Your weekly astrology December 13th – 20th 2011


Mercury direct in 9th, venus in 10th square Saturn in 7th

With Venus in the tenth house, you’re in love with your work.  If you’re not, you’re being invited to pour love into whatever it is that you do as that’s often the way to transform situations.  You might find that there’s someone who’s jealous or who you perceive to be jealous or controlling when it comes to your work and they’re being a bit bah-humbug for this time of year.  Instead of responding with your Aries fire, harness that venus energy and send them unconditional love and do something that nurtures the person who is giving you grief.  Hopefully, if you don’t respond in a negative way or feed the tussle of the square energy, you can bring about a change.  Mercury is allowing you to stretch yourself and you’re drawn to people who are wise, or who express themselves differently.  You could also find yourself cast in the role of teacher.  All in all, you should be feeling pretty ho ho ho. 


Mercury direct in 8th, venus in 9th square Saturn in 6th

There’s a part of you that wants to delve deep within the nether regions of a partner’s mind to find out what makes them tick.  On the one hand, Venus is saying stretch yourself and see the world and if you’re in a relationship you’ll want your partner to come with you.  It’s all about a craving to experience the raw fabulousness of life.  You also might want to learn something with your partner.  If you’re single, you might fall in love with someone from a different culture.  However, this irritating square with Saturn could be driving you bonkers as your passion and enthusiasm could be met with criticism or even just a bucket of cold water.  The good news is that mercury is going to help you see what is driving the whole situation.  It’s asking you to communicate with you on a much deeper level.  If you’re single, you could meet someone with whom you’re talking on a much deeper level.  If you’re not using this energy wisely, you could start getting a bit obsessed by someone who is more adventurous than you.  It could be an adventurous and frisky week, but do strive for balance and take care of yourself on the journey.


Mercury direct in 7th, venus in 8th square Saturn in 5th

Part of you is all consumed with love and it may be that your primal emotions have been stirred.  You might be tempted to go a bit too far with the fun and do something naughty or exotic at the Christmas party, however, so find that inner balance.  There is a danger with all of this intense planetary activity is that you might do something that you regret later down the line.  If you’re single, you’re ready to burst forth and meet someone but they had better inspire you and bring in some fun.  You’re enjoying being in love and seeing the love in other people, and that should put you in the holiday spirit just in time for the festive season ahead.


Mercury direct in 6th, venus in 7th square Saturn in 4th

You may have felt that there have been a few communication problems recently, or perhaps you’ve been being talking about things that you mean to do but haven’t yet got round to.  If that’s the case, this is the week to turn it all around or get going as Mercury goes direct.  You want to express yourself as a lover of humanity itself – that you understand that we are all one and you’re feeling quite good about you and other people.  Also, because it’s a square, you’ll be longing for security in your relationships or fretting unless your home is just right.  In a way, this week is a little test for you to fall in love with yourself and give yourself the love and nurturing you usually give to other people.  If you do that, you’ll likely find that’s what people mirror back to you.  Be careful too that you aren’t being just a bit picky or critical as often that’s far more to do with how we feel inside than who they are.  Pull back your projections, love yourself and you should have a stunning week.


Mercury direct in 5th, venus in 6th square Saturn in 3rd

You might feel like being a bit critical about love as Venus is the in the 6th house, which is about feeling the need to be in control of yourself or others.  If you use this wisely, you can see it as an opportunity to reach for balance in your own life.  Left unchecked, you might become picky about your existing partner or potential lovers.  It’s important you communicate gently.  Fortunately, mercury going direct in your house of fun and pleasure will help you bring pleasure into your relationships.  You want to have a good time and you can do healthy things.  If you’re single, you could be a bit torn between wanting to be in a relationship but withering at any flaws you see.  If I were you, I would lean on the fun loving and forgiving mercury energy and if you want to criticise others, go inside and urge yourself not to be too opinionated and ask yourself how you can transform your own energy.  A lot of people should be telling you how much fun you are, so stick to that.


Mercury direct in 4th, venus in 5th square Saturn in 2nd

Venus is pushing you to seek pleasure and maybe even be a bit flirty.  You could also be feeling extravagant and showy.  Nothing wrong with that, apart from Venus is squaring responsible Saturn so part of you wants to spoil yourself and part of you is saying, we can’t afford this.  Go to a charity shop or be clever and find yourself a bargain so you can keep the two happy.  You may also be opening up and expressing yourself in a fun loving way. It’s time to celebrate whatever kind of year you’ve had as we are heading into 2012.  You might find that a family member suddenly offers you a lot of support.  Even if they’ve been a bit insensitive lately, there should be liquid love in the room and that should be making you feel good as part of you needs to experience that closeness and acceptance that you should be getting from others this week.


Mercury direct in 3rd, venus in 4th square Saturn in libra

There’s a part of you that really needs to take responsibility for your emotions and what you feel – or that’s certainly what Saturn is pushing you to do.  Whatever you are feeling, you’re being asked to look beyond blaming others and towards what you can do to transform your emotions or your part of it.  If you’re single, you’re able to shed any old limiting patterns this week and a great weight should be lifting off your shoulders.  Taking responsibility for your life makes you the magician and this could be the revelation that hits you this week.  Mercury going direct is great for you as it’s helping you express all of your brilliant ideas, especially around work, so use that energy and you could have a great week.


Mercury direct in 2nd, venus in 3rd square Saturn in 12th

If you’ve had any frosty or strange communication this week, it’s good news.  Recently, your emotions may have been a bit topsy turvy.  This week you have Saturn in your 12th house which can be a bit tricky as Saturn is all about responsibility and the 12th house is all fuzzy.  It could be that Saturn is saying, your responsibility is towards yourself, to the bigger picture or your creativity.  Rather than going off on an illusion, allow yourself to be open to this amazing spiritual opportunity.  As far as relationships go, you are feeling more open, but it’s crucial that you feel comfortable about what you want to say.  If you’re single, you could be living this amazing romantic relationship in your head but forgetting to communicate that to the outside world.  You may even get a spiritual revelation about love and how your feelings towards yourself influence the relationships you have with others.  It’s all a bit convoluted, but by the end of the week it should all make sense.


Mercury direct in Sagittarius, venus in 2nd square Saturn in  11th

Mercury, planet of communication is going direct in your sign.  That does mean that you might have been having to go over old ground recently, but there’s no more of that, thank goodness.  You’re rocketing forward and that’s great, but others might find you a bit full on so be aware of that.  Along with that, your friends might find it difficult if all of a sudden you’re behaving in a different way.  If you find the balance, all should be well and actually someone you’re in a relationship is keeping you nicely grounded.  Singles might meet someone who loves your exuberance, but don’t necessarily expect your friends to approve.  Don’t let it worry you.  We all see the world through our own projections or lens so if friends are being a bit disapproving, they might just need a bit of space.  That doesn’t mean you have to hold back from the fabulous experiences available to you this week.


Mercury direct in 12th, venus in Capricorn square Saturn in 10th

The good news first – Venus, planet of love is in your sign.  You should be giving off charismatic vibes that draw others to you like a moth to a flame – but you could also be confusing others.  You’re being open when it comes to relationships but are you being a bit too open or lacking in boundaries?  You might be giving out all the wrong signals and being a bit flirty without actually intending to follow through.  Whatever, there’s something fuzzy in the land of Capricorn.  Focus on the fact that you are a loving being but don’t encourage people unless it’s absolutely right.


Mercury direct in 11th, venus in 12th square Saturn in 9th

You’re feeling somewhat inspired and at one with the universe.  You also have the opportunity to know that you are the creator of your life, and your love life.  You’re connecting to your spirit and higher wisdom when it comes to relationships.  You might also be feeling as though you want to do something radical.  You’ve got the idea, but Saturn is keen for you to be clear on how to ground it.  You might even be embarking on a relationship with someone overseas.  For once, you can get the support, communication and friends who are keen to help push you forward.  At the same time, someone is going to ask you for help this week and you’re able to give it.  It’s an exciting week, but it’s also deep and important.


Mercury direct in 10th, venus in 11th square Saturn in 8th

As you are the most romantic and tuned in sign of the zodiac, love is really important to you.  This week, venus is allowing you to love your friends.  You might be slightly taking your focus away from a relationship which could make a partner feel a bit jealous.  Do smother them in kisses and take them along your journey, but don’t let them hold you back. If you‘re single, maybe a friend is a bit obsessed with you.  Is this the time to talk about it?  Not necessarily.  Is it real, or just a fantasy?  Lots of things are being stirred up for you this week.  Things should have got a lot better in terms of your career as you’re far more able to express exactly who you are.  You might be thinking thank goodness 2012 is over, but you are looking forward to next year.  Ruled by your imagination, you’re actually a lot more optimistic than others give you credit for as you are truly in touch with your ability to create magic.  Believe in yourself and your career, try not to get obsessive and you should have a great week.

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