Valentine Horoscopes for all signs


This Valentine’s Day, Venus planet of love and attraction is in YOUR sign, Aries giving Valentine’s Day that much more sparkle than usual. If you’re with someone then don’t be surprised if the celebrations are really focussed on YOU and allow yourself to let your partner take charge for once. There’s nothing wrong with being the object of worship once in a while. Single Aries may find themselves attracting a new love who has a lot to teach them about harmony. Maybe someone with planets in your opposite sign of Libra? Again, if you’re used to being the Warrior Princess (or Prince), its time to drop that sword, lower your defences and make love, not war.


Valentine’s Day Venus casts a dreamy eye over your 12th house of past life connections, beauty, love, intuition and inspiration. Sensual Taureans who are coupled up may plan something unusual and romantic for their loved one or else find themselves the recipient of a sensual surprise – anything from chocolate dipped strawberries to chocolate body paint! Single Taurus never gives up on their dream of romantic love no matter what disappointments they experience and the good news about this Venus is that she may kick up a new lover who may take you on a walk on the wild side – one you may feel you have known before. Remember, sometimes it’s good to find something that makes your heart beat faster and true love can sometimes come in a naughty package!


Got a back-up plan this Valentine’s Day, Gemini? You might need it. If you’re planning on taking your loved one out for an intimate candle-lit dinner make sure you have a fall-back plan in case that restaurant is over-booked or turns out to be less-than-intimate! Smart Gemini’s will make sure the fridge is stocked with champagne and treats just in case as Venus in your 11th House says two’s company and two hundred people a crowd. For single Gemini’s it’s a very different story. Get out and socialise and you could find that you may spot that intriguing stranger across a crowded room that turns out to be the next big thing. So be a social butterfly and spread those wings.


Cancerians will most probably be riffling through their cookbooks to cook up something really special – you could be going to town on expensive ingredients to make your partner feel cherished or else making them their favourite. Single or attached – make sure work commitments don’t scupper your plans this Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been using work as an excuse to avoid intimacy now’s the time to take stock. Single Cancerians could end up attracting someone who could be termed ‘a good catch’. The question is whether or not you think you deserve them. That good looking fire sign on the other side of the bar winking at you won’t bite – at least not hard. Wink back. It’s okay to come out of your shell occasionally.


Give your partner the chance to shine this Valentine’s Day, dear Leo.  Remember we all need our turn in the spotlight. You may find yourself being the recipient of a lot of attention or a gift that revolves around doing something you love. Yes, I know it’s only your due so be your regal self and show appropriate thanks by making your partner feel they are the centre of your world. If you’re the one who’s organised the Valentine’s Day plans then expect appreciation to be shown for a long time to come. Single Leos could attract someone wonderfully individual and free-spirited but then you have no problems with that! You could find them at a sporting event, travelling or they could even be from overseas. Watch out for anyone born under the sign of Sagittarius or with planets in Sag – but then sometimes the best playmate for a fire sign is another fire sign, correct?


Oh Virgo. And to think it’s usually the Scorpios who are dusting off the fluffy handcuffs on Valentine’s Day. Don’t think I don’t see what you’re up to. Perhaps you’re planning to surprise your loved one with a gift of sexy underwear? Venus in your 8th house of sex and transformation this Valentine’s Day says it’s all about passion. Single Virgo – time to stop nit-picking about the details and think about messing things up a bit. The thing about chaos theory is that what appears to be chaos isn’t – it’s merely everything settling down into an ordered system. A place for everything and everything in its place is your catchphrase – that Scorpio you meet could occupy a very special place in your heart, so surrender – fluffy handcuffs are optional!


Valentine’s Day is just made for you – you’re in love with love – admit it! This Valentine’s Day Venus falls smack bang in your love and partnership sector. Just having their partner there will be more than enough for attached Librans – no matter whether you’re staying in or going out. It’s the two of you that counts. A Libran without a partner? A sad state of affairs as your sign is all about partnerships. Cheer up because Venus says that anyone who makes an appearance in your life now is going to be serious relationship material. If you’ve been with someone a while you may see a big commitment being made. If you are single pop down to the newsagent and buy that bridal magazine. It could turn out to be more than wishful thinking!


Why is it they always get things so wrong about you Scorpio? It’s not just about sex – it’s about sex with depth. You know you’re not made for anything superficial so how come everyone else thinks you are? A good sex life is like food and drink to you. You are willing to work on it and you know you need it for your relationship to stay healthy. Your Scorpio partner could surprise you this Valentine’s Day because they may want to really reach out and connect with you on that soul level that makes you feel loved. Sure your Valentine’s present is a book on sex- surprise, surprise; but it’s tantric sex. Single Scorpio – if you’ve been feeling run down or if work issues have been holding up your love life, Venus removes them now. And as for that Virgo – you could really rock their world.


Your innate generosity means you may really go to town and spoil your partner this Valentine’s Day with no thought of what you get in return. Those archers in a relationship (yes, they CAN be tied down!), are likely to feel the same excitement they did in the early days of their relationship – and we all know how quickly Sag becomes bored. Keeping things fresh is what turns you on and Venus makes everything look brand new this Valentine’s Day – whether you’ve been together two years or 20. Single Sagittarians – hold your horses! Are you so busy looking at the horizon you’re missing what’s right under your nose? Just because they’re part of the scenery doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate your free spirit – or aren’t one themselves. Expect any new relationship to have a satisfying sizzle and a large lingerie bill.


If you’re home celebrating Valentine’s Day with your honey you’ll have gone to a lot of trouble to make things beautiful. Who says you’re always the practical one? This Valentine’s Day may see you expressing what’s in your soul. After all – your partner appreciates that you’re in it for the long haul and that true romance has a slow burn. Down with practicality and hello wine and roses. Single Capricorns could well attract a new partner that will transform not only their lives but where and how they are living. This person may even live in your neighbourhood or you may find they have tied to somewhere you’ve lived in the past. Home and family will be things they value. This may not be the fastest relationship off the starting blocks but it has the ability to go the distance. Start planning how you’d like to be living, where and with whom. Venus says if you build it, they will come.


Aquarius – stop talking and listen up! This Valentine’s Day is going to be all about communication. Yes, there’s always plenty to talk about with you and your diverse mind and interests. It’s something your partner appreciates about you. But there are other ways of communicating than speaking. Why not try a few for an unusual and romantic evening? Put a ban on speaking and only touching allowed and see how much you can say without words. No-one can express themselves like you.  Single water bearers may be captivated by someone who can literally woo them with words. This could even be someone who uses words or communication to earn a living. Expect to talk up a storm with any new romantic interest. The fact they have a quirky side only intrigues you more!


Show off. Yes, I know that’s how we usually refer to Leo’s. You’re out to impress this Valentine’s Day and this may mean pushing the boat out when it comes to pleasing your partner. You may show what you can do in more ways than one. You’re taking centre stage, calling the show and loving it. It’s all about status in some way and this may mean showing off and taking your loved one somewhere prestigious or spending big or else being the recipient of all that. Single Pisces could well attract someone well-off who will put them on a pedestal and want to spoil. They may have an appreciation of the finer things of life and that includes YOU.  It’s not what you’re used to is it? Think like a Leo and tell yourself it’s just your due.

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