Your free weekly astrology January 24th to 31st 2012


New moon in 11th square Jupiter in 2nd square Saturn in 7th, mars retrograde in 6th

This is an incredibly important week for you as Mars goes retrograde.  You like to be impulsive and Mars retrograde is making you slow down and reflect.  It can also make you a bit critical of yourself or the way you’ve handled things in the past.  Self chastisement isn’t very helpful. The best way to use this energy is to realise that you aren’t invincible or immortal and look into how you are looking into your health and nutrition. Have you been overdoing it?  It’s a brilliant time for a detox.  You could also find that you’re being a super critical of friends, partners or other relationships or are tempted to test them.  Instead, be a bit Zen, go within and be calm.  You can use the energy of the recent new moon to bring changes, especially as you might be meeting a few new friends.  Overall, Mars retrograde is a time for reflection, and it starts now.


New moon in 10th square Jupiter in Taurus square Saturn in 6th, mars retrograde in 5th

Mars retrograde is hitting your fifth house so look out for old patterns showing up related to your family or security.  Whatever kicks off, pay attention as it could be highlighting something in you that needs transforming.  In particular, you might want to look at how you are balancing career, home and family.  Have you been exerting too much energy in having fun?  It’s not the time to argue or create tension.  Allow yourself to slow down.  You might also feel not quite as confident as usual, as though something is dulling your shine but the recent new Moon is also giving you the chance to make changes in the light of anything that your reflections reveal.


New moon in 9th square Jupiter in 12th square Saturn in 5th, mars retrograde in 4th

We’ve just had a new Moon in your 9th house of adventure which gives anything to do with learning new things, stretching yourself or delving into other cultures a boost.  Along with that, however, we have Mars retrograde.  This is making you look within about how secure you feel about your home.  So if you’ve got half way through something even as mundane as painting your kitchen, this is the week to finish it off and look at other ways of increasing your feeling of security around where you live.  If you’ve been having lots of people around or throwing parties, it’s probably better to look at ways you can nourish yourself so that you can put that energy into nurturing any projects instead. It’s a time for reflection and putting your focus into what truly takes care of you.


New moon in 8th square Jupiter in 11th square Saturn in 4th, mars retrograde in 3rd

We’ve just had a new moon in your 8th house.  Have you been feeling slightly obsessive or jealous?  Whatever it is, you need to look into your shadow and realise that you are a unique soul and no one can take your place.  Along with that, temptation is in the air and even if you are in a relationship you could be drawn towards someone else.  What you do is down to your own moral compass, but it’s always worth pausing first to see if what you are reaching for is actually something you feel is missing within yourself.   It could be that you are feeling the need to express your sexuality and desires in new ways. All in all, you’re being encouraged to look within and transform your own shadow into gold. Mars is going retrograde which could drag up an old argument or see you looking at the way you handle yourself when you need to draw a line.  Mars is stirring up all of our primal emotions and giving us a chance to deal with them.  For you, this means building solid foundations, boosting your confidence and knowing that your softness and vulnerability is actually your strength.


New moon in 7th square Jupiter in 10th square Saturn in 3rd, mars retrograde in 2nd

You really do have the opportunity to transform your relationships and step forward on a fresh emotional pathway.  Possibly this means a new lover if you’re single and the chance to evolve any relationship you are in if you’re not.  It might distract you from your career, but that’s looking pretty good so that might not be a bad thing.  As Mars is also going retrograde in your second house, which is all about finances, you might have to go over old ground so that you can build proper foundations in terms of your security and stability there. All of this will be okay as we are in a time of personal evolution and you can handle it.  Be careful not to be critical or blaming of anyone – and that includes you.  Trust that it’s all opening up for your greater good.  Your relationships should be going well and your career is good, so maybe whatever comes up is the missing piece you can transform to make a perfect whole.


New moon in 6th square Jupiter in 9th square Saturn in 2nd, mars retrograde in virgo

This is a really important week for you as we’ve just had the new Moon in your sign which is like a personal New Year.  It’s about you being reborn in some way,  expressing who you are and going through a personal rebirth and transformation.  The only fly in that ointment is that Mars, your battery pack, is going retrograde. If you’ve been really pushing forward, this is the time to go over how you’ve been using your energy and think about how to use it more wisely.  Don’t be self critical but perhaps do a lot more with the way that you communicate otherwise you could find yourself running round in circles.  There could be a bit of frustration as you have to gather yourself and make plans for the big adventures to come but any focus you put on that will be well worth it in the long run as the big picture looks fabulous.


New moon in 5th square Jupiter in 8th square Saturn in libra, mars retrograde in 12th

The big astro news this week is that Mars is going retrograde which could push you towards asking some big and deep spiritual or existential questions about what you believe and how to make it part of your life in the future.  You’re being given six months to reflect on this and it’s all good.  I believe that we all have our own unique views on spirituality, but as you evolve what you think and feel you also play your part in evolving the whole.  You should have quite a few revelations about that.  The energy of the recent new Moon is still lingering and this is all about you expressing yourself and having fun.  All in all, you could be looking at ways of bringing together your spiritual beliefs and the way that you want to enjoy and express yourself in life in a much more creative way.  Don’t give yourself a hard time if some strong belief from the past has moved on.  If you’ve been a bit debauched in the past, you’re also being asked to look after yourself a bit more.  Either way, you’re on the right track and it’s all good.


New moon in 4th square Jupiter in 7th square Saturn in 12th, mars retrograde in 11th

The big news for you is that Mars is going retrograde in your house of friendships.  You might get a call from someone in the past who was a bit troublesome, or you could be thinking about the past in a way that causes some internal conflict.  You might find that you’re a bit argumentative or trying to change direction but feeling pulled back by friends.  If that’s the case, ask yourself why you aren’t totally letting go.  This retrograde is really about taking time out and going in rather than pushing forward, so think about your friendships and look at things that have wound you up as these are the things you can transform now.  Around April this energy shifts, so you’ve got six months to evolve your relationships.  You’re going through such a deep transformation overall right now and this is also going to play out in where your live.  You are deep, sensual and mysterious.  Does your home reflect that?


New moon in 3rd square Jupiter in 6th square Saturn in 11th, mars retrograde in 10th

There’s been a new Moon that has allowed you to feel a lot more confident about the way you communicate and you’re expressing yourself in a way that makes others want to listen.  As a Sagittarius, you have a lot to say and you have some big important philosophical things to share that the world really does need to hear.  This is your time to put your money where your mouth is.  At the same time, we have Mars going retrograde which is making us look at the past and embrace what we need to do this year.  For you, it’s all about your career so look back on how you got to where you are today whether where you are is the right place for you.  Even if the retrograde means you aren’t able to go leaping ahead as a result of what you discover, at least you’ll know which direction to look. 


New moon in 2nd square Jupiter in 5th square Saturn in 10th, mars retrograde in 9th

There’s been a new Moon in your second house and this is good news as it gives you a clean slate in terms of your finances and security.  We also have Mars, planet of action, going retrograde.  You’re probably going to be drawn towards looking over the way you’ve seen things in the past, or your philosophical point of view, and seeing if that needs overhauling. At the same time, it’s worth thinking about any perspectives you’ve used or adventures that you’ve had that have given you loads more energy as they are worth digging out.   It could also cause some disruption in any plans that aren’t build on solid foundations.   I believe that this year is all about the evolution of our soul and this new Moon is all about going within and look at what you need to change.  It’s not the week to push forward or have an adventure, but more about clearing your psychological decks for the year ahead.


New moon in aquarius square Jupiter in 4th square Saturn in 9th, mars retrograde in 8th

The energy of this week is incredibly important for you because there’s just been a new Moon in your sign.  This has had a stirring effect on you as you should be seeing the world and your life differently.  It actually gives you a fresh start.  At the same time, we’ve got Mars retrograde in the 8th house, which is all about sex, death and rebirth.  It’s all shadowy desire and obsessive sex, drugs and rock n roll energy.  If you find that you’re looking back on someone important in your life who has crossed over, the message to you is about the importance you have and the impact you could make and why you are needed right here, right now!  If you’re looking back at things where you lost yourself in a moment of shadowy madness – of the kind we all have, by the way! – Mars is asking you to reflect and see what you can learn as it’s time for you to be everything you can be.  You might also feel like rocking a few boats to allow you to be who you are.  I would say that if you decide to do this, follow your own unique voice and intuition to allow you to express your true self.


New moon in 12th, square Jupiter in 3rd square Saturn in 8th mars retrograde in 7th.

It’s very important that you listen to your intuition, which is on overdrive right now.  Your senses are alert and you’ve stepped into a new way of being when it comes to your intuition.  Don’t be too critical of it, either.  Mars is also going retrograde and for you, it’s in your house of relationships.  You might be thinking about an ex or looking back on a past relationship, or how the one you are in right now started out and wondering how to get that energy back.  If you feel that your sexual energy is a bit stalled, it’s worth examining what’s going on there.  Be alert also for any urge to cocoon yourself away with your lover as you could feel tempted to escape into a safe, romantic but almost sexual bubble rather than dealing with the world right now.   Make sure you’re very clear about what you mean when you speak as people around you might feel you’re being a bit fluffy and dreamy and they aren’t sure what you want.  The big questions to ask yourself are those that are about love, about what it means to you and how you express yourself within it.  These are the ones that can bring about a transformation that will play out for a long time to come.

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