Lisa’s Karma Clinic: Am I on the right path?

Dear Lisa,

At 57 I hope I am now on the right path. I think I have taken many twists and turns over the years and had good and bad experiences with regards to my working life as things have never been straightforward for me. (That relates to other situations in my life too). I have never seemed to attain a really good position or leadership role something always seems to come up unexpectedly or fated against this happening for me. If ever I have been on the verge it does not last long and I am side tracked for whatever reason. However, I have always accepted my fate so to speak even though I have felt frustrated at times thinking there must be a higher purpose for this so understand it could be a karmic debt. Now I have worked at my passion over the past three years and last year qualified as a counsellor.   I have secured that role and I am proud and although I do a lot of unpaid and voluntary work in a charity sector and would continue to do I am hopeful that paid work is going to come up for me in the foreseeable future. What do you see for me with regard to this?

Lisa says: 

You have an interesting chart with no less than 7 objects dominating the 8th house. Having Venus in the Water sign of Scorpio and in the 8th increases your level of intuition and gives you a great degree of insight and sympathy. I am so happy for you that you say that you have been working at your passion and that it’s in the counselling field. You are on the right track now. You can very easily identify with other people’s problems and be able to analyse them. Your Mercury in the 8th house indicates that your mental and communicative abilities will centre around the fundamental and serious questions of life. You probably have an interest in science and the spiritual realms and Mercury coupled with Pallas indicates that you are probably psychic.

Your mental disposition is ideally suited to work of an investigative nature, so research, psychotherapy and counselling fit into this perfectly. You may choose to counsel people more specifically in the areas of bereavement or sexual problems as these are subjects very much connected with the 8th house. You can attract potential clients like a magnet so the potential for being successful is good but it does look as though you could do with some sound financial or business advice.  You have Pallas in the 8th house, and that can flag up the kind of over generosity that comes from focusing so hard on someone else’s needs that you overlook taking care of your own.  You also have Jupiter in Cancer at a critical degree; here the caring and charitable urges are exaggerated and so you will always feel the need to give what you have, whether it is time or money.

This is something that would be well worth you looking at.  Many people in similar professions go into them because they want to help others and then flounder if they find it difficult to charge for their work or give so much away for free that they are unable to take care of themselves. 

Maybe you could think about having a formal agreement as part of your business model whereby you offer free services a few hours a week on a certain day only or donate a percentage of your profits every month to a designated charity. Be strict about the rest of the time, you deserve to be able to build a business for yourself whilst serving others at the same time.

The 8th house symbolises transformations through growth and change. We all need to re-invent ourselves from time to time and this is no exception for you having this house dominating your chart. The eighth house/second house polarity highlights how we feel about what we own and possess. It also shows us how we might feel about ‘letting go’ of past issues and attitudes so that we can grow and develop. Saturn in the eighth house has a strong effect because it shows that at times you may resist the change and reinvention that you might need. You may find it hard to acknowledge that transformations need to be made and may feel tense and anxious when it is time to do so. However, well done, at 57 you have managed to do this and ultimately you will feel better for it.

Having the courage and confidence to step forward into something that gives you passion and purpose is the way in which we ignite the potential for the kind of synchronicities that illuminate the way ahead.  On a very practical level, doing voluntary work in a sector we want to move into helps us make connections and keeps us close to the grapevine on which we can hear about opportunities.   

Examine your beliefs around helping, charging for your work and saying no.  Use all of your networks, keep putting the word out there that you are looking for paid work, stay alert for opportunities and make sure that you are ready to act on them when they appear.  There is a huge amount working in your favour.  If you can keep reaching out, I do feel that the success you want can be yours.

Keep sparkling brightly,

Love Lisa xx

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