Lisa’s Karma Clinic: When it is my time?

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for taking the time to read this – I’ve gone through life feeling like I’m just there for everybody else to make use of and at the age of 52 I feel I should be entitled to some “Me”

I wonder what you can make of my life purpose?

Lisa says:

The first thing I notice in your chart is that your Moon is at a critical degree in Libra. This means that you may have a subconscious over compensation or need for getting your own way.  Relationships of all kinds involve compromise, and in that necessary give and take  there are times when we all feel that we are giving and aren’t sure whether there is a balance in what’s coming back our way.  As a result, rather than be in this ambiguous territory, you may sometimes pushing it away. It can also indicate that other people feel this and therefore push you away. This means that at times you feel that you can’t be the authentic YOU because subconsciously you are always tussling with the need to be supportive and accommodating or the need to resist and assert yourself.

It is all about being able to find a balance in relationships. Be strong and tell people when you don’t feel comfortable with something despite what the repercussions may be. You are then being truthful to yourself and others and will attract what is important back to you.

You also have the vertex in Libra. The Vertex in the birth chart relates to what the Universe expects from you. In your case you may want your own way but having a strong need for this can result in the kind of stubbornness that sees us cutting off our noses to spite our face.

These are some aspects of what you are expected to do in this life:

•             To bring people together, be a counsellor or determine what is right and wrong

•             To look at how you feel about your reactions to others and whether you feel oppressed or subjugated –is there an issue?

•             To work on the areas of reconciliation and truces

•             To discard biases

•             To be decisive

Having Acumen as a rising star 24 days before your birth shows that one of themes of your life is to learn how to cope with negative feedback and to not see criticism as a setback. Spirituality will be incredibly important to you although you are likely to be frightened of searching for the answers that you need. (Vesta in the 12th house) You could focus your attention more on this as some of your most ingrained issues can be resolved by connecting at a universal level. It may be worth making sure that you have time alone to connect and reflect regularly or use a spa or retreat to get to grips with your superconscious.

Now onto your purpose: Interestingly you have Pallas rising in the 1st house which shows where your intelligence, creativity and perception should be focused and it illustrates that nature and the environment will be important to you as are healing methods using the hands. Creatively you have abilities using texture and form – such as two and three dimensional design and textiles. Even though you feel that you are ‘just there for others to make use of’ to have an Awakened future actually means that you are meant to dedicate and focus your efforts on behalf of others. This is aspected by having the node in the 7th house. You can help others with their self esteem and using empathy with others will bring you rewards.

You may be interested in battling for global concerns or being an environmentalist using pragmatic solutions. Indeed having the Moon paran Sirius shows that you may sacrifice aspects of your life for something that you deem a worthy cause. You can take the lead and pave the way for others. You will have the ability to see innovations, make them successful and solve problems in ways that others may find surprising.

I hope this helps,

Sending lots of hugs,

Lisa x

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