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Dear Lisa,

I have worked hard all of my life and stayed at 2 jobs for a length of time over 18 years. Recently I underwent a career change and in the last few years I have spent time gathering experience in different places in the public sector and health. I just seem to be wandering aimlessly though and worked in challenging work environments and wanting to change. I would love to feel settled and feel balance within myself without this wanderlust. I am also finding out what I want from relationships and undergone changes there too. I have had so many changes and had so many experiences that I have been very fortunate to learn from. I know that life is about learning but I would love to feel settled in myself and achieve some sort of balance. So many people have come and gone in all of my life. I am sure it has all been for a reason. I’m fortunate to be blessed with life long friends and family members too.

Any advice is welcome

 Lisa says

First of all the Gemini placement of Saturn indicates that you can make things happen using your skills and knowledge and that you will reach different types of people and gain insight into their experiences. This also brings change and because the planet is placed at a critical degree it seems that this diversification is causing you problems. Having Saturn retrograde means that you will always want to make your goals a reality. This is because you have a subconscious need to finish what you may have left in your past. Going backwards is important for you because you have wasted opportunities in previous lives. This retrograde position gives you another chance to improve on that and of course as you said you have learnt a lot in this lifetime.

There was an eclipse in Aquarius at the time you were still developing in the womb. Again this shows that in this life you need to learn a lot and quickly – but this is advantageous for you as you have the ability to learn fast. If you can do this well you may not have to incarnate again on an Earthly level.

You have come to this life with lots of attachments to the past particularly to do with the way that your family/culture/beliefs have dictated. Now you do not need to worry about doing what is expected and instead do what is right for humanity as a whole. To do this you need independence so therefore you need to give this to others at the same time.

Your key lesson is to be a released soul essence.

To be able to feel more settled within yourself you need to not waste time on things that you have already learnt and trust that the Universe is helping you to grow at greater speed than is usual for most people. Listen to your body as it will let you know when you are out of balance.  In particular, you may feel a bit on edge or find yourself craving things as a result of low blood sugar, or you might also experience sluggish circulation. 

If you have problems in these areas, do have a chat with your doctor or healthcare provider as it’s always important to follow appropriate medical guidance and advice.  Along with that, understand that it may be your body trying to tell you that you don’t need to relearn or experience something as you already know it subconsciously.

Learning to not waste time will help you to master your experiences and become more settled and balanced. You are a conduit for passing on knowledge to others, but to do this you need to detatch yourself from the process.

To help you focus on what is right for your higher self get back to nature (Pallas in Taurus) or use your hands creatively in some way. This will help you to find the balance to your transformational way of life.

I hope this helps you.

Lots of hugs,

Lisa xx

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