Your free weekly astrology February 7 – 13th.


7th – full moon in 5th, Saturn retrograde in 7th

8th – venus into aries conjunct Uranus.

13th – mercury in 11th trine Saturn in 7th.

The full moon in the fifth house of pleasure, confidence and generosity of spirit means you should be feeling pumped up in these areas, though be careful this doesn’t spill over into arrogance!  Tune in to Neptune in your 12th house and pay attention to those intuitions that pop up from your soul.  We also have Venus going into your sign, which is fabulous and should make you exude unconditional love for humanity. Let go of fear and anger, be the perfect expression of love and show who you are.  That’s how to draw in the right people for you.  Along with that, expect something fabulous to come your way that reaffirms your sense that the world is a good place.  Saturn in your seventh gives you a lot of reassurance and mercury in your 11th emphasises the connection with friends.  If you’re single, maybe friends are advising you on your love life or could even introduce you to someone.  All in all, it’s a week where you feel a strong connection to friends, lovers and humanity as a whole.


7th – full moon in 4th, Saturn retrograde in 6th

8th – venus into 12th conjunct Uranus.

13th – mercury in 10th trine Saturn in 6th.

The full moon in your fourth house of family, home and security will pull your attention in that direction.  Neptune kicking in means that some of your friends will feel like family.  Make sure the love and compassion you feel also extends to you.  Venus is changing signs and hits your twelfth house, which means that part of you is opening up to your soul feelings about love and could bring an intense past life feeling around a connection.  This is lovely, but watch out as the 12th house can immerse us in illusions and we can get a bit carried away.  Use some of your Taurean wisdom to pace yourself when it comes to this feeling.  Uranus isn’t helping as it’s all about things happening out of the blue, which means that you might bump into someone and feel as though you’ve known them forever.  When it comes to work, you can express yourself and what you want to do career wise with Saturn supporting you and helping you add the detail and put in the hard work.  All in all, it’s a good week.


7th – full moon in 3rd, Saturn retrograde in 5th.

8th – venus into 11th conjunct Uranus.

13th – mercury in 9th trine Saturn in 5th.

The full moon in your third house of communication could see you desperate to speak with someone and it could all come out in a burst.  Make sure you tune in to the Neptunian energy and go into how your soul can help you speak the words that are necessary from your heart.  You’re also thinking about your career and especially what your work says about you.  Mercury being in the 9th house of adventure means that you’re thinking about stretching yourself through a course.  Do take some time out to go within and get in touch with your emotions as otherwise you could get carried away on this wave of ideas and dreams.  Plant some seeds and let them grow before you try and harvest them.  Along with that, Venus means that a friend could declare an attraction or at least you should have an all round fabulous time with the friends that you have.


7th – full moon in 2nd, Saturn retro in 4th.

8th – venus into 10th conjunct Uranus.

13th – mercury in 8th trine Saturn in 4th.

The full moon means a lot to you as it’s your ruler.  This one is teaching you about stability.  When it peaks, look out for an idea about your finances and sense of security within the world.  What can you do to make yourself feel more stable?  Along with that, we have Mercury in your 8th house of mystery and primal emotions.  That puts you in the mood for deep conversations about all of the important things in life.  There’s a part of you that really wants to quest into the soul of a lover.  If you’re single, you’re feeling loved up at work which could manifest as a flirtation with a colleague but on a more general level mean that you can be the font of all wisdom and love in the workplace.  Mercury going into your 8th house is helping you talk about things that may have wounded you.  It’s all very full on as it will turn you off from things that are superficial and on to the depths of you and others. Right now, you’re being liberated and you’re not frightened of talking about what matters and you’ll draw the right people towards you.  You do need a bit of support at the moment, but all the planets are saying, come on, you can do it.


7th – full moon in leo, Saturn retro in 3rd.

8th – venus into 9th conjunct Uranus.

13th – mercury in 7th trine Saturn in 3rd.

It’s all about you this week as we have a full moon in your sign.  You’ve got a burst of confidence, warmth and generosity of spirit.  If you’re unhappy, however, it could magnify it so allow yourself to be the best of yourself or you could find yourself in a pickle as you feed an emotional extreme, so watch out for that.  Venus, planet of love in your 9th house sees you seeking love from far afield or wanting to literally get away or stretch yourself in your relationships.  There could be an unexpected flirtation with someone from a different culture.  You’re ready to make a commitment of some kind, even if that is to yourself.   You should be feeling more secure about who you are and about love itself.  If you meet someone new, expect an instant connection.  Right now, your soul is awakening to your deepest desires and to do that you’ve had to face a lot of your fears.  By being more open about your vulnerabilities, you’re able to be strong in a way that you haven’t before.  Owning who you are at every level is the key to love for you this week.


7th – full moon in 12th, Saturn retro in 2nd.

8th – venus into 8th conjunct Uranus.

13th – mercury in 6th trine Saturn in 2nd.

There’s a lot of contradictions around you this week.  First, we have the full moon in your 12th house which is opening you up to things that are a bit fluffier than you’d usually think about.  You might even find yourself carried away on a whim, which is very unlike you.  There’s a lot of energy around you that is all about intense emotions but take care it doesn’t spill over into paranoia.  Maybe keep a dream diary or write down your emotions from one day to the next.  You’re also being urged to look at your sexuality.   Whoever you are as a sexual being is unique to you and connected with your primal forces.  Being able to talk about your emotions and hidden desires is quite liberating for you.  Expect a deep conversation with a friend or lover about what’s going on for you, especially things you can’t quite pin down.  Other than that, people can rely on you this week but make sure that whatever you say is in line with all of your dreams and those intense emotions that are coming up.


7th – full moon in 11th, Saturn retro in libra.

8th – venus into 7th conjunct Uranus.

13th – mercury in 5th trine Saturn in libra.

Expect a peak experience when it comes to friendships thanks to the full moon.  You may very well bump into someone who rocks your world and makes you laugh your socks off.  If you haven’t been going out much, the full moon is a good time to get out there, bearing in mind that the full moon brings intense energy!  It’s also a great time to polish up and spring clean your love life.  You can tune in to partners. As you are shimmering with love right now, and being very much yourself, that should transform your relationships across the board.  You definitely want to have fun and spread the magic.  If you’re annoyed with anyone, you can let go with love and forgiveness.   This is a great week for you to discover who you are and feel that you’re back to being your good old self.


7th – full moon in 10th, Saturn retro in 12th.

 8th – venus into 6th conjunct Uranus.

13th – mercury in 4th trine Saturn in 12th.

The full moon is full on and you’re very much feeling it!  Expect a revelation or peak experience when it comes to your career, along with a few brilliant ideas and the odd opportunity.  It does mean that you might have an emotional outburst if things aren’t going the way you’d like them to.  Venus in your 6th house creates a challenge as it’s all about perfectionism, control and criticism.  Either you being picky when it comes to partners or you feeling that they are being critical of you.  Whatever it is, allow yourself to know that there is no such thing as perfection and roll with it.  If you’re single, you might convince yourself that you’ll always be so but this is coming up so that you can dismiss it.  You should get enlightenment and encouragement and a soul revelation from friends and family.  Make sure you give yourself the one to one time you want, even if it’s with yourself.  Take the space you need and love and accept you and you should come through this knowing that some of your fears are groundless as a revelation about your safety comes through later in the week. 


7th – full moon in 9th, Saturn retro in 11th.

8th – venus into 5th conjunct Uranus.

13th – mercury in 3rd trine Saturn in 11th.

This week kicks off in your 9th house, which is making you feel wild, frisky, excitable and optimistic.  You might also be having massive plans and have the urge to stretch yourself with travel.  There isn’t much chance of you grounding yourself as Venus is also going into your fifth house.  If you’re in a relationship, you should be having a really good time as you’re exuding fun and others find you hugely amusing this week.  If you’re single, get yourself out there and have a good time with your friends and who knows what may come your way.  If you’re in a relationship that you know you need to move on from, you should see it differently this week as you can open up and talk about your feelings.  All in all, it’s an excitable and fun week in which you can really get across your ideas and joie de vivre in a way that everyone can appreciate.


7th – full moon in 8th, Saturn retro in 10th.

8th – venus into 4th conjunct Uranus.

13th – mercury in 2nd trine Saturn in 10th.

This week kicks off with a lot of intense emotion. You’re being urged to explore the shadow side – all those deep primal feelings of jealousy and obsession.  Either you are feeling that about someone else, or someone else is feeling that about you!  Open up and be understanding of yourself and others.  Perhaps you’re feeling jealous, or something that you are doing is stirring up someone else’s jealousy, or maybe they need to tackle their own shadow.   It’s not all bad as it could deliver some intense passion. Along with that, when we face our shadow and deal with it, we liberate ourselves and others.  You’ll also be asking questions about security in relationships and most importantly, security within yourself.  You’re also very clear that you want to sort yourself out financially and talking about your dreams and how you want to manifest security in your life and that should go down well.


7th – full moon in 7th, Saturn retro in 9th.

8th – venus in 3rd conjunct Uranus.

13th – mercury in aquarius trine Saturn in 9th.

Anything connected to relationships, love passion and desire is very much on the surface thanks to the full Moon.  Whatever love dilemma you’re facing, go within and ask the full Moon to help you find the answer.  You might also hear from someone from your distant past, especially if they are in a distant town or city.  You might be tempted to send a valentine or open up to someone and have a laugh about the state of your relationships at the moment. Whatever is going on, it’s all okay and you’re being enlightened about love.  If you’re in a good relationship, it should be brilliant this week.  You’re open to expressing what you feel, all your ideas and dreams and everything that makes you fabulous.  You’re a visionary right now.  Neptune had made you a bit woolly, but that’s passed now.  Your ideas and your soul are sharpening up and you can nail down how to express your genius ability.


7th – full moon in 6th, Saturn retro in 8th.

8th – venus in 2nd conjunct Uranus.

13th – mercury in 12th trine Saturn in 8th.

The full moon is full on for you.  You might be questioning these intuitions or soul callings you’ve been having recently, but don’t succumb to insecurity.  All of your intuitions are revealing the layers of you.  If you’ve been chucking yourself into hedonistic delights the full Moon may help you find some balance.  You have a message for yourself and the whole world.  Your divine self is shimmering.  You know who you are and that is helping you hold your place in the world.  The whole universe is cheering you on to be all that you can be.  Other than that, you’re after emotional honesty in your relationships and in many ways, it’s adding more of the same as you’re keen to express who you are and really understanding that you have as much right to be here and be you as anyone else.

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