Everybody in the house of love! The fifth house

Everybody in the house of love! Romance and the Fifth House

Although the 5th house is the planet of joy, fun and all things creative there is also a very fabulous other side!

There’s no doubt that at certain periods in our lives we are more likely to find romance than at others. How many of us have been in a situation where a friend appears to be nothing other than a hottie magnet while we appear to be invisible? Chances are if this is happening your friend has some important planetary action going on in their fifth house.

In astrology the fifth house is associated with Leo and rules not just love but hot love!
Unlike the seventh house which rules marriage, long term relationships and partnerships of all kinds, the fifth house is all about sex and attraction. While the seventh house represents relationships where important commitments such as marriage are made, the fifth house is where the relationships begin. The fifth house also rules our creativity and children. As well as attracting a mate, a planet in the fifth house can mean we can conceive or if there is a problem with conception, adoptions can often go ahead during a fifth house transit. A creative project can receive the go-ahead or a significant boost. For example, you may find yourself an agent, get a book contract or land yourself an important role as the fifth house is all about being in the limelight and taking ‘centre stage’ in some way!

You can’t talk about a fifth house transit without talking about sex. Not just sex but anything to do with the business of ‘making love’ and sexual pleasure. Sexy lingerie, contraception (as opposed to conception which the fifth also rules), pornography and sex toys also come under fifth house rulership. You could find yourself becoming more adventurous depending on which planet is occupying your fifth house!

First dates, first kisses and first loves are typical fifth house themes. While all this sounds like Valentine’s Day on steroids, it’s worth remembering that sometimes Cupid fires his arrows and then sits back and has a good laugh at the chaos he’s caused. Unrequited love, crushes and extra-marital affairs are all ruled by the fifth house. In February 1997 when Bill Clinton (Leo) had the now infamous ‘navy blue dress’ date with Monica Lewinsky (another Leo), Pluto planet of transformation and sexual taboo, was transiting both their fifth houses.

Usually however, a planet visiting our fifth house can bring us a new love interest (or the opportunity to make an existing love relationship more interesting!), and can also bring us creative fulfilment via our ‘creations’ – children being the ultimate act of creation we can undertake. Bear in mind that some planets spend many years in a particular house – Saturn spends approximately two and a half years in each house, while an outer planet like Pluto can stay for up to 16; while planets closer to the Sun can spend anything from a few weeks to several months. Venus the planet of love and Jupiter planet of good fortune spend less time – Venus usually spending around a month and Jupiter a year however that can be more than enough! The energy of each planet is different and this will effect how you experience the transit as well as how long it will last.

If you have checked your weekly and monthly forecasts on Astrology Knight and discovered that right now you’re missing out on the fifth house action – don’t despair! A session with one of our astrologers can reveal whether you are one of the lucky ones who have been born with planets in your fifth house and what this means for you, or when you are due for the next sexy fifth house transit because sooner or later everybody is in the house of love!

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