Neptune – The love evolution is here!

Neptune in Pisces – Welcome to the Love Evolution

Truth, beauty, freedom and love. It’s the love evolution! That’s the message we’re all going to be receiving now Neptune has entered its ruling sign of Pisces where it will remain until 2025.

The last time Neptune was in its ruling sign was in 1848. If we look back at that period in history we may find a few clues as to what Neptune’s entry into peace loving Pisces may mean for all of us. Neptune is a higher vibration of Venus, planet of love, beauty and harmony except Neptune also rules hidden dimensions – in other words, the realms of spirit, the occult, our subconscious, dreams and anything ‘hidden’ or as yet unknown. Small wonder then that Neptune’s last stay in Pisces resulted in the birth of the spiritualist movement and an interest in séances and anything to do with the occult.

Neptune also rules artistic endeavours – the Pre-Raphaelite movement with its lush romantic imagery was founded in 1848. The Pre-Raphaelites celebrated the feminine another Neptune-ruled theme. It’s hardly surprising then that we saw women’s suffrage and early feminism emerge at the same time. In 1848 the first Women’s Rights Movement conference took place in New York while in London, Queen’s College for Women opened its doors which for the first time allowed women to study for a university degree.

Unlike Uranus which rules sudden change and revolution, Neptune rules evolution. The change can be every bit as profound as an actual revolution, but unlike Uranus whose attitude is: ‘If you want to make an omelette you have to break some eggs’ Neptune sets out to accomplish his goals by raising our appreciation for creative endeavours as well as our psychic and intuitive abilities – turning us into evolutionaries for beauty, peace and love.

So what can we expect between now and 2025 as Neptune completes his 13 years transit of Pisces? Globally we may see countries that have lagged behind the West in giving women equal rights to men start to embrace the concept of feminism while others who continue to discriminate against certain groups on the grounds of sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs etc, may find themselves compelled to change.

Neptune offers alternatives to traditional ways of thinking. So, expect alternative lifestyles to become mainstream. Yes, the bohemian revolution is here!

When we open up to Neptune’s calling we may find we have an increased empathy for others suffering. We may see a radical and timely evolution in our attitude towards the suffering of those who cannot speak for themselves as a result – the young, the elderly, the poor, refugees and animals in particular may benefit from this increased awareness. If any of these are connected to a ‘Neptunian’ realm the effects may well be magnified as in the case of marine conservation.

Neptune rules what cannot be seen but nonetheless exists. Therefore we may see the scientific community continuing to explore theories that appear to border on mysticism but are based on scientific fact and we may see breakthroughs in quantum physics which expand our knowledge of the universe (or multiverse!) and our understanding of our place within it.

On an individual level we may be drawn to express ourselves creatively even if we haven’t shown any artistic inclinations in the past, or we may find ourselves studying psychic development, the tarot, astrology, alternative healing, psychology or even our dreams. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that when Neptune entered Pisces, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), announced it was making its courses available to everyone over the internet. So, if Neptune’s calling is telling you to study quantum physics – now you can!

Interested to see Neptune in action in real life? Then put your feet up and watch Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge! Not only is the film a visual tribute to Neptune with its lush and evocative imagery, its themes of a revolution based on truth, beauty, freedom and love are Neptune at work. Director Baz Luhrman was born with Neptune in Scorpio which perfectly trined his Jupiter (ruler of Pisces before the discovery of Neptune), in Pisces. In other words, only a director who had a strong Neptune in his chart could have come up with such a Neptunian film! Furthermore, on the day Moulin Rouge! premiered in the United States – the moon was in Pisces conjunct Luhrman’s Jupiter and therefore trineing his Neptune. A perfect example of astrology in action.

Neptune opens us up to connecting on a deeper and more spiritual level. Its effects will vary according to our individual natal birthchart – the position Neptune occupied when we were born and where it is now. If you’d like to discover exactly what Neptune has in store for you in depth (Neptunian pun intended!), then book a session with one of our amazing evolutionary astrologers.

The evolution has begun and Neptune is inviting you – so join us!

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