Your Free Astrology Overview – May 21st – 27th

21st – Sun in Gemini


25th – Mercury in Gemini


26th – Mercury conjunct Sun in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries sextile Moon in Leo


The shadow of the Annular eclipse which took place in the last few minutes of the 20th at approximately 23.53pm BST at 0 degrees of Gemini begins a week where communication as a theme will dominate for all of us no matter what our sign. The reason? All the pivotal action in the sky right now is taking place in Gemini – sign of communication, transport, speech, flight and the environment.


Venus, planet of love, creativity and relationships is presently retrograde in Gemini and when Mercury, Gemini’s ruler joins her there on the 25th, many of us could find ourselves focussing on how we use words on a soul level. Do we use words to hurt or to heal? Do we use them to adequately express what we are feeling? Have another’s words hurt us? What do you feel unable to put into words? The next few weeks of the Venus retrograde culminating in the Venus transit of the Sun on June 6 is going to give us all the opportunity to focus on this and to take the steps to communicate with others our true feelings. This transit also brings with it opportunities for peace and reconciliation. Remember, tears are often words we feel we cannot say. And if you are holding back saying something for fear of being hurt – chances are you are already hurting by not speaking out.


In mythology Hermes (Mercury) was the messenger of the Gods. On the 26th, Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Gemini while sextiling Uranus in fiery Aries and the Moon in regal Leo. This is asking us all to communicate with a little more dignity and sensitivity than usual. There’s a need to be aware not just of the effect our words can have on others but how they can be (mis)interpreted. Failure to take this into account could have unforeseen consequences – especially for anyone in the public eye or in a position of authority – Gods of industry, politics and commerce – take care. But for all of us the soul message is: If you can’t say anything nice – keep quiet this week. Silence is after all, golden.

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