Your free astrology overview March 26th to April 1st

29th – Venus in Taurus sextile Mercury retrograde in Pisces

30th – Sun in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn

Not a busy week for the planets, but what there is packs a punch. Venus is in happy aspect to Mercury retrograde, so it’s great for money… maybe for finding some where you least expect it; and of course with Venus it’s all about love and romance… reconnecting, reconciling, revisiting is the name of the game here; so maybe someone gets a second or third chance, or perhaps the lines of communication open properly after the second or third go.

This is a compassionate, open-hearted kind of aspect because Mercury in Pisces is involved, but Venus in Taurus is far too practical, and stubborn, to be a pushover; so it’s a blend of vibes that work well as there’s a stability to relationship issues that can handle the heartstrings being pulled with the ebbs and flows of emotional currents in conversations this week.

…which is especially useful as Sun square Pluto can be a powerful and challenging aspect indeed, and adding the feisty energy of Aries and the firm nature of Capricorn it can mean potential clashes or conflicts between strong personalities in situations; temporary, but still powerful when activated.

When Pluto pops up like this, it’s about people getting under your skin, pressing buttons… the challenge is to trust your own process no matter what people seem to be throwing your way this week. This is not the time to grip a situation tighter, or be tempted to bang things into place (and you could, as there’s some force behind this Sun/Pluto aspect).

Nope, this is the week to unclench your grip on the way a situation seems to be unfolding , and trust that your process will carry you forward (despite mercury’s retrograde perspective). The power of a Sun/Pluto square can be unleashed this way, through the power of focus it takes to relinquish control and just ‘let it be’.

Takes some doing, to do nothing but ‘be’ but it’s worth it.

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