Your free weekly astrology February 13th – 20th 2012

As it’s Valentine week I’m going to focus on Venus, planet of love, which is squaring Pluto, Lord of Transformation. That’s going to play out slightly differently for each sign. The overall message is that we can transform our relationships. Love is the key to bringing about the changes we might want to see across the board in a week that might be intense, but that will bring gifts and treasures in its wake.


14th – mercury into 12th conjunct Neptune.

15th – venus in aries square pluto in 10th. 16th – mercury in 12th conjunct chiron sextile Jupiter in 2nd.

18th sun in 11th trine Saturn retro in 7th.

19th sun into 12 conjunct Neptune.

Let’s talk about love. The good news is, we have Venus in your sign in Valentine’s week, which gives you loads of charisma and a fabulous glow. It’s also squaring Pluto in your tenth house of career. Pluto brings transformation and squares flag up the potential for a tussle, so be a bit cautious. However it’s not all bad as it could also mean that you bump into someone at work and fall madly in love with them which causes a confict of interests. There’s a lot of talk about relationships and relationship potential and you could get a stunning piece of advice about love. Most importantly, when it comes to the way that you communicate across the board, rather than being feisty, count to ten, open up your heart and communicate with love and that will work its own magic. Look at your assumptions too. Do you assume that people adore you, or that they don’t love you? If you find yourself having a negative thought pattern, you can transform it this week by being a font of love, kindness and patience.


14th – mercury into 11th conjunct Neptune.

15th – venus in 12th square pluto in 9th.

16th – mercury in 11th conjunct chiron sextile Jupiter in Taurus.

18th – sun in 10th trine Saturn retro in 6th.

19th – sun into 11th conjunct Neptune.

Venus is squaring Lord of transformation Pluto and it’s affecting all of us in different ways. You’re being urged to look into your heart and examine how you love, not just lovers but humanity and the world as a whole. If you are in a relationship, be especially kind to your single friends. Venus, planet of love, is in your 12th house and that brings a deep spiritual awareness and the longing for a soul connection, one where you can express yourself authentically. It’s squaring Pluto in the 9th house, so that means that you may be confronted on some level about your idealistic view about romance. When you fall in love, or if you are in love, do you compromise your growth or sense of adventure by seeing a relationship in some way? You’ve got the power to transform your love life this week by opening up to the higher calling of love rather than being seduced by delusion and obsession. Pluto refuses to be ignored, but if you open up and respond to whatever comes your way this week with love, you can bring about the most spectacular and deep transformation.


14th – mercury into 10th conjunct Neptune.

15th – venus in 11th square pluto in 8th.

16th – mercury in 10th conjunct chiron sextile Jupiter in 12th.

18th – sun in 9th trine Saturn retro in 5th.

19th – sun into 10th conjunct Neptune.

The universe is saying to you, let’s look at love and friendship. For you, having a partner who’s also a friend is really important to you. You don’t want a superficial relationship, but Pluto is asking you to look at your desires. If you’re in a romantic relationship, have you become more like friends? What’s happened to your passion? When we repress our desires, they can leak out in all sorts of different ways. If you’ve been pushing your desires on to the back burner or they’ve just dwindled away, Pluto is saying, you do have passion in your soul, so connect with it. It could also mean that someone you thought was just a friend either wants more or becomes more to you, or you get the chance to indulge in a bit of passionate, sensual desire. In a nutshell, Venus wants you to be friends and Pluto wants you to transform your inner fantasies and desires. If you can find a balance between those two things, you’ve probably got the perfect relationship! Other than that, it’s a fabulous time to express your creativity in your career. You can also put your passion into your work and come up with something that not only expresses your considerable potential, but also pushes you forward.  


14th – mercury into 9th conjunct Neptune.

15th venus in 10th square pluto in 7th.

16th – mercury in 9th conjunct chiron sextile Jupiter in 11th.

8th – sun in 8th trine Saturn retro in 4th.

19th – sun into 9th conjunct Neptune.

For you, planet of love Venus lands in your house of career and it’s squaring Pluto, Lord of Transformation, in your house of relationships. I would suggest that this week is all about looking for that balance between love and your career and there may need to be some kind of shift. It can also mean that your career is consuming far too much of your energy, like a demanding lover. Along with that, it suggests that you’re exuding loads of charisma at work and you feel that people adore you, or that a partner is working too hard or complaining that you are. Whatever it is, it’s time to put some constructive thought into finding that balance. Look within yourself and ask how much love you are expressing. Is your work coming in the way of your relationships and how can you express love to everyone – not just lovers, but everyone who loves you. Along with all of this, you’re feeling free, easy and philosophical and able to express yourself easily and that could be the key you are looking for to bring about the change you want.


14th – mercury into 8th conjunct Neptune.

15th – venus in 9th square pluto in 6th.

16th – mercury in 8th conjunct chiron sextile Jupiter in 10th.

18th – sun in 7th trine Saturn retro in 3rd.

19th- sun into 8th conjunct Neptune

Whatever is going on with you love wise this week, Venus is in your 9th house, so part of you wants to expand yourself in terms of relationships. You want a relationship where you get to talk about philosophical ideas, or travel, or somehow expand your horizons. At the same time, Pluto is squaring this in your 6th house, which can put the emphasis on criticism and perfection and even control. It also asks you to look at your physical health in your relationships. If you’re single, perhaps you need to be more adventurous, get out and look at people differently or go to different places. It could also mean that love arrives in an unusual package. If you’re already in a relationship, look at how much control and criticism is passing between you. Do you feel the need to be in control, or os the other person constantly sniping at you and trying to get you to change? Are either of you allowing perfectionism to pollute the love that there is between you? If so, Pluto will help you transform all of that in a week that is all about expansion.


14th – mercury into 7th conjunct Neptune.

15th – venus in 8th square pluto in 5th.

16th – mercury in 7th conjunct chiron sextile Jupiter in 9th.

18th – sun in 6th trine Saturn retro in 2nd. 19th – sun into 7th conjunct Neptune.

You could have a very dramatic week. For you, Venus is in your 8th house and that’s all about obsession, desire and control – but avoid that one! Virgos are creatures of extreme. You can either totally hold back or lose yourself in wild abandon, so that’s something to be aware of. Venus is squaring Lord of Transformation Pluto in your 5th house, which is about joy, pleasure, good times and being playful. All in all, it means you could go to the extreme of being a bit of a mynx and surrendering to all of your shadowy desires and saying, I don’t care, I’m having fun. It could also mean that you’re falling just a little too hard into obsession. Pluto is here for a reason, however and for you it looks as though you might have to find that balance between having fun and being like a big kid and losing yourself in obsession or trying to control the whole show. That should take you on an enlightening journey.


14th – mercury into 6th conjunct Neptune.

15th – venus in 7th square pluto in 4th.

16th – mercury in 6th conjunct chiron sextile Jupiter in 8th.

18th – sun in 5th trine Saturn retro in libra.

19th – sun into 6th conjunct Neptune.

Venus, planet of love is in your house of relationships. That should mean that you’re feeling really loved up or very sure about your love life, that you’re on the right lines, in the right relationship or with the right person. However, it’s squaring Pluto, Lord of Transformation in your fourth house. That could mean that you’re running up against a family member who also wants your attention or who is creating a bit of friction. Pluto is assuring you that you can transform this situation, though it can be dramatic at the time. If you’re single, it’s an excellent time to meet someone and share a bit of passion. Even if nothing happens now, rest assured that there is an inner transformation going on as when you change your energy, that’s when things change on a deep level across the board.


14th – mercury into 5th conjunct Neptune.

15th – venus in 6th square pluto in 3rd.

16th – mercury in 5th conjunct chiron sextile Jupiter in 7th.

18th – sun in 4th trine Saturn retro in 12th.

19th – sun into 5th conjunct Neptune.

There’s a bit of chaos around the way that you communicate so it’s very important to look at how you communicate in your relationships. Pluto is saying, look at this and I’ll bring you a gift or a treasure. Either you’re being critical or a partner is being critical and that’s making you withdraw, but Pluto’s promise is that the situation can be transformed and renewed. If you’re single, you might want to take some time out to reflect and meditate on the way that you communicate with potential partners. You’re loving yourself enough, so if there aren’t any contenders on the horizon spend Valentine’s day doing your favourite things. Eat your favourite food, go to your favourite places, take yourself on a date. We’ve also got Sun in the fourth house trine Saturn retro in the 12th, and that means part of you wants to explore intimacy with your friends and family and you may have a really deep conversation or discover a soul connection between people close to you. Other than that, your repartee is sparkling and you’re able to put yourself across brilliantly and convey some of that deep scorpio spiritual wisdom to boot.


14th – mercury into 4th conjunct Neptune.

15th – venus in 5th square pluto in 2nd.

16th – mercury in 4th conjunct chiron sextile Jupiter in 6th.

18th – sun in 3rd trine Saturn retro in 11th.

19th – sun into 4th conjunct Neptune.

For you, Venus is in the house of pleasure and enjoyment so you’re feeling playful and want to have a good time but it’s squaring Pluto in your second. Pluto is the Lord of Transformation, and this week you’re being asked to look at how you spend money in the pursuit of pleasure. Do you find yourself unable to stick to a budget when it comes to having fun? Or is having fun the reason why you’ve got no cash left at the end of the week? If so, try another way. You’ve got the sun in the 3rd and that means you’re communicating really well right now and it’s trining Saturn which is going retro in the 11th. That means you could bump into someone you haven’t seen for ages and have a stunning evening together. There’s a sprinkling of joy in your life and a spring in your step, but just don’t spend too much money and be a bit reckless, which you can be. You’re also feeling a very spiritual bond with the people closest to you. Single or taken, there’s a lot of fun, joy and pleasure to be had right now, but watch your spending as there could be something incredible coming up later down the line you wish you’d saved some pennies for.


14th – mercury into 3rd conjunct Neptune.

15th – venus in 4th square pluto in Capricorn.

16th – mercury in 3rd conjunct chiron sextile Jupiter in 5th.

18th – sun in 2nd trine Saturn retro in 10th. 19th – sun into 3rd conjunct Neptune.

Venus is in your house of family and commitment and Pluto in your sign is saying, right now you need to be reborn. It’s asking whether you’re compromising yourself for security or hinting that love is becoming too secure and not exciting enough. If you are at home, you’re going to love to cook and mingle withthe people closest to you who are also going to want to spend time with you. Overall, there could be some very dramatic shift around your home, comfort, security and the people closest to you that leads to a much needed transformation that leads you to your authentic self. You’re able to express your desires and dreams. Along with that, look out for someone or something connected to the past work wise – it could be that a job you went for ages ago comes up again, or a contact from back in the day gives you a helping hand. Whether you’re single or taken, there should be a lot of love and security around you this week.


14th – mercury into 2nd conjunct Neptune.

15th – venus in 3rd square pluto in 12th.

16th – mercury in 2nd conjunct chiron sextile Jupiter in 4th.

18th – sun in aquarius trine Saturn retro in 9th. 19th – sun into 2nd conjunct Neptune.

Venus is in the 3rd house, which means that you’re saying everything that you want to say. But don’t be too detached about whatever that is. You can find it a struggle to strike the balance between expressing your ideas and staying a free spirit and that can see you talking about things on a grand vision level when you’d be better off talking about what’s important to you. Other than that, you’re feeling very optimistic and sunny and preparing to lay some serious foundations. People will know that you mean what you say this week and you’re also able to come up with a few fabulous ideas.


14th – mercury into pisces conjunct Neptune.

5th – venus in 2nd square pluto in 11th.

16th – mercury in pisces conjunct chiron sextile Jupiter in 3rd.

18th – sun in 12th trine Saturn retro in 8th.

19th – sun into pisces conjunct Neptune.

You’ll love this week as it’s Valentine’s week and as the most romantic of the signs you’ve got very strong views on love. For you, Venus is in the second house so you’ll be wanting to lay a few solid foundations and feel secure in love. Along with that, however, it’s square Pluto in your eleventh house which suggests a conflict between friendship and love. Are there friendships that are interfering in your relationships, holding you back in some way? Or do you need to mix with friends who are very different who will lead you into circles other than the ones you usually mix with where you might meet someone if you’re single? All will be revealed. Even better, we have Mercury in your sign, conjucting Chiron, the wounded healer. A great healing is coming upon you if you’ve ever felt people don’t take you seriously or listen when you speak. That’s also sextile Jupiter in the 3rd, so expect to feel much more confident about speaking out. I find that fascinating as with Neptune returning to his spiritual home, it’s as though the whole world is falling into your wavelength and loving you a lot more. You could feel very consumed with love and relationships. If you’re single, just keep it grounded but do cast out your wishes to the universe as it really is listening. 

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