Lisa’s Karma Clinic: Why am I still alone?

Dear Lisa,

I am struggling with issues that seem to continue popping up in my life. As soon as I think I am on the right path, my world completely changes again. I know I am being guided, and I am very lucky…and grateful for all of the help the universe has given me. But I am just confused.

I am starting to wonder if I have a Karmic debt to get over….or something of that nature.

In relationships I tend to be a dreamer….this is what I am told. I have fallen in love once before and it was a complicated situation. I have just recently been in touch with a man who I had developed very strong feelings for. I do love him. We had been together before and just been in contact again…..but he seems to be uninterested. Which is a shock to me….. In my gut and heart, I have a strong sense that we are right for each other. And I cannot seem to accept the possible end to it.  I just do not understand why, when I feel so strongly, it cannot work out easily. I keep wondering what it is I am doing wrong….and why I continue along this path, alone.

Lisa says:

I am so sorry that you feel alone and that relationships do not work out for you.  This is where I find being able to look at your chart really helpful as it can throw some light on the kind of patterns that are likely to play out in terms of your relationships and life as a whole.

Looking at your chart, you have Lillith in Taurus at a critical degree.  This does suggest that you want to find your power and leave a contribution in the world.  In terms of your relationships, it can mean that as it seems as though as soon as you find your feet, the other person may think that there is no potential within the relationship.

Having Pluto retrograde means that subconsciously you will want to get rid of everything that stops you from self actualising. Ultimately, what you need in your life is being assessed by your subconscious and also mirrored back to you by your partner.  It may seems as though everything you consciously want is taken away from you, but when this happens it is usually down to your subconscious intervening on your behalf in your best interests.  In other words, anything that goes from your life wouldn’t serve your development as a human being.  If you can shift your perception from thinking about what goes as being a loss to really embracing the idea that you are being saved for better things, you’ll create a major shift in your feelings.

Also, having the moon in Libra indicates that you may have a subconscious over compensation or need for getting your own way and therefore being in a relationship may compromise this – so it results in you pushing it away. It can also indicate that other people feel this and therefore push you away. This means that at times you feel that torn between being your authentic self and being supportive and accommodating.  The way to transform this is to shake off the fear of what the repercussions may be and to be strong and tell people when you don’t feel comfortable with something. You are then being truthful to yourself and others and will attract what is important back to you.  You also give yourself the best chance of evolving any relationship that you are in so that it mirrors the authentic you.

Having Juno in Sagittarius and squaring up to Venus means that you need to be on the same level intellectually as your partner and to know that you have the same goals and dreams for the future. This is paramount otherwise it is likely that there may be difficulties in communication or living together or in having a meaningful connection.

Give time to relationships, but understand that only a small part of being fulfilled is going to come from a partner.  Rely on you and try not to project onto others what you think you need or do not need.   We all have to tackle the myth of romantic relationships that has really taken hold.  The myth of romantic love urges us to define ourselves and the value of our lives in terms of our attachments.  The less you need from a partner, the more likely you are to relax and enjoy all of your relationships and attract someone who is right for you.

You say that you know that you are being guided. Your higher self knows what you need and you need to trust your intuition. Tap into this energy, it is there at your disposal always to help you with how you see things and act or react. Allow it to guide you when something isn’t working for you. Listen to what your higher self is trying to tell you.

Your healing will come from your connectedness with yourself and your contribution through connecting with spiritual matters. Give your best in this way and the universe will reward you with its own best. In time you will understand how to be attentive and mindful of the complex nature of your relationships.

Good luck on your journey of self discovery.

Lisa xx

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