means that you’re fizzing with excitement and energy.  It also gives you an oceanic flow of emotions and a peak energy experience.   That means that whatever you are feeling gets multiplied by one hundred.  You can use that force of energy to push ahead in whatever direction you like.  This full moon is particularly focussed on your relationships, however, and that means you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed or out of control.  Ultimately it’s about looking at your relationship to yourself.  Aries can be very blustery and confident when underneath the child within is freaking out.  Check in to all parts of yourself to see what you are feeling.  Are you taking care of all of the complex sides or your personality, or possibly even being a bit selfish?  Along with all of this, you’ll be thinking about commitment of some kind.  All in all, this week might be a bit of a rollercoaster but it is revealing.  Welcoming the emotions that emerge this week will allow you to reach synthesis within your self, so embrace all of them fearlessly and don’t forget to make a wish.


Sun conjunct Saturn in 6th, Jupiter in Taurus opposite venus in 7th, Jupiter opposite mercury in 7th

The full moon is making you reflective and deep and could also be sending you wafting off into a dream world.  There is a slight emotional conflict as Jupiter is having a bit of a tussle with Venus.  That could mean that you veer away from your usual grounded self to indulge in a few golden fantasies about perfect love or the perfect partner.  Jupiter will help you expand your awareness and connect you with what you truly want so who knows, you may be trying to recreate the beginning of your relationship if you’ve been with someone for a while or could even meet someone who arrives dressed in a cloak of fabulousness.  Tread carefully and enjoy the moment as you won’t know what’s real for a while yet.  Most of all be sweet to your lovely self and don’t give yourself a hard time if a stranger arrives to tempt you into a flight of mental fantasy as your dreams may reveal what your heart and soul is truly longing for so that you can then create it in your reality.


Full moon in 11th, sun conjunct Saturn in 5th, mercury in 6th opposite Jupiter in 12th

Allow yourself to enjoy the week without taking anything too seriously.  A part of you wants to be very pragmatic and serious in dealing with things, particularly in what you’re saying.  You’ll want to be sure that everything you’re saying is spot on.  At the same time, you could come up with something fabulous that is in contrast with this pragmatic side that insists on having all the detail nailed down or the contract signed before you can do anything.  The full moon will bring you a peak experience in your friendships and will intensify whatever is going on.  It may even be that a friend connects you with an incredible opportunity that your more sensible side insists on pulling back down to earth.  But think about it, you’re a Gemini – you can think out of the box and anything can happen.  Keep the balance between your dreamy side and your pragmatic self and you should have a stunning week. 


Full moon in 10th, sun conjunct Saturn in 4th, venus in 5th opposite Jupiter in 11th

The full moon always rocks your world as it’s your ruler.  This week’s full moon falls in your house of career, so something is kicking off at work or in your mind about work and you could be feeling overwhelmed.  Allow yourself to embrace the possibilities it brings.  Know that you are the divine feminine and you have great intuition, even more at full moon so let yourself flow through it.  If something kicks off and it’s all a bit of a nightmare, I wouldn’t necessarily act with the forces of this full moon as you could get lost in the power of it.  It’s up to you to know that you’re a unique soul and go for it.  Venus is giving you a bit extra confidence and the desire to express yourself and have a good time.  There is a conflict with friendships, however.  It could be that you find a friend is demanding a lot more of your time, or you’ve fallen into some kind of co-dependent pattern.  Perhaps they are trespassing too far on your territory, or you find yourself wanting to rescue them from going back to an ex or doing something else you know isn’t good for them.  This is all about trusting the universe and understanding that we are all on our own journey and have to learn in our own way.  Whatever happens, deal with them with love and kindness and everything should calm down.


Full moon in 9th, sun conjunct Saturn in 3rd, venus in 4th opposite Jupiter in 10th

You might find yourself travelling more this week or expand your horizons.  You could be booking a holiday or meeting some very interesting people and doing something adventurous.  This seems to inspire you at a deep level.  At the same time, you’re at a bit of a crossroads.  On one hand you’re feeling more adventurous, and on the other craving security.  If you’re single, you might be thinking that the only thing missing from your life is a relationship or craving an adventure whilst wanting to hide under the duvet.  Even if you are the most confident person in the universe, part of you wants to be sure about love.  The security that you’re looking for actually comes from within.  If we allow fear to hold us back, there’s an imbalance in the relationship.  When you love and respect yourself, nothing can go wrong.  As far as your career goes, something extraordinary could happen, so don’t let this insecurity spill over and stop you doing what’s right for you.  The universe is encouraging you to expand and grow and have the courage of your convictions, knowing that ultimately you are secure and loved.


Full moon in 8th, sun conjunct Saturn in 2nd, mercury in 3rd opposite Jupiter in 9th

The full moon is in your intense house which is all about sex, death and the shadow.  It’s all very intense and in many ways territory that you try and avoid.  The thing about Virgos is that they think of themselves as only lovable if they are perfect – even an enlightened Virgo can nag themselves with the idea that they aren’t doing enough.  The full Moon is giving you a gift and reassuring you that you don’t have to be perfect.  Either you or someone else’s deepest, darkest secret will come out.  We all have a shadow side, it’s part of being human.  We’re all in the school of life, and we all have time when we’re a bit grumpy or are plagued by thoughts we shouldn’t have.  When you understand that and accept that even so, you’re still fabulous, that’s when magic can unfold.  I think that you can come through this week and have a revelation about how perfect you are and that you really are enough.  In fact, when you express your full self, that’s when you’ll feel more loved and won’t have to hide or hold back.  You might also have some grand passion or an experience that makes you feel a bit out of control, but this week is all about communicating from a very deep level and knowing that you are perfect just as you are.


Full moon in 7th, sun conjunct Saturn in libra, mercury into scorpio

There’s been an ongoing theme lately of looking at relationships and deciding what they really mean to you.  This week delivers a peak experience on that front.  The Sun and Moon are shining lights on these areas, ramping up the urge to look at a few crucial questions about your relationships and responsibility within them.  You’re taking communication to a much deeper level and you’re ready for a rebirth.  It’s all up to you.  If you’re quiet and don’t speak up, you can’t expect your partner to be psychic, otherwise things could build up.  You should be quite clear about what you really want for the long term.  You’ve got a lot stronger recently and you really can take responsibility to shine and live the way that you want to live, and it all pivots on how willing you are to use this energy and reveal the workings of your inner self to the world.


Full moon in 8th, mercury into scorpio, pluto in 3rd sextile venus in scorpio, mercury in scorpio opposite Jupiter in 7th.

This is a full on week for you and you’ve got to try and find your balance.  The full moon is vibrating in your sixth house, so you’ll want to take time out and cosy up to yourself.  There’s so much scorpio activity in the heavens that you could be feeling a bit unsettled.  You’re very clear about the way that you’re communicating, but at the same time you’re standing back and observing everything that’s going on.  It may be that you’re holding back a few secrets, or someone reveals a few of theirs to you.  At the same time, you’re completely in tune with yourself and others are actually drawn to your allure.  Even if you hide yourself away, you’re still a love magnet.  If you’re shaking your head as you read this, it’s time for you to face what it is that makes you feel there’s no one out there for you.   Out of all the billions of people on the planet, there are those who are waiting for you.  You have to know that life is there for the plucking and you are supremely powerful.  No worries, no fears, no doubt.  You’ve got to know you’ve got it all going on.  It might be difficult to look inside and change patterns of behaviour, but this is the week to change the way that you respond.  It doesn’t have to be huge as the smallest changes can create huge shifts.  If you’re with a partner and it’s all got a bit mundane, you can transform it.  You aren’t a victim, here to suffer.  You’re here to dazzle and delight.  This is the week to go within and understand how fabulous you are.


Full moon in 5th, sun conjunct Saturn in 11th, mercury in 12th opposite Jupiter in 6th

The full moon falls in your house of fun and frivolity.  I feel that you’ve probably been dealing with a bit of self doubt of late and this full moon is giving you a real confidence boost and express your true bouncy optimistic self in the world.  In terms of your friendships, you might be feeling as if you’ve outgrown someone and you really want to have friends around you are into the same things as you and on the same wavelength.  Emotions are contagious and who we mix with does have a profound impact on us.  In particular, you find it difficult to be around people who are doom and gloom.  This week, you’re going to meet people who open you up to remembering who you are.  Along with that, there’ll be a few spooky coincidences and events with a fated feel.   


Full moon in 4th, mercury in 10th trine Neptune in 2nd, sun conjunct Saturn in 10th

There’s a bit of confusion around you about your emotions and your career.  In a way, you could be using your insecurity to stop you putting your best foot forward.  Ironically, you might have allowed some of your emotions to lead you away from your usual focus.  The full moon means that the time is now, this week you have to balance up your own sense of safety and security in the world to help you push on in your career.  If you harness the energy of this week and focus on your emotional security, it will give you the oomph to make strides.  Spend time with people who understand you, love you and who don’t judge you.  You are loved and the moon is shining the light of security around you.  You can integrate that security with the desire to go forward and redirect your passion to help you go forward in the right way, with the right people cheering you on.


Full moon in 3rd, mercury in 9th trine Neptune in Aquarius, sun conjunct Saturn in 9th, venus in 10th opposite Jupiter in 4th, mercury in 10th sextile pluto in 12th

This week is all about communication.  You have a peak experience where you feel the need to express yourself.  Possibly you feel that someone isn’t listening or you’ve been pussyfooting around something and this week you’re just going to have to come out and say it.  Or maybe someone says something to you that makes you think, wow, that’s a bit blunt.  But is there any truth in what they are saying, or is it time for you to let someone know exactly how you feel?  We can be forthright and still be loving as we speak.  The danger of the full moon is that we can let go and allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by our emotions.  Your soul is craving expansion, so whatever comes your way this week, allow yourself to look within and ask yourself what the universe is asking to you discover and then reveal.  It’s time to expand and be honest about your desires.


Full moon in 2nd, mercury in 9th trine Neptune in 12th, sun conjunct Saturn in 8th

You’re looking all the way around your life to see how you can make yourself more secure.  You know you need to be careful with money, but at the same time you also want to be a bit rash so you’ve got these two desires swimming against each other like the two little fish that symbolise your sign.  Find a middle way and all will be well.  At the same time, you’re thinking about love and if you’re in a relationship you might have a revelation that just as you’ve been thinking that someone else has been distant, you may realise it’s been you.  It’s all about being honest with yourself.  If you’re single, you may realise that even though you say you’d like to meet someone, you’ve actually been hiding out.  You’re coming into your power about how you look at your relationships.  You are an emotional, intuitive free spirit and when you connect to your own emotions you can find out who you are.  Look at all of your desires, who you’re drawn to and you can learn more about who you are within all of this and find the key to your own evolution through this experience.

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